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Beware the New Strap!

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new strap 1

I should constantly remind myself to avoid this strap, but I somehow I let it slip my mind and the next thing I know, my bottom gets a fiery reminder. This is our new Prysm Creations strap, if anyone is interested. It’s a little heavy and at 18″ in length, it’s extra stingy.

The color on the handle is royal purple and is so dark that it’s hard to see in the pictures I took of it.

new strap 2

It’s deceptively pretty. When I first saw it, I was going all “Squeeee! A new strap!” That lasted right up until the first time Dan really gave it a good swing. I think that was probably the second swing btw; the man wastes no time when it comes to spanking.

Wow! That thing laid down a line of fire across my bottom and I practically jumped across the room. Dan loves low effort implements so this is one he just loves. It’s easy to swing and it keeps me hopping…and squealing and kicking and whimpering. All of those things and more. Ouch.

The other night he had me kneeling on a chair and gave me a good spanking alternating between this strap and the Vermont Bath Brush. Those toys both fall into the low effort category for him. For me, they fall into the extra ouchie category. It’s funny that two of the most low effort toys happen to be ones that cause me to exert all kinds of effort. The effort to stay in place being at the top of that list. Heh.

I guess it all worked out for the best though. Dan exerted a minimum of effort and accomplished a whole lot of spanking which resulted in a nice sore bottom for me. It’s a win-win situation. *grin*


I’m here somewhere

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I’ve just got to find my way out! You know, I suppose I should start wearing that many layers of underskirts, it might slow Dan down a little. He’s still keeping that mean bath brush handy so I could use all the help I can get. It was missing just long enough for me to forget its bottom tenderizing power. I’ve been getting pretty frequent refreshers on that subject lately though. Its a bottom burner alright.

Someone asked where they could purchase this particular bath brush that is commonly known as the VBB, which is short for Vermont Country Store bath brush. The problem is that they recently stopped selling it. It’s been unavailable in the past and then brought back so I’m hoping it will reappear at some point. In the meantime, I’m afraid I don’t have another source for this particular brush.

It’s a shame, too, because it’s a good implement. The length is just right for a serious otk spanking and it’s hefty enough to land a solid spank each and every time. I can attest to that! It’s an ouchie toy.

It’s also one I bought myself so I have no one to blame but me. Yeah, that’s the way it often goes around here. I hear stories about how absolutely awful a certain implement is and I have to have it. I get myself in the worst trouble that way.

Of course, as bad as that bath brush is, I have managed to find a couple of other toys that are worse…and then either begged for them or bought them myself. That lovely hairbrush paddle from Adam & Gillian’s is a prime example of that.

I really wanted that paddle and the more dire the warnings, the more I wanted it. Of course, all my good spanko friends that warned me about that paddle were right; it is one very serious paddle. I love it. It burns like nothing else and turns my bottom red just the way Dan likes it to be. What else could I ask for? Oh yeah, a pillow, a really soft, cushy pillow. *wink*


Can it be Springtime now?

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spring swing

I am not a fan of winter so I’ve been looking forward to spring and I seem to have developed a serious case of spring fever. The weather was so wonderful last night that I had an urge to go running. Luckily I came to my senses and remembered my bad knee wouldn’t appreciate that so much. The spirit was willing though. Spring air makes me frisky!

Now I’m not sure if the new season will slow down the activity around me, but at least the weather won’t be so bleak. That’s something anyway.

I wish I could find the time and energy to blog more often because we’ve been having some good spanking fun around here. I even have a couple of cane marks that are almost gone that I didn’t blog about. I had planned to do that while they were still fresh, too. Darn it.

Also, I still haven’t blogged about my latest fun purchases. Even Dan noticed and commented on Spanking Blog that I hadn’t written about my new undies as promised. I’m going to try and get a pic of them so I can at least post that. Yeah, I’m a lazy blogger, I know. *wink*

I suppose I could get myself a spanking so I’ll have some fresh marks to show off, too. That would be nice. This weekend will be busy so if I want to get a spanking in I’ll have to get moving on that. I just have to be careful where I am when I get the action started. Dan found his beloved Vermont Country Store bath brush recently and he’s keeping it by his computer desk now. He says he needs to keep it handy.

I think he needs to lose it again, but nobody has asked me. He’s already put it to use on my bottom and I don’t think keeping it handy is in my best interests. I wonder if he’d notice if I replace the VBB with my favorite leather rose paddle? Now that would keep me happy. Hey, it’s spring and that rose paddle is the perfect implement for the season! I doubt he’d get any work done though because I’d be in there bothering the poor man every chance I got. Heh.

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