Let’s Even Things Up — 44 Comments

  1. HI Bethie, first time poster here. First of all, may I say that you have got a FANTASTIC bottom, and with that said…. SWAT!!!!

  2. That pristine bottom looks like an artist’s canvas before a beautiful, red sunset is painted…. 😉 Healthy swat for ya!

  3. Luna, Cindy, Bonnie, thank you for the swats!

    Scott, welcome to the blog! Thank you for the kind words and the swat!

    Hunter, yes, that canvas is too pristine for me at the mooment! Thanks for the swat!

    Hugs to all!

  4. Well now seems to be a better time than most for my first post (I tend to lurk in obscurity) so have a long distance swat for South Wales. I’m going to need a cane 3000 miles long so if you know of a good supplier…



  5. Owen, thank you for the long distance swat! I’m afraid I can’t help you with that cane, but I appreciate the thought! 😆

  6. Hi Bethie, I normally post on the Den but since you decided to go ahead with this I thought I’d add one for ya.. SWAT.



  7. Liz and Melody, thanks for the swats! You’re added to the count. 🙂

  8. It is a very sad day indeed when Bethie has a non-red tushie. Oh the humanity!

    I’ll be back. *beams*

  9. And one from Down Under…SWAT.

    Good of you to let us help with your unmarked bottom.

  10. Kaya, it is sad! And I’m sure you’ll be back! 😆

    Tracy, thank you, hon! 🙂

    Prefectdt, thank you! One of the benefits of LOL Day was reminding me how many good blogs are out there that I hadn’t linked to yet. 🙂

    Dove, thank you for helping me fix that problem! 😉

  11. Well, that’s certainly one way to convince lurkers that it’s worth their while to comment. Good thinking!

  12. Beautiful bottom Bethie! Here’s a “swat” on me.
    PS I love your retro pinup art with a spanking twist.

  13. Hi Bethie! I didn’t get around on LOL day but this seemed like a good time to leave a comment. I do hope you post an after picture.


  14. Suzy, thanks for the reciprocal swat! After all, it’s only fair! 😆

    A lurker, thanks for the swat…and you may be right! 😉

    Claudio, thank you so much for that international swat! 🙂

    Peter, thanks for the swat and I appreciate the compliments as well! I love the vintage stuff. That’s probably why I chose to wear my lacy petticoat for that pic. 😉

    PK, it is a good time to leave a comment! Thanks! As for the after pic, it depends on how many swats I get since it takes a lot to get my bottom red enough to see it in a pic. Oh wait, maybe I shouldn’t have said that… 😆

  15. The count so far:

    LOL Day thread: 18 swats
    This thread: 17 swats
    Total: 35 swats!

    In case anyone is wondering, I counted couples as two if that’s how they signed their comment. See? I’m trying to count fairly! 😉

  16. Your bottom needs more then just a blushing color Bethie… Here’s wishing you a nice hot crimson bottom…

    P.S. Congrats… ya de-lurked me…

  17. You did say (I checked twice) “one swat per comment” and “Why not give everyone a chance to be counted” so if you make a comment yourself you have to count it too! Maybe you should get some extra for not counting right! You do need more colour. If we commenter’s get a vote, of what to swat you with, I vote for a nice caned bottom.

  18. Oscar, I do believe I will. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

    Tanner, I think that wish for me will come true. Thanks for the swat! Yay! I de-lurked you. 😉

    LOL PivotmanG! You count like Dan, what’s with you guys? Thanks for the swat and helping with the count! I doubt the cane is the right toy for the job, but you never know. 😮

  19. Until Tuesday you say? Wonderful! I can come back again!

    I have to agree with PivotmanG’s count. You *are* commenting right? And you did say it didn’t matter who it was that commented, soooooo… 😀

  20. Oooo! I’ll definitely have to add my two cents, or is two swats? 😀

    Just as long as you don’t have to count the swats!!

  21. I think I should feel guilty for commenting here and on the LOL post all in one day! But, I don’t … too much. *g* Hope you get all the swats you’re hoping for!


  22. Well then, it would be very mean of me to deny you another swat. Not to mention very rude! So count another *SWAT* from the Netherlands!

  23. Couldn’t help but give you a swat — after all I it was the brush you sent and the mat you sent that I have felt most this past weekend!!

  24. Kaya, still thinking about those 91 clothespins are you? 😆

    Ofia, thanks for the swat! As much as I hate to, I might have to count. It’s funny but the only time Dan gets forgetful is when he’s counting strokes. Hmph! 😉

    Langa, thank you for the comment! I’m sure it’s going to be fun. It should be a lot of fun, actually! 😀

    Maggie, thank you! It’s a good thing I always have high hopes…right??? 😆

    Kate, thank you for being sweet and sending the swat! 🙂

  25. B, thank you so much for the swat! Sounds like you had a great weekend and I’m thrilled I could help with that. Those mats really are lovely aren’t they? I shouldn’t talk too much about it though, it just reminds Dan about mine. 😮

  26. HI Bethie,

    My first time spanking you. Here’s your very own cyberspanking




  27. Dear bethie,
    Best of luck with your spanking and I love reading your blog. If you ever run into a female writer that enjoys writing about spanking fantasies or real life experiences, please give her my email.

  28. I am and remain a fan of both your site and of Dan’s site. I note only enjoy your writing about spanking and your pictures, but I think your love for each other is wonderful.

  29. Jerry, thanks, but I’m afraid all of your cyber work only got you one real time swat as far as Dan is concerned. 🙂

    Jonathin, thanks for the comment! I know a few ladies like you describe but I’m afraid I can’t help you out as that is beyond what I do here. I’m a blogger, not a matchmaker. 🙂

    Mike, thank you for the swat! 🙂

    Wintermute, thank you so much for your kind words! Dan and I are very thankful to have found each other and this love which grows stronger every day. It really is wonderful and thank you for saying so! 🙂

  30. Happy Tuesday, Bethie. Here’s a nice, firm swat on your lovely bottom.

  31. Thank you, Kaya, Amanda, and Bill, for the swats! 🙂

    It looks like Tuesday is about over so I’ll start tallying it up!