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Pretty Tied Up


I’ve been tied up the last few days, unfortunately not in the way Bettie is in this picture. Darn it! That just looks like fun to me. But no, I’m busy doing everyday stuff.

I have much to write about, I just need to find the time to do it properly. I have to say this much for now, I hate the Jokari paddles! Let’s just say, getting to know them better has not helped me like them more. In fact, I’ve been thinking of planning their demise. Too bad I bought four of them. “Losing” one of them might be almost explanable, but losing all four?

Let this be a lesson to you other greedy spanko bottoms; next time you’re salivating over a lovely potential spanking toy, just buy one! If they come in a set of two, just buy one set. Don’t be like me and double up on the toys thinking “the more the merrier.” It doesn’t work like that, I’m afraid. It becomes, the more the sorrier. The sorrier I am because there’s always one handy and the sorer my bottom becomes over time.

I swear those toys hypnotize me though. I can practically hear them calling my name, and as I look them over, I get all tingly inside and my bottom practically gets goosebumps just imagining how they’ll feel. The next thing I know, I’ve paid good money for something that’s going to be used to spank my bottom.

Then I go home and hand it right over to Dan, who is only too happy to bend me over and try it out. He loves trying out new toys. I’m always eager to give them all a try, but there’s a couple I decided shouldn’t be put into the regular line-up. Too bad for my bottom, Dan makes those decisions.

The most amazing part of this is that all those spankings with all those new and sometimes evil toys haven’t even put a damper on my greediness. In fact, I think it’s making me greedier and greedier. And all those pre-shopping spankings aren’t helping either. They’re supposed to make me remember to behave while I’m out but they’re not doing a darn thing for my greed.

Those spankings just might be making my greed worse. It’s hard not to think about new spanking toys when I’m out shopping and my bottom is feeling warm and tingly already. Every possible implement looks inviting when I’m feeling like that.

Now that I think about it, most of my online purchases have been made while trying to get comfortable sitting on a sore bottom. I always think, I should find a toy that would deliver less or more sting/thud/burn than that toy Dan just spanked me with…

I’m starting to suspect I’m beyond greedy! I should start a support group for greedy bottoms. I’m not sure that would work though. We’d just compare spankings, talk about which implements we hate the most and why, and whip each other into a frenzy. I can hear it now. “How much did that sting? Your bottom was sore for how long? That sounds awful! Hmmmm where did you say you bought that?”

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