Naughty Or Nice? — 6 Comments

  1. Yeah, because if I don’t see that wish list soon, I’ll just go with that single tail whip you know you want….

  2. Waiting for the report from your spankvote has been more frustating than watching the recounts from Florida a few years back.

  3. A single-tail whip? Oooh… those are vicious… titillating but vicious! I’d hurry it up with that list… and with the WAY overdue stripes and photos and posting to follow…

    I’ve never been the patient sort and am ggetting greedier and hungrier by the moment… stop teasing and start whacking!

    *grins and bounces*

  4. I’m sorry for the wait everyone. We’ve had a some things happen recently that have put our playtime on the back burner. *pout*