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I Love Spanking!

Okay, so we already knew that, but sometimes I just feel like saying it. Dan and I both enjoy spanking in it’s many forms. We mainly enjoy the sexual side of spanking. Even the discipline has sexual implications.

I’m not saying I get excited from being disciplined, because I don’t. But it helps define the dynamics of our relationship and reminds us both what our roles are in this relationship. Even a quick swat delivered because I’m being mouthy reminds me of who I am and who I belong to. I get a warm fuzzy feeling and I become “sweet” (according to Dan).

Of course, Dan likes seeing the quick and lasting results from that kind of spanking. He’s still pleased with himself over the fact that I’ve been watching my fuel gauge like a hawk. I don’t want to go through any of that again and he’s glad to hear it since it was a dangerous habit. I hate to admit it, but I needed that spanking to help me break that habit. *sigh*

Still, I much prefer the fun spankings. I like the quick swats I get when I’m fresh from the shower, the short spankings I get for being sassy, the funny, flirtatious ones when we’re lazing around in bed, and the long, romantic spankings that always end in great lovemaking sessions. The quickies or the more intense, it doesn’t matter, I love them all!

I don’t know why it turns me on to have my bottom spanked, but it does. I see no point in worrying about it, I am what I am – a spanko. I’ve noticed a few of my fellow spankos don’t like admitting that. That’s fine for them, but for me it would never work.

I always believed the first step to getting what I wanted was to acknowledge the goal. You can’t achieve a goal that you keep locked up inside you or one that you can’t even say out loud. I’ll say it, I’ll write it, I’ll share it, I’ll buy the implements if I have to, anything I have to do to own that part of me.

I’ve acknowledged my kinks and desires and explored them thoroughly to find my way. I’m a spanko and a submissive which is a powerful thing. I know that. I learned a long time ago, there is no true dominance without submission and that made my submission a powerful gift. I waited and hungered for the one I could fully give my gift to. I’m beyond happy that one is Dan.

So here I am, happy to be a spanko like me. ‘Cause you know, I really love spankings! Spanking, spanking, spanking! There, I’ve said it. I really like watching it, too. Especially when it’s set to a techno beat; “Hear My Name” by Armand Van Helden

Now I’m off to do a little shopping and you know what that means, a little pre-shopping spanking to keep me sweet. *grin*

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  1. It’s so nice to meet someone who enjoys getting spanked as much as I do. 🙂
    Love your blog.

    Comment by shyanne — 10/11/2005 @ 4:19 pm

  2. Bethie,

    You just wrote the spanko manifesto! That’s excellent. I love my spankings too.

    Comment by Bonnie — 10/11/2005 @ 9:34 pm

  3. Hi, Shyanne, it’s always great to meet another spanko! I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog, I just got over to yours after Dan posted that link to you. Fun stuff!

    Bonnie, thank you for the kind words! It’s good to be a spanko. 😉

    Comment by Bethie — 10/11/2005 @ 9:56 pm

  4. If it’s ok, Bethie I would like to link to you on my blog? Is that ok? I am glad to meet another spanko …*smiles*
    I really apprecited Dan posting the link to us. Our blog hits have gone crazy and we are starting to get noticed. Master Anakin and I truly appreciate it.
    I am glad to meet another couple who so enjoys spanking like Master Anakin and I do…*big smiles*

    Comment by shyanne — 10/12/2005 @ 2:50 pm

  5. Shyanne, of course you can link to me. Anyone can really, I think of linking is a personal choice so I’m happy to have your link.

    Comment by Bethie — 10/12/2005 @ 3:37 pm

  6. Thanks Bethie…I just wanted to make sure. I’ll be coming back to your blog. So nice to meet you. *s*

    Comment by shyanne — 10/12/2005 @ 3:40 pm

  7. *g*

    Horror of horrors! You actually like being spanked!!!!!??? Oh my, the sky has fallen.

    [there I go, sneaking red faced and red butted back into my closet, shaking my head and rubbing my butt, what’ sthe world coming to with all these people owning their desires… ysk tsk tsk… boy o boty do then need a spanking or what!]


    Way to go Bethie.

    [but just so you know, my butt hurts]

    Comment by patty — 10/12/2005 @ 11:23 pm

  8. Patty’s butt hurts…all is right in the world tonight! 😆

    Thanks, Patty!

    Comment by Bethie — 10/13/2005 @ 12:17 am

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