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It’s The Weekend!

I’m enjoying an extended weekend and trying to decide how I want to spend it. There’s definitely going to be some spanking going on, I just have to figure out how I’d like to set it up.

I’m a big believer in setting the mood. I enjoy the process of getting us both in the mood for some quality spanky time. I can get a spanking almost any time I choose, but for our long romantic evenings, I like to have some things prepared.

First of all, I have to decided what the theme for the night should be. Will I be the slinky seductress, a naughty girl, or a fiesty wench? Any of those roles will result in me getting my bottom warmed just the way I like it. I just have to figure out which attitude I’m up for.

Then I’ll have to pick a couple of movies for inspiration. I know some girls don’t like spanking porn, but I love it most of the time. The really rough stuff makes me wince and I don’t enjoy those at all, but there are some really fun ones that we’ve enjoyed together.

Right now we don’t have any new movies on dvd, so I was trying to see what I could find online. I was browsing the movies at Spanking Online trying to find us something that might be fun to watch together and a couple of them caught my eye. I like the use of this piece of equipment I found in one of their movies.


I’d like to be bent over something like that for a long spanking. I wonder where I can get one of those?


By the look on this young lady’s face, I’d say she’s starting to feel her spanking. I like to see the reactions during the spankings and this looks promising. With the lack of adult video stores in our area, this is my best option for finding something fun for us to watch on short notice. Now I just have to decide whether to include Dan in the selection process. *grin*

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  1. hope you figured out the answers… and of course share them.

    ya know, we have some furniture that looks like that here. We use then for the show three saddles we have. With & without the saddles, they are pure spanking furniture…. hehehe. Up there in Alaska I bet you could find one or two quite cheap too. Check oout the tack shops, or maybe John the strap maker down in Kentucky can help you. He’s a saddle & tack maker 1st ya know…. 🙂

    Comment by patty — 9/25/2005 @ 6:17 pm

  2. Patty, thanks for the info! I knew I’d seen something like that before but I just couldn’t remember where. 🙂

    Comment by Bethie — 9/28/2005 @ 11:40 pm

  3. Bethie,
    been a little while since you’ve posted, everything okay? What did you end up deciding this past weekend? Hope all is well with you this week. *smiles*

    Comment by Carrielily — 9/29/2005 @ 7:14 pm

  4. Carrielily, thanks for your concern! I’m doing fine just winding down a little from work. Things got intense and it took alot out of me so I’m trying to get my energy levels back up. I’m almost there though so hopefully I’ll post about the good spanky fun we had here over the weekend. 🙂

    Comment by Bethie — 9/29/2005 @ 8:14 pm

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