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Implement Obsession

I have to start out by saying; I love a good, long, hard spanking. And for me that type of spanking should include an implement or two, or three, or…well, you get the picture. Hand spankings are great for warm-ups or quick attention getters when a full spanking isn’t feasible, but I *like* implements!

In fact, my implement obsession almost worries me sometimes. I can’t walk down the kitchen utensil aisle at any store without handling the spoons and spatulas wondering what they’d feel like striking my bottom. I get this crazy tingle throughout my whole bottom if I find something especially enticing.

I can’t go into those nice gourmet cooking supply stores without coming out flushed, completely turned on, and with a sack full of utensils that will never be used for cooking food. The closest they’ll get to that is the roasting of my butt during a spanking.

And utensils are just the beginning. I can find spanking toys everywhere I look when I go shopping for everyday items. Bath brushes, ping-pong paddles, belts, hairbrushes, paint stirrers, and leashes are just a few things that catch my eye and get me thinking about spanking.

I can’t even innocently shop for food because sooner or later I’ll spot some kind of ginger. Have I mentioned that I like ginger play? Yeah, I know it’s not an implement but it it certainly makes any implement a little more intense. *grin*

Just seeing a gingerbread cookie can start some pretty lurid fantasies. I’m sure anyone who happened by and noticed the lust in my eyes as I caressed the little gingerbread man in my hands just assumed I was on a diet. If they only knew!

Those are just the everyday things I run into. I love cruising the internet looking for bigger and more interesting toys. It’s been fun looking for Christmas goodies but I catch myself practically drooling on my keyboard sometimes. I look at the implements and try to imagine what they’d feel like spanking my bottom.

The only problem with the internet is that I find myself getting slightly frustrated because I can’t touch the toys and feel them in my hands. I love the feel and smell of leather and good wood products. I want to take each toy and pop it across my palm or against my thigh just to see what kind of impact each would have. It really can be frustrating! For me, this is as bad as watching a good porno alone.

Luckily, I can usually find Dan and goad him into at least a quick spanking to relieve some of that frustration. If I tried that tactic every time I got a little hot and bothered by looking at toys, that poor man would never get a break. Not sure if that’s a bad thing?

This all makes me wonder, where do I stop? Will I ever have enough implements to make me happy or will I wander through life seeing spanking toys everywhere I go? Somehow I have the feeling I’m always going to be like this. I can see it now, I’m going to be some crazed little old lady in a nursing home, sitting in my rocker and eyeing all those walking canes with a gleam in my eye.

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