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Happy Holidays To All

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I wanted to take some time to wish all of you happy holidays!

I’m sorry I’ve been scarce around here lately, but we’ve been going through a bit of a crisis around here. Dan and I are fine, but one of our loved ones hasn’t been fine at all. It’s been a rocky road with lots of ups and downs and a couple of serious bumps, but we’re getting through it. One thing I’ve been grateful for is that we’ve managed to get through this as a loving and supportive couple and be stronger than ever.

Unluckily, these events have had an adverse effect on the energy and enthusiasm I normally have for my online activities. For that, I apologize to all of you faithful readers and friends. I’d planned on not saying much about what’s been going on, but I felt like I needed to say something. I couldn’t just leave you all wondering what had happened. I just didn’t want to sound like I was looking for sympathy, I wouldn’t do that so I’ve been a bit hesitant to say anything.

I’ve always viewed this site as a place where I can share my kinky side without reserve. I don’t have that many people in my daily life that I can do that with. I have lots of friends, but few I’d feel comfortable talking about this lifestyle with. The fact that my best friends are also family members may have something to do with that. There are just certain things that I feel none of my relatives should know about me, and the kinky side of my life is one of those things.

I feel that way about most folks though. I’m one of those people that just never cared what my buddies and neighbors were doing in their bedrooms. I’d rather not have that info, or rather, that image burned into my brain, thank you very much. I figure they feel the same way about me. Once you start sharing that kind of information, it becomes a two-way street and if I’m not among like-minded people, I’d rather not go there.

That’s why I’ve carved out this kinky little place for me. I can share all of my spankiest desires and never fear that I’m sharing too much information. In fact, even if I were the only one here, I’d still do this. Sometimes I just feel the need to express myself and that’s what this site is about. I’ve been thrilled and grateful when I’ve found kindred spirits in this cyber spanko world. It’s good to know I’m not alone out here.

But because this is my special kinky corner, I don’t like to drag in the more mundane aspects of my life, even when those things infringe on my spanking life. I’m only making an exception now because I’ve been absent so much of late.

Besides, where else can I go to complain about needing a good spanking but not having the energy to do anything about it? Right now, I’m content to climb into bed at night and get a little snuggling in before we both fall fast asleep.

I’d like to do more than cuddle, but being kinky takes more energy and imagination than I have right now. We’re looking mighty vanilla right now. Oh well, better to get some vanilla lovin’ than none at all, huh? Heh.

If nothing else, one thing I can count on is that we’ll get back to our kinky lifestyle eventually. Dan felt energetic enough last night to pinch my nipples until they were sore. It’s not spanking, but it’s something anyway.

That’s the update for you all, I hope I didn’t bore anyone. All I have left to say for now is, Happy Holidays, friends! Enjoy and take care during this special season. If you’ve been good, I hope you get all you deserve, and if you’ve been naughty…then even more so. Bring it on Santa, switches for everyone!


Working On Getting Freed Up

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Okay, I know it’s been forever since the big vote, but it looks like our life may finally be getting back to normal again. I’m feeling a bit deprived at the moment so it better happen soon. It’s amazing how time flies when you’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off…or something like that.

Everyone keep your fingers crossed!

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Naughty Or Nice?

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Have I been naughty or nice? Do I deserve a stocking full of switches or lovely leather toys? Now that’s an interesting question. I’m thinking I’ve been more along the lines of a combination of those traits. Can you be naughtily nice or nicely naughty? If so, I think I’ve got that covered pretty well.

For the last two weeks I’ve been working my buns off trying to get some work done while fighting off some weird lingering bug. Luckily I’m starting to see the light and starting to think about when we’re going to get some serious couple time.

I knew for sure I was ready for action when I woke up from a very intense spanking dream the other morning. It was an incredibly vivid dream in which Dan and I found ourselves at a party with some interesting people. It was obviously a fetish party and somehow I ended up lying face down on the couch while Dan spanked me with my favorite leather toys.

I remember how good the sting of a certain leather strap felt as it landed across my bottom. I was moaning and pushing my bottom up as high as I could get it. It was a very yummy dream. Not as yummy as the real thing, but it made me think I better get some quality spanking time with Dan soon.

One of the more interesting parts of that dream was that there was a leather clad domme watching us and commenting on how much I seemed to be enjoying my spanking, and I got the feeling she was someone I knew. It was one of those strange dream sequences when someone appears and you know who they are but they don’t physically look like the person you know. Strange…but interesting.

With those thoughts in my head, I’ve got to get to work and get my wish list made and sent to my sweetie. I don’t believe in leaving things to chance and Dan appreciates knowing where to start. It works for us. I know some people like surprises and sometimes suprises are fun, but I’m rather fond of a sure thing. I blame it on my greedy bottom. *wink*

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