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Toy Identification

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Okay, since a couple of people asked (Hi Terri and Tracy!), I thought I’d show a better picture of these toys. On the tag they’re called paddleball games but they’re not the traditional round style.

These have holes marked with numbers for some kind of scoring game, but that didn’t go well for me. I tried for a bit, then decided the elastic string was too long and the ball too bouncy because I couldn’t get the silly ball to land in the holes and stay there.

After several minutes of aggravation, which was made worse when Dan growled at me that if I hit him in the head with that ball I’d be in trouble, I gave up. I removed the string from the hole, sanded down all the sharp edges, and made myself a new spanking toy. Problem solved! Ha!

The toy itself is a little over 12″ long, around 2″ at the wide spots, and just over 1/4″ thick.


I’m just glad I didn’t hit Dan in the head with the ball when I was playing with it. It’s one thing if I pervert something on my own but completely another if Dan does it for me. Or rather, to me! *grin*


  1. wow i can see several uses on the toys lol… they would be usefull huh ,not only that but they are cute too and i bet they would sting

    Comment by ray — 6/2/2007 @ 7:30 am

  2. I thought they were spaghetti sizers! You know, to determine how much spaghetti to cook. Ooops.

    Comment by o-gal — 6/2/2007 @ 6:58 pm

  3. I am thinking of trying my hand at making a wooden paddle. You have several wood paddles of various widths and weights. Obviously each delivers a different balance of sting and thud, and that preference is personal and may even depend on the day. But if you were to rate your toys, where would the Jokari paddle fall (pun intended) on your scale of thud and sting compared to your ideal? What is your preference for width and flatness like a game paddle vs curved like the back of a bath brush? I was thinking of making a wooden paddle the shape of the Son of Buster leather paddle, with a smooth curved surface, and about 7/16” thick at the thickest. What are your thoughts? I would certainly appreciate your input on this. Thanks,
    Peter Grimm

    Comment by Peter Grimm — 6/3/2007 @ 6:21 am

  4. Thanks, Bethie – I really appreciate the better view. I’m going to keep my eye out for those. They look pretty sturdy and I think they’d be a blast! 🙂

    Comment by AngelBrat — 6/3/2007 @ 11:12 am

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