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Starting the week off with a spanking!

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Yeah, yeah, I know I didn’t get back with the details about that fur tipped flogger…but I have a pretty good excuse. I was busy trying to cough up a lung, you see. It turned out I actually had bronchitis and after a nice round of nifty new antibiotics, I’m finally feeling better. But, geez, it seemed to take forever!

Being sick seriously cut into our play time. Dan would barely tweak my nipple and then I’d seize up and go into a nasty coughing fit. Spanking was completely out of the question. We were both getting a little crazy waiting for me to get well. Dan kept telling me I needed a good caning and I kept reassuring him that I didn’t really. Talking about all that caning while I was too sick to enjoy it was tough, but somehow we made it through. Tonight I realized I was finally healthy enough to spank. Yay!

We were trying to decide what to do with our evening when the topic of caning came up again. Somehow we managed to stumble down the hallway to the bedroom where I ended up on the bed, my bottom in the air, and Dan found his favorite cane; the big delrin cane. Unlike a rattan cane that is all sting and burn, the delrin is heavy so it’s more thud and burn. It still leaves welts though. Big, thick welts that burn, burn, burn! Especially when Dan pinches them! Grrrr.

the large derin cane

The cane strokes that landed fully on my bottom burned enough, but then Dan managed to get one good stroke right on the crease between my bottom and leg and then a couple across my thighs. Those strokes really burned and they left what Dan calls “pretty” welts. I’m not so sure they’re “pretty” but I do know they hurt. Yeowch.

I guess somehow during all that caning I must have lost my mind because I began to think there had to be another implement nearby that would be better than the cane. Well, I thought wrong and in my desperation I asked him to switch to the leather strap. Now that might sound like a good idea if we had a regular ol’ leather strap, but we don’t. Of course, we don’t. We have that big, thick leather monster of a strap and it was right there by the bed. Where else would it be? (It’s the Leather Thorn Strap in case anyone is wondering.) Seeing it there, I thought that would be an improvement over the cane. Ha!

Leather Thorn Strap

Let me tell you something in case you didn’t know it; when your bottom is striped with sensitive cane welts, application of a heavy strap on top of those welts can be very ouchie. Very ouchie! Especially when the person spanking you isn’t holding back. At least I don’t think he was, but it’s hard to say since my bottom was already very sensitive. The only evidence I have is that at one point Dan proudly announced that he could see the impression of the waffle weave from the leather on my bottom. I’m pretty sure he had to be strapping me really hard to get that kind of marking. It definitely felt like a good, hard strapping to me…really, really good actually.

Once he thought my bottom was red enough, Dan found some whippy thing and I just about fell off the bed trying to get away from that thing. It’s like a crop but has leather tails for a tip. That thing stings! Luckily that didn’t last long and we moved on to the serious love making part of the evening. That was great, too, especially on a nice sore bottom.

It’s time for bed now though so I have to get moving. Besides, it’s not easy to sit this long right now. Not that I mind, I’m just so happy I’m starting the week with a good sore bottom! Yum.

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