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52 Spanks Just Wasn’t Enough…

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52 spanks

When I counted up 52 spanks from the comment votes after Love Our Lurkers day, I was satisfied with that number. Not too many, not too few. But, of course, Dan didn’t think 52 was quite enough. Go figure!

When we decided that a nice long warmup was going to make up for not counting my comments among the votes like some commenters suggested, I wasn’t concerned. In fact, I was all in favor of a good warmup. I should’ve known something was up.

I pulled out the tall barstool and positioned it while Dan went to get the implements he’d chosen for the spanking. He’d decided to use two implements which would mean he’d give me 26 swats with each one. That sounded like a good idea, right up until he appeared with the “Attitude Adjuster” that is. He also brought in the Beaver Tail paddle which wasn’t too much of a surprise, but it’s been awhile since the Adjuster had made an appearance.

The Adjuster is almost two foot long, 1 1/4″ wide, and over a 1/4″ thick. It’s made of solid wood and has a leather wrapped handle that makes it comfortable and easier to handle for the spanker. It’s also one of the more formidible toys in our collection. I started to protest but Dan reminded me that he got to choose the implements.

I would’ve whined a little more but I knew it wouldn’t help. Besides, I only have myself to blame whenever that toy makes an appearance. You see, I’m the crazed spanko who created that evil toy. I wanted something that would have both sting and impact ability for prolonged spankings. I had wood paddles but they had too much thud for the job and my leather straps had the right sting but not enough impact for me. So I set out to create a toy that would satisfy my needs.

Thus the “Attitude Adjuster” was created. I created a monster and as I write this, I’m sitting on a very sore bottom. As I shift from cheek to cheek trying to ease the burn, I’m reminded once again what happens when I let my greed get the better of me. Ow, ow, owwww!

I’d complain, but as the line goes, “it hurts so good!”

I suppose I should tell this spanking recounting from beginning to end so let me start with that warmup I mentioned earlier. It started out with me lying along that seat of that barstool so my bottom was in a good position for spanking. There was a bit of discussion and some stalling on my part which earned me four more swats, but eventually we got down to business. I admit I was concerned about that stick, but I figured a good warmup would get me good and ready to take the Adjuster on.

Dan started the warmup with his hand which was fine by me, it still stung and I whimpered a little because he wasn’t holding back, but it wasn’t all bad. I was just starting to feel warm when Dan stepped back for a bit. The next thing I knew, he was spanking me with something that burned every time it landed. I knew he’d brought out the Beaver Tail paddle with the Adjuster, but I could tell it wasn’t that. It had a bit too much burn.

That’s when I realized it was the hairbrush. Dan had been keeping it by his easy chair for spur of the moment spankings, but it didn’t occur to me that he’d use that for my warmup. The warmup he proceeded to give me was a spanking all in itself.

I was kicking, yelping, dancing in place, and practically climbing right over that barstool. It’s a good thing that stool is sturdy because I was all over that thing. Dan was really enjoying the show I was putting on but after a couple of mintues, he stopped long enough for me to calm down a bit and give me a quick “check” before continuing. He has decided that he trusts my body to tell him the truth, so when he checks on me, he just slips his hand between my legs to see if I’m progressing properly.

After several more minutes of that brush I had progressed to downright sloppiness I guess because he had to stop to wipe off the brush and tease me about getting his brush sticky. I didn’t get a chance to be too mortified though because he went right back to spanking me with it.

When Dan finally laid the hairbrush aside, he warned me that if I complained about it, he’d give me another spanking with it. So here I am, not complaining about it. It was a lovely warmup. *cough*

With my bottom completely warmed up, it was time for the main event. We discussed who was going to do the counting, and as usual I decided it would be in my best interest to do it myself. Even though I’ve had problems saying the count loud enough in the past, this time I didn’t have any trouble at all. As each swat with the Adjuster landed, I yelped out the number loud enough to satisfy even Dan.

