The Christmas Cane — 11 Comments

  1. “This wasn’t the type of cane I was expecting in my stocking this year….”

    Hey, you got candy canes, too!

    As for wanting and getting a long caning, actions speak louder than words — the new paddle is missing from its hook on the bedroom wall, but the new cane mysteriously isn’t missing….

  2. hehe. Candy cane indeed. Sounds like a fun toy though. *g* looking forward to the update…..

  3. Beautifully evil cane dear bethie!

    I dread the wooden canes, so I cannot even fathom the sting that comes from a lexan cane. This picture, however, is a wonderful trigger — I can sense my own conflicted turmoil on canes bubbling….Lovely!


    poiesia 🙂

  4. LOL.. I can definitely relate to that “other part of you” who has all those “ridiculous” ideas. *shakes head* A lexan cane.. wow… I admire you, lol. 🙂

  5. Patty, that update will be coming soon I hope…I mean, I fear! 😉

    poiesia, it is beautiful isn’t it? It really is quite a dilemma; do I want it or do I not? Doesn’t really matter, I’m gonna get it sooner or later! 😆

    rivka, it’s “ridiculous” alright, but, boy, isn’t it fun? 😉

  6. I just had to laugh when you said the cane was like a defective lightsaber. LOL! I looked at it again and realized it sort of looked like one. Take care.

  7. Hehehe. Lovely little cane isn’t it. We have one too.

    I actually ‘like’ this one better than wooden because it doesn’t impact as deeply – mostly surface action and sting/burn. But I hate it more when Q decides to ‘rapid fire’ with it.

    It does leave a delicious stinging burn tho. Yep, my inner pain-slut likes it.

  8. Whaouh, great cane. It must give a lot of spicy evening and night.

    May the cane be with you.

  9. So how do you keep your welts from turning into lovely bruises? I adore the power of the cane but despise the marks that linger for over a week. Is it technique or just the way it is? Dmast and I would love to know as our cane is getting all dusty in the corner.

  10. Daisy, I don’t mark easily but the one time I had a lasting mark it was from a small rattan cane. It sort of bothered me that it took so long to fade, and it wasn’t so much a bruise as just a dark mark that wasn’t attractive at all. This lexan cane leaves welts but nothing like the rattan ones we’ve played with and the marks fade quickly. Like Jayda said, it doesn’t impact as heavily as the wooden ones. I like the stingy feel of a smaller cane and so this one is perfect for us. Also, Dan is adamant about after-care and applies lots of aloe lotion to my bottom. I don’t know if that’s what keeps me from bruising too much or if I just have a really tough bottom. 😉