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Spanking Good Friday!

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It’s Friday and I say it’s time to start the party! I think the best way to relax after a hard week is a good spanking. If it was a good week, then celebrate with a good spanking. If it was a blah week, jazz it up with a good spanking. If it was, oh I don’t know, whatever it was, it’s Friday and it’s time for a good spanking. Now go on.

I’ll even give you a good song to inspire you. It’s got a good beat and you can spank to it. The video is pretty and I think you spankos will approve. If not, aw heck, go out and indulge in a good spanking to make up for it. *wink*


Kinky Delight! Oh my!

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Kinky Delight - wet bottom girls

This image does not do the one I found on Kinky Delight justice. Go here to see it in its full glory!

“Kinky Delight”…that could be my stripper name if I ever decided to change vocations! Actually it’s a new site and I’ve been enjoying the nice pics there. I just lurrrrve the pretty pictures.

As for what’s going on around here, I’m just kicking around, trying to convince myself that it’s time to take my lovely Christmas tree down and do a little redecorating. Not much going on.

We sort of have a new game going though. Our new mattress cover is either less than adequate or we are more lively than usual because every day I have to wrestle it back into place. Most mornings I just roll out of bed, toss the covers back over the bed, and get on with the day so it’s usually bedtime before I get around to noticing the corners have come loose again.

Of course, since it’s bedtime, I’m normally naked while I’m doing all this bed cover wrestling. That’s what caught Dan’s attention and now he calls it “The Show.” I don’t consider it a show exactly, but since it entertains, who am I to complain?

So there I am, naked, crawling around on the bed, and tucking the corners in because on the far side there’s not enough room for me to stand and do it. In order to tuck properly, I have to lean over in a way that causes my bottom to stick way up while I’m kneeling on the bed. It’s obviously an irresistible target because Dan never fails to start “encouraging” me with some implement or another. Lately he seems to be favoring his short leather whippy thing. Wheee!

Making the bed has never been so much fun. Heck, if all my household duties were that much fun, this house might be in order, the laundry would be done, and there would never be another thing dirty or out of place. But then it might also have the opposite effect because we do tend to get distracted…hmmmm. Okay, so maybe that wouldn’t work. But it’s a nice fantasy, don’t you think?

I’m not sure which is the bigger fantasy though; the fun part or the actually having the house in order part. Realistically speaking, they’re both a little out there. Oh well, I can dream.

I know some people would think, what with that mattress cover being so obviously flawed, that I’d go out and find a better one, but I honestly don’t see the upside of replacing it. What’s the fun in that? In the meantime, “The Show” must go on!


It’s A Spanking New Year!

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waking up

I guess I better wake up and get into this new year! I’m going to blame it on the new toys, kinky and non-kinky electronic ones, I received for Christmas. That and a nasty little bug I picked up somewhere along the way. What that bug lacked in strength, it made up for in longevity.

I didn’t have the energy for anything serious so I started playing my new games as much as possible and sleeping in as often as possible. I am now officially a lazy gal who has practically slept away the beginning of the new year. I think I’m waking up now, so as long as I don’t relapse (or get a new game) I should be back online more.

I might even come up with a resolution or two before it’s over. I suppose less gaming and more blogging should be my first one, but I doubt it. Heh.

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