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Rested and Relaxed

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lady of leisure

I’m practicing my “lady of leisure” act today. I’m resting and relaxing, parked by a window enjoying the view and a good book, and occasionally slipping off into a good daydream.

Can you guess what I’m daydreaming about?

*Update: I just noticed that somehow I managed to de-select the comment option for the two previous posts. Oops! It’s back on now for current posts.*


A Helping Hand

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bathing help

This is the type of helping hand I had in mind when I got out of the shower, but Dan’s mind leapt to something totally different, of course.

I was having some problems reaching a few damp spots and he thought spanking my bottom dry was more efficient than using the towel. My arm may be slow to heal with that kind of service! *wink*


Spanking Report Delayed

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vintage nudes outdoors

I wasn’t really doing anything (that’s usually the way these stories start for me) and then something gave out.

I’ve sort strained my shoulder and one arm is out of commission for now. My typing ability is limited so blogging will be slow for the next few days.

I can still put up pictures though since I can still point and click with one hand. Yay.


Fall Fever

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pretty nude outdoors

It’s been too nice to stay indoors. Forgive my absence I can’t sit still at the computer. Of course, after I get those 51 swats I might not be able to then either. *wink*


That’s A Whole Lotta Swats!

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bottoms up

The official total is…*drumroll*…51 swats! Yay!

Okay, I know some of you think that I should count my own comments, but I didn’t think that was fair. So to make it up to you, Dan will give me a long warmup before giving me the official 51 swats. Now doesn’t that sound fair?

Okay, so maybe it’s not completely fair since I enjoy a good warmup. But this is all for fun anyway and I’m planning to have a lot of fun. 51 swats of fun! Heh.

Now the next logical question is, which of our many implements should we use? I’ve put in a vote for my pretty rose paddle, but since it’s considered a “warmup” toy, I doubt it will happen.

Besides we’re just in the negotiation phase so I have to bid low to start out. Of course, that’s to counter Dan’s starting bid. He opened with a vote for the giant lexan paddle, of course. He just loves that thing!

Well, maybe it’s not the paddle Dan loves, maybe it’s the way my toes curl with every swat and how I hop around rubbing my bottom when he’s done using it. After that last time, he was quite happy to see that I had to sit down very carefully when I went back to my desk.

I’m not sure, but I think after sitting for a bit that’s when I decided he’s been working so hard lately that he was in dire need of a blow job. Negotiations can get very friendly around here in case I hadn’t mentioned it before. *wink*


Let’s Even Things Up

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my unmarked bottom

Friday was Love Our Lurkers Day and I was thrilled to meet some new people! Thanks to all who came by and said “hello” for the first time, as well as everyone else who stopped by for the fun. I appreciate all of you!

As y’all know, I had considered making a game of things by taking one swat per comment, but I couldn’t make up my mind. I’ve been posting so infrequently of late that I felt like I should reintroduce myself to you all. Hey, remember me? I’ve almost been lurking on my own blog after all.

Then I started thinking. Yes, I know, that can be a dangerous activity. I started thinking why not include everyone in this? Why not give everyone a chance to be counted? I can count the commenters from LOL Day and then start this new thread giving everyone a chance to make their mark.

See that picture? That’s my bottom in its unnatural state; unspanked and free of marks. It barely has a blush! So sad.

But you can help change that! Yes, you out there in cyberland. I don’t care if you just delurked (or maybe are now inspired to), or have commented countless times, you are invited to make your mark, literally. Let’s even things up and give everyone a chance.

Hit the comment button and give me a swat! It’s easy and it’ll be fun! I promise. I’ll keep this going until at least Tuesday and I’m looking forward to seeing who all is still here.

Say “Hi” and give me a swat, my bottom will thank you…I hope. *grin*

*One last thing, I’ve been fighting the spambot wars for some time so I used to have my WordPress comment options set so that all first-time commenters got sent into moderation. I didn’t feel that was as friendly I’d like to be so I changed that setting. Yeah, the occasional spam comment gets through, but it’s rare now with the settings I’m using, and besides, I think it’s worth it if no one has to wait for me to okay their comment. Just so ya know, if you’re new.*


It’s Love Our Lurkers Day!

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Bonnie from my My Bottom Smarts has announced the second annual Love Our Lurkers Day for Friday, October 12! Yay! She’s got a good number of bloggers joining in (which she’s listing as blogs join in). If you can, go check out what’s happening across the spanko blogosphere.

