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Spanking Furniture

We just got a new couch and Dan has decided it’s perfect for spanking me on. When I was shopping for it, his only concern was if the arms would be good for bending me over. He even asked me if I’d checked the height of the arms to make sure I’d be able to bend over them comfortably.

I know the people at the furniture store are used to people sitting on the couches, maybe even lying down on them, but somehow I think throwing myself over the arms of them would’ve raised some eyebrows. I just very slyly leaned into the arms while checking out the back cushions.

Now that we have it in our own living room, we’ve had a chance to really check it out. I fit very nicely over the cushiony arms just like I thought I would. What I didn’t expect was, when I lie face down and stretch out, it puts me in a position Dan likes. He says it’s a perfect spanking pose.

Of course, any position I’m in that allows access to my bottom is perfect for spanking as far as he’s concerned. I’m not complaining though. And it’s funny how I end up streched out on the couch quite a bit. *wink*

Also, if anyone is keeping up with the chocolate situation at our house, Dan gave up the truffle eggs in an act of self preservation. I’d gotten kinda desperate and wild-eyed, I guess. The eggs were delicious and exactly what I needed. I even danced around in a chocolate frenzy before settling down to play computer games. I got some pretty high scores, too. LOL

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  1. I did that in Ikea! Waited til all the sales staff and customers were elsewhere and leant VERY briefly over a stool that looked ideal for spanking over. (It would have been too, had we been prepared to go back when they were preapred to get the thing off it’s shelf – apparently they would have to have closed the store to do so…)

    Glad you got your choccie 🙂 I’ve been munching my way thru a variety of Green & Blacks choccie 🙂

    Comment by Am (aka C./Confused) — 4/23/2005 @ 3:33 pm

  2. I have the perfect spanking couch. Although I realized it in practice and not by picking it out.

    When I read the title to this post, I thought, now what kind of perv spanks their furniture LOL!


    Comment by whirlbrain — 4/23/2005 @ 5:30 pm

  3. Am, if Dan had his way, furniture shopping would involve tossing me over every piece just to see if it’d be good for spanking on. Variety Green & Blacks? That sounds yummy!

    Whirlbrain, maybe you subconsiously picked out the perfect spanko couch? And no, we don’t spank our furniture. We’re kinky, but we’re not that kinky! 😆

    Comment by Bethie — 4/24/2005 @ 2:19 pm

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