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Our Big Spanking Weekend (Pt 1)

Woo-hoo! We’re back, feeling a little tired, but mainly feeling very content and happy. It was an awesome weekend. Lots of time for loving and spanking and then more loving. *wink*

The lodge we were staying in was very nice and we settled in quickly. Dan had decided we would spend the first night taking care of my many transgressions and gleefully unpacked all the toys and laid them out on the dresser for inspection. He’d brought my favorites. The flogger, the short crop, and the strap. I wasn’t too happy to see the Cracker Barrel paddle or the cane but I wasn’t about to complain. It’d been far too long since I’d had a good spanking and I was looking forward to some intense playing.

Dan likes having a good solid number to work with and somehow he’d come up with the number 55. He’d even been teasing me about how he planned to use the cane for all 55, but I wasn’t sure my poor bottom could handle that. Especially on the first night!

That’s when the negotiations started. I wanted to play with the cane a little…maybe, but I wasn’t prepared to take that many strokes. So I suggested maybe we could break it up between the other toys. Ten with the strap, five with the CB paddle, and so on. He was determined to use the cane though so I eventually gave in and we came up with a plan.

I’d get seven strokes with the cane before we went out for dinner, and I’d get the remaining 48 strokes when we got back. We settled on a dozen each with the paddle, strap, flogger and crop, in that order. I tried to get a different order but he won out. As usual!

He immediately bent me over the bed and began swishing the cane around for effect. He knows what that sound does to me. The swish right before the cane lands always makes me cringe because I know what’s coming. He loves building up a little tension first.

I was bent over anxiously waiting when the first stroke landed full across my bottom. I felt an immediate sting where it landed but then it began to build into an intense burning sensation. The line of fire across my bottom made me squeal and wriggle my butt around. No matter how hard I try, I can’t shake that feeling off for anything. Ouchie!

As soon as I settled back into place, he gave me another. And then another. When he announced a break, I immediately began bouncing around rubbing my poor burning bottom. That darn cane really makes an impression.

Dan gave me a little while to recover from that and then had me lie down across the bed for the next four. The burn in my bottom was sinking in and I wasn’t feeling as apprehensive as I had earlier. In fact, I was feeling a little warm all over. It’d been much too long since we’d played and I was ready for some action.

I made myself comfortable on the bed and tried to relax. No matter how horny I was, I knew how much it would burn. But I was ready for it. Or thought I was anyway.

The next stroke landed low across my sit spot. He landed it perfectly on the crease, on the soft spot. I yelped and kicked but stayed in place. The cool then hot sensation of a cane stroke takes time to experience and Dan knows this, so he was taking his time.

As soon as he could see that I’d accepted the pain and relaxed a little, he’d land the next stroke. It’s like riding a roller coaster. At the top of a climb, you hear that loud clank right before the cars start the rush down. That’s like the swish of the cane. Then you’re in a free-fall that takes your breath away and as you speed along you finally settle into it. There’s a lot going on during that time. For me, it’s a lot like a cane stroke.

By the time he’d finished with those seven strokes, my bottom was very much on fire. But it was a good fire. I wasn’t sure if it was because it’d been so long since we’d played, or if I might be getting used to the cane, but I realized I could take more than I’d ever thought.

It’s a good thing we’d already decided to go to dinner next or I might have done something silly like ask for more. I can get really greedy if I’m not watched carefully. Guess it’s a good thing I have Dan to look out for me. *grin*

This is a long story but it’s late and I’m sleepy so the rest will have to wait until later.

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  1. Bethie,

    I’m happy the weekend was such a success. Although spanking was not in the cards for us this weekend, reading about the start to your’s was a passable substitute. Make sure you relate the rest of your experiences to us. Thanks.

    Comment by John — 1/10/2005 @ 8:04 am

  2. Bethie,
    I just wanted to thank you for the roller coaster analogy. I think I might finally be able to explain it now. Also, thank you for your bravery and strength in sharing your experiences with all of us.

    Comment by Kept — 1/11/2005 @ 6:24 am

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