Pretty Tied Up — 9 Comments

  1. Bethie,

    You’ve just described Spankings Anonymous. Sign me up!

    “Hi. My name is Bonnie and I’m a spanko. I’ve been spanked with everything from a plastic TV remote to a leather riding crop. Yet, I keep bringing home more spanking implements. I just can’t help it.”

    Well, at least we needn’t feel alone in our greediness… 😀

  2. Bonnie, that’s the spirit! If we can’t cure our greedy natures, at least we can commiserate with each other. 😆

  3. LOL It looks like we’re ready for our first meeting! It’s good to know I’m in such good company, thanks ladies! 😆

  4. Padme, I think it’d be fun but I have the feeling if we did start the group, my toy allowance would have to be increased. There’s nothing like spankos sharing stories to give me toy envy! 🙂