The point of LOL Day is to draw out the large number of readers who come by to read but don’t comment. I understand completely because I know how it is. You see, I’m a lurker, too. But I’ve found that no matter who it is, anytime I come out of the woodwork to comment, I’m always greeted with open arms. It’s always a pleasant surprise.

Today I’m going to do my best to go out and say “Hi” to the bloggers I’ve been taking for granted and maybe greeting some of the ones I haven’t met before. It should be fun. You should join in! It’s going to be like a big open house out there in spanko blogland.

I know I haven’t been the most reliable blogger in the world lately, but I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. I know there’s people out there still reading though and I want to thank all of you for that! So even if you’re not a lurker, you can say hi anyway. It’ll be like old pals meeting up again.

I considered making this into a competition since y’all know how much I love that sort of thing. I thought one swat per comment ought to be fun. But then I wasn’t sure that was such a good idea since we have that new paddle and all. Besides, it wouldn’t be fair. I wouldn’t know if you commented because you like me or if you just wanted me to get spanked a lot. *wink*

Also I remember the last time I tried that. That was a bit surprising. I had no idea how much I was loved by my readers. That much love can make a girl’s bottom sore!

Hmmmm…now I can’t remember, was I trying to talk myself out of or into that swat per comment deal? Let me think…

I’ll sort it out eventually. In the meantime, everybody go out there and show some comment love around the blogs! I’ll be out there somewhere doing the same.


Our Newest Big Paddle

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I was hoping to get a pic of our newest paddle, but unluckily I can’t get a decent shot of it. I guess that means I’ll just have to describe it to you.

First of all, it’s big. Really big! It’s about 22″ long, 3 1/2″ wide, and 3/8″ thick. It’s also rather attractive. But here’s the kicker; it’s lexan.

Yup, I have completely lost my mind. I bought the biggest lexan paddle I could find.

In my defense, I was suffering from a rather intense bout of greedy bottom syndrome when I saw it. If you’re a greedy bottom, you know how what I’m talking about. There I was surfing around the net, not really planning to buy anything, just looking and maybe drooling a little over all the pretty toys that caught my eye. That’s when it occurred to me, we didn’t have a lexan paddle.

I’m sure some of you are thinking I should’ve been glad of that fact, but that’s not how I felt. In fact, I felt a little cheated that I didn’t have one of those fancy polywhatchamacallit type paddles of my very own. It didn’t help that I decided to do a little research and look for first-hand accounts of lexan paddle spankings. That was probably actually my downfall, now that I think of it.

There were so many stories of how mean and evil the lexan paddle can be, how intense it could be, and I couldn’t resist the pull. I just had to have one. And being the kind of woman I am, I went out and found one of the biggest ones I could find. “Go big or go home” I always say.

I ordered it and waited anxiously for it to arrive. Then it got here and I got a good up close and personal look at it. Hmmmm…that was a lot more paddle than I was expecting.

Not that I got much of a chance to think about it, Dan immediately took it away from me, bent me over the arm of the couch, and gave it a trial run. The first couple of swats weren’t too bad, he was taking it easy, trying to get a feel for it. That didn’t last long, of course, and the swats kept getting harder. It didn’t take long for me to realize that was one intense paddle.

Dan didn’t use it for long the first time, we thought we’d go slow and build up to a real spanking. But being the paddle slut that I am, pretty soon I was ready for more. I’m not positive, but that first day, I think I got around 15 or so good swats with it. We were taking it easy after all.

Here’s where I really loose my mind; I liked it. I liked it a lot. Bad, greedy bottom!

The next day, I was ready to go again. So we did. We were working our way up to some real spanking. After just a dozen or so swats, my bottom was burning a bit and beginning to feel somewhat tender. It just whet my appetite for more of that bun burner.

That’s when we came up with the idea of breaking the paddle in properly over a few days. Dan’s been looking for a good toy to make my bottom sore without leaving a lot of ugly (in my opinion) marks and we decided this might be the right tool for the job. I was excited about the whole thing and started making a plan.

We were even starting on the big sore bottom plan when the weekend started. That was right before we both caught a stupid cold. Grrr! My plans for a good sore bottom were derailed by the common cold.

