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Spanking Parties

Thanks to Paul over atLa Fassee for providing a link to this list of spanking parties compiled by the folks at Cameo Classics. *Note: The links in this post are no longer of use. The sites mentioned here aren’t there now. Sorry!*

I get quite a few inquiries from people who wish to make contact with other spankos so this list could be just what they’re looking for. Dan and I aren’t in an area where we could take advantage of any of these groups so I can’t tell you anything from first-hand experience. We found each other on a discussion board btw.

On a different note, in case anyone’s wondering, the comments are working again! I just thought no one was talking to me until I realized something was broken. At least I hope that’s what was going on! 😉

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  1. Thanks for the link to the spanking parties. Coincidentally, in the past, I was looking for something similar.

    Comment by Adam — 2/26/2005 @ 3:56 pm

  2. I am very interested to find out what a spanking party is. I would love to be spanked, but I have not found the nerve to bring it up to anyone I have dated yet. Therefore, I have not really been spanked as an adult. I would love to find out more about spanking parties.

    Comment by mary — 5/13/2005 @ 7:41 pm

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