Lucky for me, Dan was taking turns between the implements. He gave me ten spanks with the Adjuster and then alternated to give me ten with the Beaver Tail. He wasn’t holding back at all as far as I could tell and even landed quite a few swats on my thighs as he went into the next two sets. I couldn’t help but squeal and kick when he spanked my thighs.

Besides, I was really feeling the burn by then and I couldn’t hold back. My bottom was on fire! I could already tell that I wasn’t going to sit easily when my spanking was over.

As Dan continued my spanking, I was wiggling quite a bit. Before he began the next set with the Adjuster, he reminded me that if I got out of position, that he’d have to start all over again. That’s the rule, you see, and I wasn’t taking any chances. I grabbed hold of that barstool and hung on tight as each stroke of the Adjuster burned deep into my very tenderized bottom. I was quite relieved when Dan delivered the last few strokes hard and fast, sore but relieved. I’d made it!

Dan asked if I’d like a few more but I was quite adamant that I was completely satisfied, thank you very much! That’s when we headed for the bedroom to finish things up.

Just to make things more interesting, Dan attached the adjustable nipple clamps on snugly before doing anything else. I was more than ready for him anyway and that just added to my desire. As Dan thrust into me and I arched up to meet him, the movement caused certain tenderized spots on my bottom to burn hot yet again. I moaned and grabbed tight onto the sheets beneath me as he continued thrusting. Dan paused a few times to tighten the clamps and I was so far gone, all I could do was moan. So many sensations and I was lost somewhere in it all. Whew!

It was an awesome night which left me satisfied and with a perfectly sore bottom. I can’t thank you all enough! Heh.

Note: I’m sorry it took so long for me to post this! I really should get a good spanking for being so late. Really I should! Psst! That means y’all should go and encourage Dan, okay? *wink*


Happy Thanksgiving!

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happy thanksgiving 1

First you put on a pilgrim hat, then get out your set of stocks and invite a pretty friend over to celebrate the day.

happy thanksgiving 2

The next thing you know, it’s a Thanksgiving party! Yay!


Okay, so this isn’t the big spanking report…

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vintage spanking card

But it’s funny! This is great vintage card image I found recently. The card had a tab in the back to make the arm of the lady move up and down. I thought it was cute and it turned out that working with images was one thing I could do when I only had one good arm.

The text reads:

Si ton mari est si docile,
C’est que tu sais, probablement.
Pour le faire tenir tranquille,
Te servir d’arguments frappants!

My French isn’t all that great so I won’t translate that for you, lucky you!

Now about my arm, it healed slowly (that’s a story for another day btw) but once it was better I had lots of catching up to do. I’m domestically challenged on my best days so it was a sloooow process. Dan helped so it wasn’t too bad, just slow.

I was just about to get back to blogging when life got really exciting. My very large family recently increased by one. I’m an aunt, yet again! Yay! The delivery was a bit nerve racking as this exceptionally wonderful baby arrived with a lot of excitement but all is well now. The mother is recuperating and the baby is just as precious as can be. I may be a bit prejudiced though!

Needless to say, things have been a bit hectic around here! I’m just hoping for a few moments of down time so I can tell y’all about my latest spanko adventures. We somehow managed to have some fun despite all the craziness.

But it’s not down time just yet, I’ve got a babysitting shift coming up so I’m about to run out the door. I’ll post all the good spanking details soon though, I promise!


Inspiration for the Weekend!

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Hustler Taboo

I found a lovely set of images in this gallery from Hustler Taboo. I have to admit, it’s the photos featuring this model that are the ones I find most *intriguiging.*

It’s the clothespins; they get my attention every time! Oh my!


Taking A Peek

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taking a peek

I’m taking a quick online peek and making a short post as I go whizzing by! There have been some fun things going on and with my arm only partially healed, I haven’t been able to spend as much time on my computer as I’d like. It turns out that holding my arm in the position needed to type aggravates it and I haven’t mastered the art of typing with one hand. That’s what I get for learning to type with both hands. Heh.

I’m slowly putting together a longer post and I promise to finish it soon.

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