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Spanking Frustration

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I’ve been feeling a little cranky these last couple of days. At first I thought it was the usual post-holiday meltdown. It’s the same thing every year. I spend lots of time and energy preparing for the big holiday and then when it’s over, I collapse in a gibbering heap suffering from an overload of food, family, and fudge. The triple “F” gets me every year. Still, I love the holiday season.

This year has been especially wonderful as it was our first Christmas together. This time last year, Dan and I were still in a long-distance relationship. (Which sucked royally btw.) So I was practically delirious from happiness as it was but then Christmas came and went…but my mother didn’t.

And guess what else? My sisters are coming in to celebrate the New Year with us, too! Eeeek! I’m starting to wonder if we’re ever going to be alone again and if we don’t get some private time soon, I?m going to explode! You see, lack of privacy equals lack of spankings.

It’s been a couple of weeks now and I’m suffering from a lack of proper spankings. Oh sure, I get the occasional swat and we’ve played a little with that small crop, but it just isn’t enough. In fact, those little spanks are almost annoying. It’s like a mockery of what I really need. I need a real spanking! Aaaaaghhhh!

Dan got a little carried away the other day and started spanking me vigorously with the CB paddle. I’d never noticed how much noise that thing makes when it connects with my bottom but it’s loud. Loud enough to catch my mom’s attention from clear across the house anyway. She called out, “Hey, what’s going on?”

Who knew the walls were so thin? I could’ve died. Not from embarrassment – from frustration.

So here we are, me about to start chewing on the CB paddle to try and relieve my aggravation and Dan trying to find an implement that doesn’t cause my mother to demand to know what’s going on.

The last time, I told her we were hammering a nail into the wall. I wonder if I start bringing in lumber and lots of tools and told her we were working on a home improvement project, if we could get away with at least one good spanking before the New Year. It might be worth a try anyway!


Beautiful New Spanking Crop

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Of course I received a spanking toy for Christmas! And this is a nice one from JT’s Stockroom. It’s just the right length for close spankings and has a nice sized slapper. It’s perfect for over the knee sessions or spanking my boobies .

We’ve played a little already and I have a feeling it’s going to be one of my favorite implements. Mmmmm I love leather!

All in all, our first Christmas together was yummy and Santa/Dan got me all kinds of good stuff. I guess I really was a very good girl this year! *wink*


I Deserve A GG Spanking!

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And the animation software to prove it! LOL



Sweet Dreams…Not!

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I’m not sure if it’s a result of holiday stress or remodeling anxiety, but I’ve been having strange dreams lately. Not nightmares exactly, but still very unsettling.

I think the whole thing started because our hot water heater is having issues and I haven’t been able to take the long hot showers I’m used to. Which means I’ve had to make allowances in my usual grooming routine. Every day I have to make a choice as to what part of my anatomy gets shaved properly and I’m losing my personal war on excessive body hair.

Okay, maybe it’s not really excessive…but all the same, I don’t like it. I know body hair is normal, but then I never claimed to be normal. I like hair on my head and that’s it. Everything else I like to keep to a bare minimum. Also, I prefer shaving myself so that means I need time in the shower every day for this sometimes delicate procedure.

What this boils down to is, I’m getting furry in certain areas. And it’s starting to bother me. I could take an extra shower just for my shaving needs, but there are just not enough hours in the day for that right now. Darn it.

It was bad enough when I was obsessing about this during my waking hours but now I’m having dreams about it. I have dreams in which no matter how much I shave, it immediately grows back and grows back longer and thicker every time.

I blame that dream on spending way too much time with my mother lately preparing for the holiday season. She always warned me about starting shaving too early when I was a teenager. She was full of dire warnings about just that sort of excessive hair growth happening as a result. To think, I just laughed at her at the time!

The worst dream is the one in which I have grown long streaming pubic hair that can’t be confined by my panties and hangs down my thighs. It’s horrible! I try stuffing it back up inside my panties but every time I get one area under control, more springs out somewhere else. I wake up in a cold sweat and immediately reach for my crotch to make sure this phenomenon hasn’t really happened overnight. I told Dan about that one and he almost fell out of bed laughing at me. Hmph!

My only hope is that we get a new water heater or Santa brings me a new electric shaver. Otherwise, by next week I’ll be dreaming I’m the bride of Sasquatch. Yeah, I know, I have issues.

