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Busy Working On My Paddles

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I decided to decorate my Jokari paddle this week and this is what I came up with. It’s definitely more attractive visually, but unluckily it still has the same bun burning effect as before.

I’m hoping it’s new look will sort of camouflage it. It looks decorative and if it’s hanging on the wall (instead of lurking in the toy box) maybe it will pass as wall decoration and Dan will forget its real purpose.

Not that hanging the rubber spatula on the kitchen wall has encouraged him to think of it as a cooking utensil as opposed to a bottom burning utensil. A girl can hope though. I guess I could help the illusion along and try cooking more to give him the idea that is what that area is for, but that would be a bit extreme for me and might cause him to be suspicious.

I learned early on that causing Dan to be suspicious is pretty much like waving my unspanked bottom at him. It sets off all his spanko tendencies and I get spanked just because I might be up to something. What kind of logic is that? Okay, I know…spanko logic!

That’s the same logic that got me a hairbrush spanking the other night before I headed out for a night with the girls. Dan thinks if I get spanked before I go out, that will prevent me from even considering getting in trouble. He’s right, of course, but that thought didn’t help when that horrid varnished nightmare of a hairbrush was scorching my poor bottom.

I mean, who in their right mind would consider going out and getting into trouble when that’s the kind of spanking you get before you even get out the door? It sure keeps me from misbehaving. I’m not complaining though, having a warm bottom is a nice reminder of what I have.

My next crafting project is that huge paddle I bought recently. I’ve sanded it down nicely and now I’ve got to decide what I want to do with it. Dan suggested lots of metal upholstery tacks and varnish. I’m thinking a little varnish goes a long way and tacks just wouldn’t look all that attractive. We’ll see who wins this one.

I bought two so maybe I should make his and hers paddles. Two of those paddles might be a bit much, but after all, my greedy bottom is what got me into this in the first place!


That Big Caning

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I won’t bore you all with the minute details of the big caning, but I can give you the high points and answer a few questions that were asked.

We tried a couple of different positions before deciding that the best by far was having me bend over the arm of the couch. That way Dan could get the right angle he wanted from both sides. That little cane turned out to be a bit more of a challenge when it came to getting the angle right.

Once we decided we had the right set up, Dan told me he’d give me twelve strokes to start with. Since this was going to be a for fun caning, he was going to give me short breaks between sets.

The first twelve weren’t so bad. Even though Dan was landing the strokes full across my bottom, the tip of the cane was still biting into me. He tried moving around and aiming it differently, but it still had the same effect. We decided it was because it was a lexan cane and didn’t have the give of a rattan cane.

Even though we’ve played with this cane before, it had always been used lightly and Dan was trying to give you good voters something for your time. I was okay with that and a little excited to see how intense it was going to get.

I wasn’t worried when he started the second set but fairly quickly I started to wonder what I’d gotten myself into. Especially when he crossed one really good stroke over another one. That one stroke burned so badly that I started pounding the couch a little.

As soon as he gave me the go ahead after the 24th stroke, I jumped up and started hopping around a little. It was those tip welts that were burning so badly! Dan was beginnning to be impressed with the marks and my hopping and rubbing just added to his enjoyment.

I eventually got back over the arm of the couch and Dan said we’d just do six strokes to get us to the halfway mark. I was fine with that and thought it wasn’t going to be too bad, but by the time we got to thirty, I was more than ready for my break.

There was more hopping and rubbing before I thought that maybe Dan needed a little distraction (and maybe a little buttering up). I somehow got him into his big chair, got down on my knees, and proceeded to “distract” him with a blowjob. That was fun and it gave my bottom a chance to cool down a little.

As soon as that fun was over though, back over the arm of the sofa I went. Dan was feeling pretty good but he still gave me a full set of twelve and they weren’t quite as light as I thought they might be. I might have distracted him, but the buttering up didn’t seem to have taken. The man was almost gleeful!

That set got us to forty-two and I did a serious dance around the room. Dan’s enjoyment of the rubbing, hopping, and hissing was almost at the gloating stage by then. I was really starting to wonder what in the world had I been thinking when I set this whole thing in motion…as I hopped around our living room like my bottom was on fire. Well, it was in a sense but you know what I mean!

Okay, that was forty-two which meant eighteen more strokes to go. I went over the arm once more. That set of twelve was pretty intense as there wasn’t much unmarked space between the welts already forming. Dan was moving from one side to the other but my right cheek was getting the harder strokes so it was beginning to really sting and I was really taking it out on the poor couch cushions. If nothing else, they got the dust knocked out of them that night.

When we got to fifty-four, I got up with a hiss and grabbed my bottom with both hands. I didn’t do much dancing that time as I was too busy rubbing. And cussing all you good people who voted for that evil little cane. Just kidding…sort of.

I didn’t waste too much time though. I was rather anxious to get to sixty and calling it done. Dan didn’t take it easy on those last ones either. He was still intent on giving you people what you voted for. At least one of us was still on your side! *wink*

Dan gave me a little time for rubbing and then decided it was picture time. He took a few shots then we both decided it was time to “take care” of me and I practically ran to the bedroom. Even on our soft sheets, my poor bottom throbbed when I was pushed down on them. It was good though. Sex and a tenderized bottom go very well together.

Now to answer a few questions.

No, I did not cry! I was enjoying myself actually. Besides, sixty wasn’t too bad. I think those who followed my lead and held their own votes for spanks faired somewhat worse. Heck, sixty was a walk in the park compared to a couple of those! Right, Kaya?

For those who were concerned about me, I’m fine physically and mentally. I caught a really nasty cold right after the big event and didn’t feel like posting for a bit. Then spring came along and I was out the door!

As for my mental state, that’s fine, too. I had a couple of those emails from people not in this lifestyle and I just have to wonder, what are they doing here? I hate to burst their bubbles but I’m not crazy. Yes, I enjoy a good spanking and no, I’m not a sicko and neither is Dan, thank you very much. We’re spankos and if you were confused about this, read the name of the blog, please!

Those emails always make me chuckle. I always wonder how they found me. Were they searching for home canning recipes and accidently ended up here? Or maybe they were looking for a boat paddle? And then they didn’t run away in horror, instead they decided to read and comment. How nice.

And lastly, no, I won’t be holding another vote! Sorry, but I learned my lesson. Not to mention that I’ve got that big paddle to put up for votes now. Eeeek!

Of course, I say that now but in six months I’ll look back on the pictures of my welts and start feeling…say it with me…GREEDY! Heh.


Spring Fever

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I’ve got spring fever and I’m feeling mighty feisty! I’ve got no patience to sit at my computer when I know could be out getting into trouble so I haven’t been here to write. As you all know, I love trouble!

I’ve got lots to tell and since everything is blooming, I know it won’t be long before my hay fever kicks in and I’ll be back inside and happy to tell all. All I have energy for tonight is to grumble that Dan’s technique of trying to calm me down by pinching and twisting my nipples really hasn’t worked, but he just keeps trying! Funny man!

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