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Patty’s Spanking Timer

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I’ve mentioned that Patty from A Creative Spanked Wife won the Timer Moose from the Spanking Den’s contest, and now it seems Fred is putting it to use already! She posted about the moose’s involvement in Fred’s birthday here.

There’s this Moose that came into our house as if it was a birthday gift for Fred. It’s a sixty minute timer. Timing for a timer if you can believe that! Lordy!!!!! Goodness gracious people! Since when is a birthday spankin measured in minutes? X-KE-USE-ME! 54 years is 54 spanks, 22 years is 22 spanks… What’s with this minutes thing?????? I do NOT care if a timer came on his birthday. First of all it’s a corner timer, not a spanking timer honey!!!! Give me 54 spanks for your 54 years and I’ll happily stand in the corner for 54 minutes.

Awwww! It does my heart good to know that cute little moose has found the perfect home. *grin*

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  1. You’re so bad Bethie. *g* Moose is very cute. He’s been adopted by one of my kitties. She particularly loves him when he’s ticking.

    The question of his purpose is as yet un resolved. Spank timer or corner timer. I might have to have a contest of my own to decide. LOL. 54 minutes indeed. Sheesh!

    Comment by patty — 11/8/2005 @ 3:15 pm

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