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Spanked Because of My Peeps

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bunny hood with peep

This bunny hood was one of my Christmas presents and I just think it’s too cool. I don’t know why, I just do! I also thought it was appropriate for this pic of me and one of my Peeps.

I’m not usually a big fan of those marshmallowy sugar bombs, but when I spotted a package of these super pink bunnies tonight, I couldn’t resist. (I blame it on a hormonal imbalance btw.) I resisted opening the package at first, but I finally gave in. I was enjoying the soft, sugary goodness and without thinking (because I was on a super sugar high), I wondered into Dan’s office.

Dan doesn’t like being tempted by sweets so wandering into his room with sugar all over my lips and Peep bunny ears hanging out of my mouth wasn’t a good idea. When he reminded me I wasn’t supposed to bring sweets in to tempt him, I shoved the last of the bunny into my mouth and said, “Okay, it’s gone.”

That’s what I tried to say anyway; it’s hard to talk with your mouth full of marshmallow goo.

Dan didn’t appreciate that at all and somehow I ended up over his lap with him tugging my pants down. He keeps the miniature varnished oar paddle handy for moments like that and began spanking me vigorously with it. That thing stings!

I think it’s all that varnish it’s coated with. It also doesn’t help that the handle is long enough to give him some serious swing action. Not that it really matters, I just know that every swat stings like crazy! A spanking with that paddle always gets my attention. Always!

Of course, the oar paddle is one of Dan’s favorites. Not only is it a highly effective implement intensity-wise, it doesn’t require too much work on his part. That’s why he keeps it within reach from his computer chair. I know that, but I still manage to get an awful lot of spankings with that paddle. You’d think I’d learn, but I never do. Heh.

Back to the spanking; it didn’t take a lot of swats from that little oar to get me squealing and kicking. As usual, Dan took my reaction as a good sign and stepped up the spanking. He had a good grip on me so I couldn’t get away, all I could do was complain. I always do a good job of that. I couldn’t help it though. That paddle is pure sting.

Dan finally let me up, but not before finishing me off with several extra hard swats. I hopped up and ran for the door while trying to tug my pants up. He took the opportunity to get in a few parting swats. As soon as I was out of arms reach, I stood there rubbing my bottom and wondering how I could replace that paddle with something of my own liking. Nothing came to mind so I went back to my computer and my Peeps.

That’s when I decided to take a picture of myself in my new hood. After all, it’s the bunnies that got me in trouble in the first place.

I keep planning to put up pics of my new toys but I never seem to get around to it. But since I’ve sort of got a bunny theme going tonight, here’s the plug Dan gave me to go with the hood.

bunny tail

Isn’t it pretty? We haven’t used it yet, but I have plans. I just can’t decide what lingerie would go with a bunny hood and tail. Yes, I know, bunnies don’t wear lingerie, but I do!

I almost forgot to mention where Dan found these goodies, in case anyone is interested. Bunny hood and bunny tail plug can both be found at JT’s Stockroom.


Valentine Smacks to You!

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Happy Valetine’s Day to all you lovely spankos out there! We’re having a quiet day here since we decided to beat the crowds and do our celebrating early. We had a nice little romantic getaway that included champagne, strawberries, and a jacuzzi. Which lead to a little spanking and lots of love.

It was lovely! Dan even brought my favorite rose paddle! Yum. I couldn’t have asked for a better time. Now I just have to come back down from the cloud of bliss I’ve been floating on…ahhhhhh. *grin*


Sweet Kinky Goodness!

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candy tassles

This is just what I need to complete my Valentine’s Day outfit! I had no idea they made candy tassles until I stumbled across them while browsing the Valentine goodies at Extreme Restraints. Oh yum!

We’re still breaking in the new toys and I’m making plans for a spanking good romantic getaway for us. I can’t wait! We’ve been fighting the usual winter sniffles and trying to get our energy levels back up. The way I’m feeling right now, Dan’s going to need all the energy he can gather up. I need a good spanking mixed with some sweet romance. It’s a good thing I’ve already got the candy garters ready to go.

Dan, of course, is selecting the perfect toys to take along. That’s his department! Although I’d like to pass along a request right now. Pssst! Dan, sweetie, please bring my favorite pretty rose paddle. Pleeeease! Don’t know if that will help but a girl’s gotta try!

Speaking of toys, I think I made one small error when ordering his holiday goodies in December. We have our share of bath brushes but for some reason, I’d never bought one of the staples of spanking world; the Vermont Country Store bath brush. So what did I do, silly spanko that I am? I ordered one, of course. And my bottom has been regretting it since.

When I opened the package and pulled that much hyped bath brush out, I thought to myself, “Is this what all the fuss is about? Are they kidding?”

It felt much too light and it seemed fairly harmless. Oh well, what’s a girl to do? Christmas Eve I wrapped it up and put it in Dan’s stocking. I didn’t expect much out of that gift so I was pleasantly surprised when Dan unwrapped it and was quite happy with his gift. I figured if nothing else, that was enough.

I kept thinking that for the next few minutes, right up until that evil thing made its first contact with my bottom. At first I was surprised by the initial burn of those early swats, but as Dan settled in and got used to swinging it, I became downright dismayed. He set my bottom on fire with that thing! Ouchie, ouchie, ouchie!

I was wrong. All those folks who said to beware of that bath brush were not kidding! I don’t know if it’s the wood or the length of the handle that gives the spanker the ability to wield it with such blazing precision or what, but it’s evil. Truly, truly evil. What’s worse is that it fooled me. Hmph!

Now I’m worried that I should’ve bought two so we’d always have a back up. Sorry, but it seems I’m far more greedy than I am sensible at times. What can I say? I need a good spanking! *grin*


Great Bondage Image!

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Hogtied - Bondage Blog pic

I found this image over at Bondage Blog. Not only is it a great photo, but Rope Guy came up with the perfect lol caption for it. Too funny!

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