Spanking Toy Story — 6 Comments

  1. lolololololololololol

    That is hilarious… & Randi sounds like a perfect brat… a kindred spirit even…

  2. Bethie, This story should be made into comedy home porn. Hilarious! I am also one of many sisters but wish they were as into sex, not to mention kink as I am. But your Mom wins the Oscar. Whom do we cast? Blythe Danner?

  3. Very very funny! So, I guess it runs in the family? Maybe you can share toys with your sister now? (and maybe Dee doth protest too much???)

  4. Patty, she is a perfect brat…alot like another brat I know. 😉

    Spankme, you’re right about the movie! The more I think about it, the more I wonder who else saw that crop sitting my mom’s chair and wondered about it. And I’m even more curious what she told anyone brave enough to ask. She’s too too funny so there’s no telling! LOL

    Miss Kitty, I know I’m not the only kinky one so it just might run in our family. I also think that even though Dee may not be a spanko, she might’ve found one as a partner. I know Dan and I sure enjoy his company much to Dee’s embarrasment sometimes. But I’ve never been good about sharing my toys with my sisters! 😉