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My Pre-Valentine Spanking Report

I know I promised to report about my Valentine Spanking but because of one thing or another, I couldn’t seem to write it the way I wanted to. I’d start out writing about how much fun we had but I’d wander off into the story about how much my life has changed the last couple of years. I finally gave in and decided to go with it, so be prepared to wait for the spanking tale.

Two years ago, love was the last thing on my mind. I was a busy woman and my job was my life. I was either at work, thinking about work, or finding a way to incorporate work into whatever I was doing at the time. I never left the office without my cell phone and pager on my person so there was never a moment when I couldn’t be in contact.

My days were a blur of activity but I enjoyed what I was doing. I was good at my job and that was enough for me. Days slipped through my fingers like so much sand and I never really noticed.

The crazy thing is, I was happy and would have gone on that way forever if the corporation I worked for hadn’t gotten greedy and replaced me and my staff with some less expensive and less qualified people.

I could be petty and say how much pleasure it gives me to know their experiment failed (and failed horribly) but I know it was for the best for me so I can’t be too mean about it. It’s funny how when you think the worst thing that could happen actually does occur, that once the smoke clears you find it wasn’t so bad after all.

I came away from that job knowing that there was a reason I needed to move on. So I did. I found a new town, a new and way less demanding job, and a new life. It took a while to relax and quit panicking every time I left the house and wasn’t weighed down with responsibility and hardware but I eventually got used to it.

I even found a new hobby; the internet. Before I knew it I had cyber friends and a place to hang out with them without having to leave the cozy home I’d just made for myself. I could laugh, play, discuss, and just be myself with a group of people who understood me. And it was all happening on a spanking discussion board.

The more time I spent there, the more I interacted with Dan. It was fun being able to play with a man whose tastes and sense of humor matched mine so well. I’d been so busy being a workaholic that I’d forgotten how to develop a real relationship with a man.

I’d gotten really good at keeping relationships casual so it’s a good thing we started out like we did. It was easier for me to reveal my deeper thoughts without any of the awkwardness that can happen face-to-face. Being as out of practice as I was, it really was for the best.

Somehow, someway that all led to this new life we have together. Being here with Dan, making a life, and realizing with each passing day that I love him just a little bit more. It still amazes me. That’s the mindset I was in on Valentine’s Day.

I know it’s just a made up holiday but it’s still special to us. I barely noticed that particular day before because there was no reason to celebrate. Now that holiday is part of our history together because the date is close to when our life together began.

I found a man to share laughter, love, spankings, and a life with and it happened when I wasn’t even looking. I’d been alone for so long, I didn’t even know what I was waiting for any longer. Now I can’t imagine not having him with me.

That’s what I meant when I said I kept getting hung up on how we got to this Valentine’s Day instead of what we did. I keep thinking how this must have been meant to be since all the pieces fell together just right at exactly the right time. It’s amazing.

I think I’m going to start a new program for these moments when I feel this way. You know how people say they want to pinch themselves to make sure they’re not dreaming? Maybe I should start pinching Dan to see if I’m awake. I can be confident that the result will be an eye-opening spanking so that would be more than enough to convince me I’m not dreaming. Yup, sounds like a plan to me! *grin*

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  1. Awwww, that’s so sweet! Thanks for sharing such a tender tale. I’m a workaholic right now too, and really trying to stop. It’s a slow process, but a high-speed cable modem does help. I can’t being working all the time if I’m keeping up with my cyber-friends’ lives!

    Comment by Sandy — 2/26/2005 @ 10:35 am

  2. This was as nice as a spanking story would have been Bethie. 😉 & of course you will now have two spankings to blog about… the one from Valentines & the one you get for pinching… Um? Why not smack him on the bum? I hear tell that get’s his palm to itchin’ 😉

    Comment by patty — 2/26/2005 @ 11:39 am

  3. Sandy, I’m always happy to share so I’m glad you liked it. I’m glad you have a high-speed connection to keep up with your cyber friends, that should help if you’re trying to lighten up your work load. Goodness knows it keeps me from working too hard. 😆

    Patty, I’m glad you liked my post and I’d love to smack his butt but I don’t think Dan’s in the right mood. He’s looking for any excuse to get his canes out and I’m bartering for the flogger. Negotiations around here can get pretty interesting sometimes! LOL

    Comment by Bethie — 2/26/2005 @ 12:42 pm

  4. OK. Never done this before, but have been following your adventures for a while now. It’s come as a huge surprise to me that kinky sex can take place in such a loving situation – and it’s obvious that your situation is really loving.
    Although my husband and I have been married nearly 30 years we’re just starting to experiment with spanking and we’re enjoying it very much. I don’t suppose you’d like to loan me Dan, would you, so that I could practice? (That was English humour, in case you were bothered!)
    Anyway, keep writing – I love it. (I love Dan’s writing too, but he scares me a bit!)


    Comment by Louise — 2/26/2005 @ 1:16 pm

  5. LOL Louise, I’ve been told before that Dan sounds a little scary…but I guess I must like scary. I applaud you and your husband in your efforts though. That’s great! Sorry, I can’t lend Dan out to help you, but if I let you borrow him, I’d have to let everyone else who asked and I’d never get all the spankings I need here at home. 😉

    Comment by Bethie — 2/26/2005 @ 2:36 pm

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