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A Good Spanking Is Hard To Find

Or a hard spanking is good to find ? whichever you like best! Today I?m feeling very thankful today for my good fortune to have found true spanko love. Not only did a couple of people ask how SpankBoss and I met but I happened to stumble onto a discussion about meeting the right person.

That worked to remind me just how lucky SpankBoss and I are. It didn?t happen overnight and it certainly wasn?t easy finding that one person whose kink matched mine so well. It?s kinda scary thinking how close we came to not meeting at all! Eeek! It makes me want to run into the bedroom and tackle SpankBoss just to make sure this is real.

I?m sure he?d be a little confused though if for no reason, I were to go running in and start climbing him like a monkey up a tree. Not unhappy, but definitely confused. Speaking of confusion and SpankBoss, I can?t keep calling him that here. His name is Dan and that?s what I?m calling him from here on out. Calling him SpankBoss just doesn?t sound right when I?m discussing the intimate details of our life. Hmmm?although when I?m dressed up in that one little outfit it doesn?t seem so wrong?

Okay, back to the subject. Finding kinky love or the kink within your love. It seems a lot of people can?t make those connections. I know there are sites where you can place personal ads looking for someone who enjoys the same kind of fun and games you prefer, but those don?t always work the way they should.

I know about those ads from personal experience. Before I found Dan, I placed a few of those ads hoping to find a spanko man of my own. What I found were a bunch of men who were so proud of their dangly bits that they emailed me large, up-close and personal pictures of their bits.

Every day I would open my email hoping to find that one special reply I was looking for and instead I?d be accosted by dozens of strange penises. Don?t get me wrong, I love a good penis but this wasn?t the way I wanted to find love. I mean, what do you say if you got serious with one of these guys and someone asked you later what first attracted you to this man? ?I loved the way his penis looked from the first email he sent me??I don?t think so. Sorry, but I?m a little strange that way. I need wooing. Or at least a slower pace of seduction.

Now if they?d been at least a little less obvious and showed some style and imagination like a certain Twisted Monk, it might have been different. But these guys just didn?t get it.

They also obviously lacked an ability to read and comprehend because once I got past the pictures and read what they had to say; it made me wonder if I was getting someone else?s mail. I even contacted one site to see if this might actually be true. I sure didn?t remember ever suggesting I might like to have some of the things done to me that these guys were offering to do. Heck, I didn?t even know what some of the things they were suggesting were.

I know some people find love through the ads and I say, more power to them! It just didn?t work for me. That?s why I was hesitant to try any more cyber experiences but that?s about the time I ran across Spanking Classics, a spanking discussion board. I started going there to read the spanking stories but quickly got sucked in by the antics on the role-play threads and the discussions on more serious topics.

I found some kindred spirits there; a couple of girl friends to share dreams with and then a funny guy named SpankBoss came along. We were able to feel each other out through each other?s posts on various subjects and quickly fell into friendly flirting. It wasn?t long before we were sending countless emails every day, which led to long chats every night, and finally phone calls that lasted for hours. I couldn?t believe I could talk that much to anyone! LOL

That?s when we made a leap of faith and I went to visit him. It was like we?d known each other forever and I knew I had fallen in love with Dan. I can?t begin to tell you how wonderful it was to find love with a man who could be romantic and fun while delivering spankings like I?d only dreamed of. I knew he was the only one for me and he felt the same way. It meant I had to turn down a promotion I thought I had wanted and moving halfway across the country, but I haven?t regretted a minute of this. I?m happier now than I?ve ever been because I?m not only well loved but also well spanked.

Okay, now that I?ve gotten all mushy – I guess I will go jump Dan now! I also want to thank everyone for all the positive feedback I?ve been getting. Y?all are great! Now if I can just get my blogroll up, I?ll be in business. I?m just worried I?ll forget someone. If I do, just complain to Dan and maybe I can get a spanking out of it. 😉

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  1. That’s such a wonderful story Bethie. Man.. if I weren’t in this whole long distance thing, it kinda makes me want to go and jump and cuddle my Master too.

    *makes note to do that when she returns*

    Comment by xia — 12/1/2004 @ 10:53 pm

  2. Why thank you for the compliment 🙂

    Comment by TwistedMonk — 12/1/2004 @ 11:05 pm

  3. That’s such a cute story. I’m in a long distance right now with my girl and Im so happy that I can’t even IMAGINE how happy I’ll be when she’s with me. Keep it up Bethie!

    Comment by Phoenix — 12/2/2004 @ 3:16 pm

  4. Gosh, Bethie, you are sooooo lucky. I remember reading SB’s blog ages ago about his “friend” Bethie coming to visit, and how anxious he was ’cause he liked you so much. Real life fairy tales are the best! I’m so happy for you guys – someday I hope to find that “special” guy myself.

    Comment by suze — 12/2/2004 @ 3:46 pm

  5. A Spanko fairy tale. This blog just keeps getting better. And you can earn your own spankings.

    Comment by Brandon — 12/6/2004 @ 1:57 am

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