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Stocking Stuffers For Spankos

At last someone has come to the rescue of all you spankos who want a Cracker Barrel paddle and can’t find one.

Sam commented:

I?ve found what looks like the famous ?BC Tournament Paddleball? at

*Update* If the link above isn’t working, here’s another one that shows all the paddleballs they have: BC Paddleballs.

It’s the tournament style paddle ball that CB sells in their gift stores and exactly the same one we recently purchased. Of course, being the curious person (brat?) that I am, I looked at the other BC products there and found they offered more than just that one paddle ball style. I kinda like this one because of the flames:

Flame Paddle

They also have one called “Blaster” that looks more like it should be called “Blister” if you ask me. I think I’ll order a couple of different ones so Dan and I can check them out. Then I can to report back and let everyone know how the product testing went. No thanks needed; it’s the least I can do for y’all.

New toys and just in time for the holidays. Thanks Sam! 🙂

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