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Spanking Expressions

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Whenever I look at spanking pictures or movies, I’m always fascinated by the expressions on the spankee’s face. It makes me wonder what kind of faces I make. Do I grimace? Do I get all scrunchy faced? I just don’t know. I might be better off not knowing! LOL

I guess until I get some mirrors set up so I can see the action for myself I’ll just have to wait to see. Until then I’ll see spankees like Brandi and wonder.


I bet I make that face when I’m getting spanked with the bath brush, too! Ouchie!


  1. Bethie,

    That appears to be the infamous Vermont Country Store bath brush. Were it me, my facial expression would feature a mouth wide open and yelling!

    Comment by Bonnie — 3/15/2006 @ 4:49 pm

  2. Yes, Teen Brandi clearly shows signs of suffering at both ends and has, I think, the best facial expresssions of any spankee on the Internet. “Brandi cries a lot when she’s being punished,” someone commented on one of the other web sites. Well, I can’t say I blame her. She appears to be taking some rather serious and painful punishments. The same is true of her friend, Teen Jessica, who also does very good facial expressions.

    What imporesses me even more, however, is the look of majestic calm on the faces of most of the spankers. No emotion at all, in most cases. They don’t look like they are really “into” spanking. And they show no signs of exertion. Perhaps that’s because when wiedling a hair brush, paddle or strap, it takes very little effort by the spanker to create the kind of reaction we see on the face of poor Brandi.

    By the way, the bath brush is something I’ve never used in administering a spanking. It looks like a very useful instrument for that purpose, though I would think a wooden brush would tend to blister. And while some believe a good spanking should result in a blistered bottom, I prefer to bring about the redness and a strong stinging sensation without welts or blisters. On the other hand, a bath brush mad eof hard plastic probably won’t sting enough to make it a good implement for an effective spanking. I would like to hear from others, either spankers of those spanked about the effects of a bath brush spanking.

    Love well and spank mercifully,

    Master Jack

    Comment by Master Jack — 3/19/2006 @ 2:49 am

  3. I enjoy a genuinely tearful face as much as I enjoy the view of a well punished bottom. I love the way thier eyes really shine after a good hard disciplining! These “facial” photos are fairly rare. If we find any good ones, we should share them with each other. What do you think? Kevin

    Comment by Kevin — 3/22/2006 @ 6:59 am

  4. Ah yes – and I know well that grabbing the bedclothes reflex. A great photo!

    Comment by Ford — 4/28/2006 @ 2:59 pm

  5. Way her face looks it looks like she learned her
    lesson. i would be saying 1 more chance please i

    Comment by Larrylee — 5/9/2006 @ 5:42 pm

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