Starting the week off with a spanking! — 5 Comments

  1. I wouldn’t say I was “holding back” with the strap but I wasn’t exactly whaling away, either. I could swing it harder if you like…

    Waffle pattern was all gone this morning though. Next time I’ll try harder! 😉

  2. Welcome back!!! I am so glad you feel better. I know you were missed here and I am guessing there are many others who also missed your wonderful humor and open sharing of your hobby! Dylan.

  3. Glad you’re feeling well enough for all that fun! The waffle weave strap looks very nice. Our strap is plain, so no matter how energetically it is used, it never leaves interesting marks.


  4. Hello, I found your site searching for open bottom bloomers. The search engine brought me to your post on 5/09… Myself and others have been trying to find the bloomers like you have, could you be so kind and help us out with an address… The wicked grateful… lol …

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