We’re recovered now, the big lexan paddle is propped up by the foot of our bed where I can see it, and we’re about to get back with the program. Dan caught me fresh out of the shower this morning and gave me several good swats with it but we were getting ready to go out so we didn’t have much time. Darn!

But don’t worry, we’re both determined to give this paddle a workout. I’m ready for a good sore bottom and Dan’s more than ready to give it to me. This could be an interesting week…


Talking About Birthday Spankings

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bday paddle with pen

Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts has a brunch every Sunday and the her topics always get some very insightful and interesting conversations going. This week her subject was birthday spankings. Since I’d already posted about mine earlier this week, I thought I’d mention a few memories of birthday spankings past.

See that paddle in the pic? The packaging includes a pen so the paddle can be signed by whoever uses it. The text on the front reads:

Because a Birthday just isn’t a Birthday without lots of Birthday Spankings!

I have to say, I agree with their sentiment. Unluckily the paddle itself is light and isn’t really meant to be used for a good paddling, but they’re lots of fun for parties, as I found out one year way back before I met Dan.

That year I bought myself one of those paddles in a fit of self pity. My birthday was coming and there was no one special in my life. I figured I’d take it to the party and even though I wasn’t going to get a real birthday spanking that year, the paddle would be good for a laugh. Well, I was a bit mistaken.

I found that despite how some people might act the rest of the year, as soon as they spied that paddle among the party supplies, they couldn’t wait to get their hands on it and try it out on me. It didn’t matter if it was a gal or a guy, they thought it was great fun and were happy to give me at least a few swats before proudly signing the paddle.

The paddle itself was too light to give a real swat, but it was just fun! I was not only bent over, I went over quite a few laps for at least a few swats and that was good enough for me. I was amazed how many people got into the spirit of things. That party was quite an eye opener. The next time I was footloose and fancy free on my big day, I made sure to find another birthday paddle to add to the party supplies.

(Btw, you can find them among the gag gifts at stores that carry that sort of thing. Or do an online search for “birthday paddle with pen” and you should be able to find one, if you’re interested.)

I just thought it was funny how normally very straight people were happy to give me some birthday swats, proudly sign the paddle, and then pass it on to the next willing spanker. I’ve got at least two of those paddles packed away somewhere, and both of them are completely covered with signatures. Ahhh good times!

Luckily these days I have my very own spanker who loves me and spanks me whether it’s my birthday or any other day. But back then, it was a good thing to find out that the tradition of the birthday spanking was alive and well out there. Not to mention lots of fun!


Spanking Good News!

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spanko news

I’ve got a brand new paddle! It’s big, it’s ouchie, and I have high hopes for it. Dan’s hoping with determination and steady application, that by the end of the weekend my bottom should be good and sore.

That sounds like a plan I can get behind, or rather, in front of! *wink*

As for that paper, I know it’s old but I still like using this newspaper generator.


Panties Voted Most Likely To Be Spanked

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spankable panties

I opened my panty drawer today and realized these three had made their way to the front again. I usually keep these toward the back of the drawer unless I really want a spanking. Dan says I must really be looking for a spanking if I’ve got one of these on and he goes right to it. I might as well just paint a target on my bottom and hand him a paddle.

Hmmm now that I think of it, maybe I should go ahead to that next step and have a paddle ready when I put one of these on. That might save me the occasional surprise when he grabs the closest toy he can find. Too often it’s the evil rubber spatula or the loopy cane. It happens way too often for my comfort. Ouchie!

I have a couple of other panties that get threatened, but these are the main ones that scream “Spank me!” That black one is the most straight-forward of the bunch seeing as it actually has “Spank Me!!” across the target area, but they all pretty much get the same reaction.

Being grumpy is one thing, being grumpy and wearing the panties that have “Grumpy” printed right across the butt is another. Those panties are a clear sign that I’m ready to have the grump spanked right out of me. They haven’t failed me yet.

I recently bought these blue Halloween panties and for some reason this little guy just pushes all of Dan’s spanko buttons.

grumpy halloween bear

I can’t imagine why. Just because all those little bears seem to be sticking their tongues out at him doesn’t mean they need smacking. It’s not like I’m doing it; I’m just wearing the cute little guys across my bottom.

Okay, so I might as well paint a target there. *grin*

Now I’ve got to go count those little bears because Dan has decided that wearing those panties will cost me one spank per bear. I want to know what I have to look forward to.


