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That’s an awfully big padlde she’s using on those girls! From the looks of what’s etched into that paddle, I’d say this was some sort of pseudo sorority picture shoot. That’s not exactly how I remember sorority life when I was in college. But you know, I might have stayed in my sorority if there’d been more of this sisterly bonding going on in the house. *grin*

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  1. Interesting related story:

    Freshman year I was sitting in Intro to Psych and my friend Stephanie was sitting in the next desk over. She kept fidgeting around, and she looked uncomfortable. During a break in the lecture I leaned over and asked her if she was all right. Her response:

    “I’m okay. It was initiation weekend.”

    She was wearing her sorority jersey.

    The little wheels in my mind clicked over and I nodded and went back to listening to the lecture. It was difficult; Stephanie was — probably still is — tall, nicely curved, and round-bottomed (at least from what I could see when I walked behind her).

    She was in Alpha Delta Pi, if that helps any.

    Comment by J — 10/7/2005 @ 4:53 am

  2. Still is from “Love Is a Four-Letter Word” (1964).

    Comment by nobody — 3/20/2006 @ 10:33 am

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