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Busy Working On My Paddles


I decided to decorate my Jokari paddle this week and this is what I came up with. It’s definitely more attractive visually, but unluckily it still has the same bun burning effect as before.

I’m hoping it’s new look will sort of camouflage it. It looks decorative and if it’s hanging on the wall (instead of lurking in the toy box) maybe it will pass as wall decoration and Dan will forget its real purpose.

Not that hanging the rubber spatula on the kitchen wall has encouraged him to think of it as a cooking utensil as opposed to a bottom burning utensil. A girl can hope though. I guess I could help the illusion along and try cooking more to give him the idea that is what that area is for, but that would be a bit extreme for me and might cause him to be suspicious.

I learned early on that causing Dan to be suspicious is pretty much like waving my unspanked bottom at him. It sets off all his spanko tendencies and I get spanked just because I might be up to something. What kind of logic is that? Okay, I know…spanko logic!

That’s the same logic that got me a hairbrush spanking the other night before I headed out for a night with the girls. Dan thinks if I get spanked before I go out, that will prevent me from even considering getting in trouble. He’s right, of course, but that thought didn’t help when that horrid varnished nightmare of a hairbrush was scorching my poor bottom.

I mean, who in their right mind would consider going out and getting into trouble when that’s the kind of spanking you get before you even get out the door? It sure keeps me from misbehaving. I’m not complaining though, having a warm bottom is a nice reminder of what I have.

My next crafting project is that huge paddle I bought recently. I’ve sanded it down nicely and now I’ve got to decide what I want to do with it. Dan suggested lots of metal upholstery tacks and varnish. I’m thinking a little varnish goes a long way and tacks just wouldn’t look all that attractive. We’ll see who wins this one.

I bought two so maybe I should make his and hers paddles. Two of those paddles might be a bit much, but after all, my greedy bottom is what got me into this in the first place!

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  1. This is going to back fire (pun intended). Why not just paint “Spank me” on the paddle (or your bum) ’cause that nice retro art work is sure going to give Dan the idea. Uh…. maybe that was the point… (light bulb slowly coming on lol)

    Peter Grimm

    Comment by Peter Grimm — 3/22/2007 @ 1:32 pm

  2. Bethie,

    Camouflage? Surely you jest. If you hang that decorated paddle on the wall, Dan will want to use it everytime his eyes gaze in that direction.

    Now I’m as fond as the next gal of a good paddling (and perhaps slightly more), but that Jokari could get old mighty fast. I think it would be every bit as lovely on display at the bottom of the toy box…


    Comment by Bonnie — 3/23/2007 @ 4:16 pm

  3. I think it looks just lovely and you wouldn’t want to risk rubbing that beautiful picture off of it, now, would you, Dan?

    But the his and hers paddles are a great idea… can’t wait to see how this one turns out!


    Comment by Tiggr — 3/24/2007 @ 8:28 am

  4. I think Dan meant to put the tacks in a pattern: concentric circles with
    a star inside, or other pretty shape could look good. The tacks would be close together so that the pattern would clearly show. I think you would have to clip them shorter before hammering them in. His and Hers could have different meaningful designs.

    Comment by Victoria — 3/29/2007 @ 2:23 pm

  5. bethie — very cute. i like your style. come visit.


    Comment by rune — 4/5/2007 @ 4:48 am

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