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Somebody Needs A Spanking!

And it’s not just me this time! Because I’ve been so busy with wedding prep, I haven’t had much computer time and what little I have has been used up trying to fight the comment spammers! Aaargh!

I’m a true subbie, but those jerks are enough to make even me consider something like this…


I’ll just need to find me some of those fancy boots.

For now, I’m slowly recovering from the wedding blitz that was the weekend. I really need to find some of those “Wedding Day Survivor” shirts for myself and my sisters. We survived by the skin of our teeth and no one was maimed in the process. The non-maiming part was just a bonus as far as I could tell.

But it’s all over and I’m trying to settle back into a normal schedule again…with the holidays right around the corner. Yeah.

Dan’s doing his best to keep me from getting too stressed. I’ve been promised a big spanking for later but for now, he just wants me to take a couple of days off and do nothing. Sounds good to me but I’m not sure exactly how to do that. I’m anxious to get my life back in order and taking off a couple of days will put that on hold. But then, if I want that big spanking to be fun, I guess I better do what Dan suggests.

I wonder if posting this is in violation of the “do nothing” order? It’s relaxing for me so I say it counts! *grin*

To make up for that, I’ll grab one of my sisters and go see “Pride and Prejudice” today and spare him the torture of yet another chick flick. That should buy me plenty of good girl spanking points. I hope!

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