Spanking Fantasies — 11 Comments

  1. Bethie:

    McClintock DVD is now available at Barnes and Noble for $3.99–. You may have to order it but mine took only 3 days.

    I remember sitting in a theatre at age 12 (1962) on a Saturday afternoon with half of my middle school there. I already knew I was a spanko and just wondered how many of my classmates had the same fantasies I had. It was an electric moment defining my youth and to some extent validating my feelings.

    Nothing else imprinted my concept of adult spanking love play as much as that scene.

  2. Love your blog! I am a hardcore spanko, and have been since childhood. I, like you, found the perfect spanko partner, and we are married! We also have a great supply of toys, and no shortage of fantasy’s to use them in either. Our newest game is called “Guess which paddle swatted your bottom” A correct guess results in 5 swats with that paddle, and an incorrect one results in 10 before onto the next one!

  3. Yeah, I remember the first time I saw that movie,
    back when there were no VCR’s. I’d have been 9
    if it came out in ’62. I saw it a couple times
    after that first time, then it was locked in a
    vault by John Wayne’s family for over 20 years.
    I kept looking through the TV guide every week for 22
    years waiting for the movie to play again not knowing it
    was locked up. Finally it came out on VCR tape, I drove
    120 miles round trip to buy it (bought 2). I was so thrilled
    to be able to watch it again….and again…..and again…
    I just recently picked up the DVD as well. John Wayne was
    my hero…

  4. I got McClintock! for Christmas from a verrry religious person. I like when he hands the future son-in-law a spanking implement – – classic!

  5. I know what you mean when you say you were a spanko from the beginning. I can relate to that, when I saw spanking scene’s as a child I’d always get that tingly feeling that just intreged me.
    fortunatly I found a man thats willing to indulge my fantacies and enjoy it as much as I do.

  6. The thrill of those fleeting childhood memories never really lessens does it. 🙂 True grit, McClintok, Blue Hawaii, Cattle Annie & Little Britches, Donovan’s Reef… Then ther were all the spankings on the TV westerns, two or three on Lancer, probably 6 or 7 on Bonanza, Two different ones on Wagon train and that whole episode called the whipping, The saint had one. My heart would race aytime the possibility began to crop up in a story line… aahhh the memories…

    Quiet Man is one of my favorites… the reluctant Domliness of John wayne’s character & the aware saucy testing done by Maureen OHara’s character… it had every thing but the spanking… 🙂 hehehe

  7. HT, thanks for the buying info, I really need to order one for us. It was wonderful seeing what I dreamed of played out so well in that movie.

    hbspanker, the first time I saw it really stuck in my head, too. It’s such a fun movie!

    Jason, your game sounds like fun. We might have to try that sometime.

    Debbie, John Wayne was my hero, too. He could be so toppy and masculine.

    Whirlbrain, that was a classic moment!

    Christine, I’m glad you found someone to live out your fantasies with. It’s great, isn’t it?

    Patty, I love Quiet Man, too! And I agree – ahhh the memories! 😉

  8. Hi Bethie! Sorry I’m in and out — I haven’t been neglecting your blog, just having trouble posting lately. I think I need more memory or something.

    BUT, I wanted to say I also loved McLintock. I caught it on cable only a few years ago just in time for the spanking scene! My jaw dropped and I just stared. I had no idea anyone ever spanked anyone on TV! I checked the TV guide and it was starting up again after 10 min of commercials. You can bet I stayed glued to the screen for that whole movie.

  9. Hi Sandy! Good to have you back! After everyone’s comments, I’d have to say McLintock is a spanko favorite. 😉

  10. Has anyone seen the episode of “Fantasy Island” in which Mr. Roarke spanks a mermaid? Her fantasy was to become human, and she acts like a spoiled brat until finally Roarke has to place her over his knee for about 6 swats with the hand. I even recall the dialoge: She says, “You dare to strike a royal princess of the sea?” And he replies, “I assure you, where I shall strike you will not be so royal.” I hope to see it again someday. My only regret is that it ends so quickly.