I wonder if I work this nightmare thing right, if I can get a spanking out of it. Maybe I should suggest that a good nightly spanking might help ward off the bad dreams? Mmmm that sounds kinda nice, now that I think about it. Couldn’t hurt, except in that good way, of course. I’ll let you know how my evil plan suggestion works. *wink*


Spanky Spanky

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I wonder if Santa’s elves will be packing any of these onto Santa’s sleigh?


Sounds like a fun party game to me. I’d just have to find the right party. *grin*

If nothing else, I hope Santa remembers to put some sweets in with the switches when he fills my stocking. Maybe these?


Quickie Spanking

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I love this time of year but because of all the hustle and bustle involved in trying to get ready for the onslaught of family; we just don’t have a lot of time for playing. Which really sucks because I could use the stress relief of a good spanking.

The best we could manage was a mid-afternoon quickie with the CB paddle. I love that thing. I came careening through the bedroom and was pleasantly surprised when Dan grabbed me, pulled me over his knee, and began applying that paddle to my bottom. He didn’t mess around with any warm-up so it stung like crazy from the beginning.

I kicked and squealed a little but I was enjoying the sting and spreading warmth. Dan made it a quick one though and in just a few minutes, he pulled me back up and set me on my feet. We both knew things had to be done and I needed to get moving again. Darn it!

The nice thing was, even though it was fast, it was furious and I had a nice warm bottom to get me through my next couple of tasks. Unluckily, it didn’t last nearly long enough.

Oh well, at least I got a quickie and that’s better than nothing. And it was a promise of more to come. Dan keeps reminding me that once things settle down, I’ll get another big spanking. Yay! I definitely want need one! *grin*


A Spanking Blinky

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I love this! Mikki Rosie has this and more on her blinkies site.

I’ve always liked Invidia’s, too.

Yay! More blinkies!


Implement Obsession

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I have to start out by saying; I love a good, long, hard spanking. And for me that type of spanking should include an implement or two, or three, or…well, you get the picture. Hand spankings are great for warm-ups or quick attention getters when a full spanking isn’t feasible, but I *like* implements!

In fact, my implement obsession almost worries me sometimes. I can’t walk down the kitchen utensil aisle at any store without handling the spoons and spatulas wondering what they’d feel like striking my bottom. I get this crazy tingle throughout my whole bottom if I find something especially enticing.

I can’t go into those nice gourmet cooking supply stores without coming out flushed, completely turned on, and with a sack full of utensils that will never be used for cooking food. The closest they’ll get to that is the roasting of my butt during a spanking.

And utensils are just the beginning. I can find spanking toys everywhere I look when I go shopping for everyday items. Bath brushes, ping-pong paddles, belts, hairbrushes, paint stirrers, and leashes are just a few things that catch my eye and get me thinking about spanking.

I can’t even innocently shop for food because sooner or later I’ll spot some kind of ginger. Have I mentioned that I like ginger play? Yeah, I know it’s not an implement but it it certainly makes any implement a little more intense. *grin*

Just seeing a gingerbread cookie can start some pretty lurid fantasies. I’m sure anyone who happened by and noticed the lust in my eyes as I caressed the little gingerbread man in my hands just assumed I was on a diet. If they only knew!

Those are just the everyday things I run into. I love cruising the internet looking for bigger and more interesting toys. It’s been fun looking for Christmas goodies but I catch myself practically drooling on my keyboard sometimes. I look at the implements and try to imagine what they’d feel like spanking my bottom.

The only problem with the internet is that I find myself getting slightly frustrated because I can’t touch the toys and feel them in my hands. I love the feel and smell of leather and good wood products. I want to take each toy and pop it across my palm or against my thigh just to see what kind of impact each would have. It really can be frustrating! For me, this is as bad as watching a good porno alone.

Luckily, I can usually find Dan and goad him into at least a quick spanking to relieve some of that frustration. If I tried that tactic every time I got a little hot and bothered by looking at toys, that poor man would never get a break. Not sure if that’s a bad thing?

This all makes me wonder, where do I stop? Will I ever have enough implements to make me happy or will I wander through life seeing spanking toys everywhere I go? Somehow I have the feeling I’m always going to be like this. I can see it now, I’m going to be some crazed little old lady in a nursing home, sitting in my rocker and eyeing all those walking canes with a gleam in my eye.


Mixing Spanking and Love

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I’ve started thinking about this because of some online discussions I’ve gotten involved in recently. This is just about how I feel about mixing love and spanking and how I got to this point.

