52 Spanks Just Wasn’t Enough… — 3 Comments

  1. To clarify the “warmup” business, y’all: Bethie never met a warmup that was “just right.” It was “too much”, it was “not enough”, it was with the wrong implement, it was with my hand “but too hard” or “not long enough” or something. So what I did this time, after the warmup was complete and she’d agreed it was sufficient, was to promise that if I heard any subsequent complaints about the warmup, it would be repeated.

    Seems to have worked!

  2. Bethie (and Dan),

    Now that was a story (and a spanking) worth the wait! Nicely delivered and well told. I just love a playful spanking that edges over into almost too much.

    Thanks for sharing your fun. I’m sure your lurkers appreciate your “sacrifice” as well!


  3. Dan, hon, you make me sound like a brat! To clarify my side of things; when I’m “complaining” it’s usually because I’m bottoms up getting spanked and I may be over-reacting just a tad. 😉

    Bonnie, thank you for the kind words! Oh yes, how I “suffer” for my lurkers. I’m more than willing to do it again for them! LOL Maybe we should just start another tradition and have a “Spank the Bloggers” day? Of course, who of us would be able to sit and write the report afterwards? 😆