Yummy Birthday Spanking

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bday spanking toys

I recently had a birthday and haven’t had time to write about the yummy birthday spanking my sweetie, Dan (SpankBoss of Spanking Blog), gave me. The main participants are pictured above. He used my favorite rose paddle, beaver tail paddle (both from Leather Thorn Paddles), the medium sized delrin cane, and a brand new whippy toy. I’m not sure what what the whippy toy is called or where it’s from and since it’s a gift, I haven’t asked. So from here on out, it’s the whippy toy.

To prepare for my spanking, I got myself all comfy on the bed, lying face down with a couple of pillows under me, and offered up my bottom for his attention. I’m always eager for a good spanking and my birthday spankings from Dan have been wonderful. He warmed me up nicely with the leather paddles, making my bottom all warm and tingly.

Then Dan being Dan, he snuck in a few zingers with the delrin cane. He landed one right on the crease between my bottom and thigh that really made me wiggle and squeal just a little. Something tells me the wiggling and squealing only encourages him to do things like that. But I can’t help it so the evil cycle of wiggling and spanking just keeps on going.

I whined a little and pointed out that it was my birthday spanking and I should get what I wanted. But wouldn’t you know it, Dan didn’t completely agree with me. Of course, once the intitial sting of that cane stroke settled into a nice warm line, I didn’t mind…but don’t tell him that! He might start to think he was right after all. Can’t have that you know!

After the cane, Dan had gone back to the leather paddles and I became really relaxed. That’s usually when things get interesting and as usual, they did.

new whip and stinger

Those interesting toys are the whippy toy I already mentioned and the Cobra Stinger. The stinger can give either a pulsating zing or a stronger constant one. We’ve been playing with it for a while, but I don’t remember mentioning it. It’s a somewhat intense sensation toy and I’m not sure exactly how to describe it. It gives a pretty good sting when set on high and a strange tingling zing when on pulsate.

We’ve been having fun with the stinger lately but I wasn’t expecting it during my birthday spanking. So when Dan told me to spread my legs, I didn’t expect him to “help” me along with the stinger. He was using it on pulsate and touching it to the inside of my upper thighs to inspire me to spread them just a little more.

I wasn’t sure what Dan was up to, but I was happy to play along and find out. That’s when the new whippy thing came out. The leather is rolled from the handle and the tip comes to a point, as you can see in the picture. The end is the impact point and since it’s not too long, Dan can really control it. He’d practiced on my boobs earlier so I knew what to expect from it already, and I began to suspect what Dan was planning to do with it then.

Still, when the first stroke landed on the inside of my thigh, I yelped a little and pulled my thighs closer together. Dan touched the stinger to my inner thighs and I quickly parted them again. He was saying something but my mind was on where that whippy end was going to land next.

Then the next stroke landed high on my mound causing me to flinch and squeak a bit but with the stinger’s encouragement, I quickly spread my thighs apart again. As Dan continued landing light stingy strokes along my tenderest bits, we kept repeating the process; whip, flinch, sting, spread. It was getting pretty intense when Dan decided it was time to go back to spanking my bottom.

After a nice dose of my favorite paddles again, it was finally time to get down to the actual birthday spanking. We haggled a bit over who was going to count and at first, I was going to let Dan do the counting. Then when he asked if I was sure I wanted him to keep count, I decided it might be better if I did.

Something in his tone made me think he might not be as precise as I might want. I could imagine it becoming the never-ending birthday spanking. I like a good spanking, but even I have my limits!

That’s when we got down to business. It was mighty good business, too. Dan increased the intensity with each spank, with breaks for rubbing between sets. I got a little confused after a bit. Well, a little “distracted” might be the better term. I started to rethink the logic of electing to do the counting myself.

The last set of swats were the hardest and I was having a time trying to say the numbers loud enough for him to hear. Did I mention I was getting distracted?

I was almost disappointed when I realized we’d reached the end, and just as I relaxed, Dan gave me an extra hard spank. I’d forgotten the final “one to grow on” spank.

That last swat had barely sunk in when we got down to the lovemaking. With my hot bottom rubbing against the sheets, and my love between my legs, it was the perfect ending to a yummy birthday spanking.

If it weren’t for that pesky getting older thing, I would wish for more birthdays more often. I guess that means I’ll just have to earn more spankings on my own. A greedy bottom’s work is never done.


Someone’s Gonna Get A Spanking!

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diary secrets

Can you guess who it is???

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