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The New Spanking Regime

Filed under: Blog entries — Bethie @ 10:56 pm

As a counter attack to my reward/prize plan, Dan has declared a new spanking regime in our house. I’m not happy. *pout*

Why you ask? Because he made the bath brush the spanking prize of the day to commemorate this occasion. I’ve no idea how many times he’s whacked me with that hateful toy but it’s been a lot.

At one point I thought I was saved when Dan sounded a little worried and told me he thought the brush was falling apart. Unluckily it was just the bristle part coming unglued from the wood. Once he realized it wouldn’t hurt his new best friend, he even wondered if it might be an improvement. Darn it.

As my bottom is a little tender, I’m going to make this a quick post and go watch tv on the bed. And plot the revolt that’s coming soon. Until then, I’ll be making posts as my bottom allows. *grin*


  1. Yikes! Bath brush, no fun! good luck with that.
    I’d much rather get the belt or the paddle! But that’s just me. probably gonna get one myself a little too much to drink combined with a missed curfew. OUCH! lol!

    Comment by Carrielily — 3/24/2005 @ 10:25 pm

  2. New regime = “bath brush was handy and she kept wiggling her bottom in my face.”

    It was a fun day. I think I’ll make the “new regime” permanent.

    Comment by Dan — 3/25/2005 @ 6:49 am

  3. Carrielilly, sounds like you’re in trouble, too. The bath brush wasn’t too bad since it was only a few spanks at a time. Prolonged spanking with it is bad though…really bad! 😉

    Dan, sweetie, don’t I always wiggle my bottom in your face? *grin*

    Comment by Bethie — 3/25/2005 @ 9:44 am

  4. Sheesh, the bath brush! What a devious, toppy choice! Hehehe!

    If your bottom allows, I’d love to hear about your “you brat” shirt! I have a pair of panties that say “hot hot hot hot hot” over and over on them. They’re bright red with yellow writing. My last boyfriend saw me wearing them once and said, “I don’t think you’re quite the right color there for panties that say “hot!” Hehehe, I was soon though!

    Comment by Sandy — 3/25/2005 @ 10:57 am

  5. Sandy, I think you and I have about the same taste in panties. I have some that say “hot hot hot” on the front with flames on the back. I don’t wear those in front of Dan anymore! LOL

    Comment by Bethie — 3/27/2005 @ 6:02 pm

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