For me, it’s not just about being spanked; it’s about the whole relationship I’m in. It’s about the man I’m being spanked by, the way we feel about each other, the security of being with someone who knows what I need, giving myself and my submission to him – it’s the whole enchilada.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good spanking, I just like it better when it’s flavored with love. It doesn’t matter if it’s for play, maintenance, stress-relief, or actual correction as long as the love is there.

When I was younger I was happy engaging in casual spanking and dated as I pleased. As I became more experienced in life and love, I realized I wanted more. Being kinky is fun and I learned a lot from the men I was involved with, but it was like I was getting just a taste of what was possible.

I knew what I wanted but I wasn’t sure such a thing could actually work. I’ve always been a modern woman who enjoyed being strong and capable in my day-to-day activities. I knew some people would think I was betraying feminism by saying I wanted to give a man the upper hand in a relationship. In my opinion, the freedom to choose my own course is exactly what those who fought for women’s rights were fighting for. I knew this wasn’t going to be easy, but it was what I really wanted for myself.

I wanted a strong man who could dominate me without suppressing me. I didn’t want a bully or an abuser who would ignore my opinions or needs. It wasn’t about giving up my identity for someone else’s. It was about finding the right person whom I could love and trust enough to give my gift of submission to. That man would have to earn it though, it wasn’t going to be easy. And somewhere in that formula, a large dose of fun and kink had to be mixed in. I wanted what seemed to be an impossible dream.

It wasn’t until I started exploring on the internet that I found people of like mind. I found people I could discuss this with and I grew more comfortable with my dream. I knew it wouldn’t be easy even in that group to find the right one for love, so I just enjoyed myself and waited.

There are lots of spankos out there and I learned a lot. Some like only fun spankings or only discipline spankings. Some people have spanking relationships with people who aren’t their significant other. Some like light spanking and some like it hard. There’s a huge diversity of spankos out there. I’m still amazed and interested in how other people interact in this spanko world of ours. For me, it is to each his own and I’m happy when they find it.

I know I got lucky when I found Dan. He’s the right mix of fun and dominance for me and we’ve developed a wonderful relationship full of love and kink. It gets better all the time and we’re still working on it. That’s natural though and I’m happy for the growth. Not to mention thankful…very thankful.


Spanko Chocolates

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spanking chocolates

Aren’t these the cutest things? Ms. Margaret Davis has quite a selection of little bottoms to chose from on her site.

I think I need to order an assortment for a certain spanko man I love since he likes bottoms and chocolate so much. 😉


I Got My Football Spanking!

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It turned out to be a great weekend. My team won its football game, I got my spanking, and we had some much needed hot sex. In fact, I was almost disappointed the opposing team didn’t score more points than they did…almost.

Like I reported in my earlier post, Dan gives me a swat for every point the opposing team scores to make things a little more interesting for both of us. This time, he chose the big cane, which really got me interested. I’d never spanked with a cane before Dan bought these, so I’m curious and happy for any chance to try them out. Also, since this was going to be just a few strokes and completely for fun, I was looking forward to playing when the game was over.

I had one other reason for looking forward to some action. I’d had a cold most of last week and I was finally feeling better by the weekend. When I’m sick, Dan is especially protective and takes such wonderful care of me, that I feel even more cherished than usual. It makes being sick easier to deal with but it means no spanking or lovemaking until he deems me well enough. Well, once he started teasing me about my football spanking, I knew things were back to normal and I felt even better. I was ready to skip around singing, “I’m gonna get a spanking!” but I thought that might be a smidge over the top even for me.

In fact, I was looking forward to it so much, I almost cheered when the other team scored. Now that would’ve been scary! I’d have had to blame it on the beer I was drinking, I guess.

Dan must have been as anxious as I was to play, because as soon as we got to the bedroom, he sat down, got the CB paddle out, and pulled me over his knee. I went along happily and was soon enjoying a nice stingy spanking from my love. He spanked my entire bottom alternating between hard spanks and light spanks as he warmed me up for what he was calling “my real spanking” with the cane.

Occasionally he’d give me a flurry of really stingy ones that would make me squeal, and then ask me if I was ready for the cane yet. I was enjoying the paddle spanking and still a little nervous about the cane, so it took a while for me to give in and say I was ready. Normally, he’d never let me decide something like that, but I think he was still being considerate because I’d been sick.

