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Wishing For A New Spanking Toy

I?ve been trying to put together a ?wish list? for Dan so he knows what I want for Christmas. I?ve listed some electronic goodies and jewelry but I?d really like a new spanking toy for us to play with. I just can?t decide which one.

I?ve been trying to pick which of our toys is my favorite so I?d have somewhere to start but I can?t make up my mind. After all, they all have their good points and bad points.

Take the CB paddle Dan recently blogged about. It?s light but still manages to sting like crazy. We’ve had a lot of fun with that toy because he can spank me with it much longer than he can with the nasty, evil bath brush. The sting from the CB paddle is delicious but it doesn?t have the quite the long lasting effects of the bath brush.

This might sound crazy, but I like having a slightly sore bottom the day after a spanking. Every time I sit down I get a nice reminder, which keeps me in a state of constant arousal, and Dan reaps the benefits of that. I have a tough bottom so having me tender means any spanking I get is going to get a reaction and he likes that?not to mention the fact that I?m already horny anyway.

This makes me think a nice paddle somewhere between the CB paddle and the bath brush would be fun. But does such a thing exist? And what about the leather toys I like so much?

The big strap can leave a lasting reminder, the flogger is wonderful because of its varying sting, and the tawse definitely gets my attention but I?m not sure what other leather toy I might like. Decisions, decisions!

Maybe I?ll just go look at some of the online sites and see if anything catches my eye and after that I could go ask Dan to try out a few toys on me to see if that helps. Goodness knows it couldn?t hurt ? except for in that good way I like. Ahhh there is a method to my madness!

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