Once we agreed it was time, Dan got the cane and directed me into position on the bed. I’ve always been such a spanko that almost every implement fascinates me. I practically salivate when I see a good spanking toy. Okay, maybe salivate isn’t the right word…but there is some dampness involved. *wink*

I’m no different with the cane. I’d heard good and bad things about the cane over time. The reason I wanted to even try it was because so many other subs had said they liked the cane that I figured it must be like a lot of other intense implements; it depended on how hard you like your spankings and if the spanker knew how to use it.

Since I like my spankings intense and I trust Dan’s expertise, I’ve been looking forward to trying these canes out. No matter how crazy that may sound to some, there I was with my butt in the air willing and waiting.

Dan swished the cane around in the air a few times getting me even more excited before lightly tapping the end of the cane on my bottom as he lined it up. I took a deep breath and held it as I waited for the first one to land. I heard the cane swish and then I felt a quick sting followed by a burning sensation across my bottom. I gasped and wiggled my butt trying to shake it off.

Then I felt Dan’s hand on my lower back and I settled down. Dan rubbed my back and asked if I was okay. When I assured him that I was, he continued. Every stroke was a little harder than the last and I tried to relax and let myself just experience the feeling of the strokes. The last one was the hardest by far and I fell forward kicking and squealing.

Dan settled in next to me to admire his work and cuddle me. Soon we were kissing and even though he asked me more than once if I was sure I was up to it, we quickly moved on to better things. It was really good, too! Mmmm it made up for a week of feeling icky that’s for sure! I just wish football season wasn’t almost over.


Football Spanking

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I love football and this weekend my favorite team is playing an important game. This means a gathering of friends, lots of food, and a loud but very good time…I hope! I’ll be rooting for my team as loud as anyone. Maybe even louder because I have a lot riding on this game.

You see, Dan has come up with a way to make the games more enjoyable for him. At the beginning of the season, he didn’t have much interest in watching my team play but he was watching along with me anyway. That’s when he came up with the perfect solution to making these games more interesting for him.

For every point that the opposing team makes, I get one swat with the implement of his choice. I’m not sure what his choice is for this game but I’m very interested. Last week it was one of my least favorite implements so I was very vocal when I was cheering for our defense.

If he chooses one of the new canes that just arrived this week, I’m going to be screaming at the television like a maniac if the other team starts scoring much. It might even look odd if it looks like we’ve got the win but I’m still yelling for our team to shut them down. If they only knew! LOL

The upside is, if the other team gets very many points, I’ll have something to blog about. Wish me and my team luck!


Stocking Stuffers For Spankos

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At last someone has come to the rescue of all you spankos who want a Cracker Barrel paddle and can’t find one.

Sam commented:

I?ve found what looks like the famous ?BC Tournament Paddleball? at

*Update* If the link above isn’t working, here’s another one that shows all the paddleballs they have: BC Paddleballs.

It’s the tournament style paddle ball that CB sells in their gift stores and exactly the same one we recently purchased. Of course, being the curious person (brat?) that I am, I looked at the other BC products there and found they offered more than just that one paddle ball style. I kinda like this one because of the flames:

Flame Paddle

They also have one called “Blaster” that looks more like it should be called “Blister” if you ask me. I think I’ll order a couple of different ones so Dan and I can check them out. Then I can to report back and let everyone know how the product testing went. No thanks needed; it’s the least I can do for y’all.

New toys and just in time for the holidays. Thanks Sam! 🙂


Wishing For A New Spanking Toy

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I?ve been trying to put together a ?wish list? for Dan so he knows what I want for Christmas. I?ve listed some electronic goodies and jewelry but I?d really like a new spanking toy for us to play with. I just can?t decide which one.

I?ve been trying to pick which of our toys is my favorite so I?d have somewhere to start but I can?t make up my mind. After all, they all have their good points and bad points.

Take the CB paddle Dan recently blogged about. It?s light but still manages to sting like crazy. We’ve had a lot of fun with that toy because he can spank me with it much longer than he can with the nasty, evil bath brush. The sting from the CB paddle is delicious but it doesn?t have the quite the long lasting effects of the bath brush.

This might sound crazy, but I like having a slightly sore bottom the day after a spanking. Every time I sit down I get a nice reminder, which keeps me in a state of constant arousal, and Dan reaps the benefits of that. I have a tough bottom so having me tender means any spanking I get is going to get a reaction and he likes that?not to mention the fact that I?m already horny anyway.

This makes me think a nice paddle somewhere between the CB paddle and the bath brush would be fun. But does such a thing exist? And what about the leather toys I like so much?

The big strap can leave a lasting reminder, the flogger is wonderful because of its varying sting, and the tawse definitely gets my attention but I?m not sure what other leather toy I might like. Decisions, decisions!

Maybe I?ll just go look at some of the online sites and see if anything catches my eye and after that I could go ask Dan to try out a few toys on me to see if that helps. Goodness knows it couldn?t hurt ? except for in that good way I like. Ahhh there is a method to my madness!


A Good Spanking Is Hard To Find

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Or a hard spanking is good to find ? whichever you like best! Today I?m feeling very thankful today for my good fortune to have found true spanko love. Not only did a couple of people ask how SpankBoss and I met but I happened to stumble onto a discussion about meeting the right person.

That worked to remind me just how lucky SpankBoss and I are. It didn?t happen overnight and it certainly wasn?t easy finding that one person whose kink matched mine so well. It?s kinda scary thinking how close we came to not meeting at all! Eeek! It makes me want to run into the bedroom and tackle SpankBoss just to make sure this is real.

I?m sure he?d be a little confused though if for no reason, I were to go running in and start climbing him like a monkey up a tree. Not unhappy, but definitely confused. Speaking of confusion and SpankBoss, I can?t keep calling him that here. His name is Dan and that?s what I?m calling him from here on out. Calling him SpankBoss just doesn?t sound right when I?m discussing the intimate details of our life. Hmmm?although when I?m dressed up in that one little outfit it doesn?t seem so wrong?

Okay, back to the subject. Finding kinky love or the kink within your love. It seems a lot of people can?t make those connections. I know there are sites where you can place personal ads looking for someone who enjoys the same kind of fun and games you prefer, but those don?t always work the way they should.

I know about those ads from personal experience. Before I found Dan, I placed a few of those ads hoping to find a spanko man of my own. What I found were a bunch of men who were so proud of their dangly bits that they emailed me large, up-close and personal pictures of their bits.

Every day I would open my email hoping to find that one special reply I was looking for and instead I?d be accosted by dozens of strange penises. Don?t get me wrong, I love a good penis but this wasn?t the way I wanted to find love. I mean, what do you say if you got serious with one of these guys and someone asked you later what first attracted you to this man? ?I loved the way his penis looked from the first email he sent me??I don?t think so. Sorry, but I?m a little strange that way. I need wooing. Or at least a slower pace of seduction.

Now if they?d been at least a little less obvious and showed some style and imagination like a certain Twisted Monk, it might have been different. But these guys just didn?t get it.

They also obviously lacked an ability to read and comprehend because once I got past the pictures and read what they had to say; it made me wonder if I was getting someone else?s mail. I even contacted one site to see if this might actually be true. I sure didn?t remember ever suggesting I might like to have some of the things done to me that these guys were offering to do. Heck, I didn?t even know what some of the things they were suggesting were.

I know some people find love through the ads and I say, more power to them! It just didn?t work for me. That?s why I was hesitant to try any more cyber experiences but that?s about the time I ran across Spanking Classics, a spanking discussion board. I started going there to read the spanking stories but quickly got sucked in by the antics on the role-play threads and the discussions on more serious topics.

I found some kindred spirits there; a couple of girl friends to share dreams with and then a funny guy named SpankBoss came along. We were able to feel each other out through each other?s posts on various subjects and quickly fell into friendly flirting. It wasn?t long before we were sending countless emails every day, which led to long chats every night, and finally phone calls that lasted for hours. I couldn?t believe I could talk that much to anyone! LOL

That?s when we made a leap of faith and I went to visit him. It was like we?d known each other forever and I knew I had fallen in love with Dan. I can?t begin to tell you how wonderful it was to find love with a man who could be romantic and fun while delivering spankings like I?d only dreamed of. I knew he was the only one for me and he felt the same way. It meant I had to turn down a promotion I thought I had wanted and moving halfway across the country, but I haven?t regretted a minute of this. I?m happier now than I?ve ever been because I?m not only well loved but also well spanked.

Okay, now that I?ve gotten all mushy – I guess I will go jump Dan now! I also want to thank everyone for all the positive feedback I?ve been getting. Y?all are great! Now if I can just get my blogroll up, I?ll be in business. I?m just worried I?ll forget someone. If I do, just complain to Dan and maybe I can get a spanking out of it. 😉

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