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A Few Of My Favorite Things

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Here’s a few of my favorite spanking toys that Dan’s hung on the wall across from our bed.


These are most of our toys that have strings attached so we can hang them up. Throughout our house there are a few other toys hanging around so they’re handy. Then there are the ones that don’t have a way to hang them up and they’re on shelves or just lying around the house.

Have I mentioned we like toys?

Right now I’m rather fond of the riding crops. Tonight I was leaning over the back of the loveseat looking out the window when Dan snuck up behind me and started spanking me with the small crop. It felt so nice and stingy, I immediately stuck my bottom out for more.

I was saying “Ohhh” and “Ahhhh” which Dan said sounded like I was cooing, so he spanked a little harder. Mmmm-mmmm! I really do like that little crop.

I think I’ll go over and wiggle my bottom in Dan’s face so I can get some more whacks with the crop. I’m starting to like his new saying, “If it wiggles, it gets whacked!”


I Got A Caning!

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It started out so simply as Dan and I were headed out for a day of fun to one of my favorite places. I was excited and had my sights set on the activities for our day and wasn’t paying attention to the more mundane things of life. Like the gas gauge in our van as I was driving.

The van is primarily my vehicle and for the last year I’ve had a little problem with remembering to put gas in it. Before the van, I drove cars that were smart enough to let me know when they needed fuel so I’d gotten out of the habit of checking the gas gauge if I was just driving around town. I know it’s a stupid thing to do, but more than once Dan’s gotten into the van and had to fill it up for me. Which I really appreciate, btw!

Anyway, so unknown to me, we’re driving on fumes and as we came to a stop at a light, the van made a terrible choking noise and almost died. Both of us are surprised and Dan asked if it’d ever made that noise before and I said it hadn’t. That’s when he glanced over at the gas gauge and practically yelled when he saw it was on “Empty.” Okay, I might as well admit it, it was beyond “Empty” and running on fumes.

Luckily for me and my poor bottom, there was a gas station right around the corner and I was able to coast right on into it. I knew I was in trouble because he’d been lecturing me for a year now to keep gas in the car. But did I listen? Usually, yes, but the one time I let it run out, Dan just had to be there for it.

What was worse was that he was almost gleeful about it. He was practically gloating over the fact that he finally had an excuse to give me the big caning he’d been wanting to give me. I was ready to chew nails.

I didn’t want a big caning. I like little canings after nice long warmups. And I sure didn’t want a spanking for running out of gas of all things. I hate corrective spankings. They hurt and they’re no fun. Except for him, of course.

So I tried to talk him out of it. I whined and wheedled as best I could and all I managed to do was make Dan threaten to add to my total of 21 strokes. He decided on that number because that’s how many gallons of gas he had to put in the van. I guess considering the price of gas these days, I should be happy he chose the number of gallons and not the number of dollars it cost.

After filling up, we went on our excursion as planned and had a wonderful day. We really had fun and I was very grateful that we hadn’t run completely out of gas which really would’ve put a damper on our day. It was a long day though so Dan put off my caning until the next day when we’d both be fresh.

The next morning Dan informed me I’d get my caning after my shower so I slowly dragged myself in and out of the bathroom hoping to somehow get myself psyched up for it. Which didn’t happen because I knew I was in trouble and I just wanted to get it over with.

As much as I hate those corrective spankings, I hate the feeling that hangs over me when I know I’m going to get one. It’s a heavy feeling and I just want the guilt to go away. Even if it meant a real caning.

I presented myself as expected and Dan directed me into position, bending over the couch with my head resting on some pillows. Earlier, we had discussed letting me take three strokes a day for a week but we decided we didn’t want to drag it out like that. But as I bent over for the dreaded cane, I got worried and asked if I could change my mind.

Dan said it was too late for that, told me to get ready, and reminded me to count the strokes. I buried my face in the pillows and tried to relax before the first stroke landed. He landed the first one hard and across the fullest part of my bottom. I gasped out the number and buried my face back into the pillow as the line of fire slowly burned itself into me.

Dan landed the next two strokes parallel to the first but lower down my bottom. I barely managed to squeak out the count and after the third I couldn’t help but ask again if we could space the caning out. I think he was starting to feel sorry for me because he said he wanted to give me one more and then we’d talk about it.

Well, he landed that fourth one hard and low along the crease between my bottom and thigh and I forgot about everything. That one stroke burned like nothing I’d felt before. I cried out and reached back before I could even think about it. Luckily we were pausing, Dan reminded me, otherwise we’d have to start all over again. That’s the penalty for reaching back.

As I was whimpering and trying hard not to be a big baby, Dan came over to sit on the couch to talk to me and check out the welts. He soothed me a little and that’s when I lost it and started crying. I didn’t want to stretch the caning out over days but I also wasn’t sure I could take all 21 strokes in the same session either.

I know I’ve taken more than that while playing, but Dan was serious this time and wasn’t holding back on the strokes. Also, with no warm up, being caned on a cold bottom was more intense than I’d ever imagined it could be.

Then there’s the emotional side of it. I’d broken the rules and let Dan down so I felt bad anyway. The caning was just giving me a way to really feel it and let it out. So I cried and begged forgiveness. And that was just after four strokes! I’m a big baby and I know it.

Finally, we decided I could take four more and then take another decision break. Throughout all of this, Dan was being pretty darn cheerful about my caning. It probably was a good thing because if he’d been stern, I probably would’ve dissolved into a puddle of goo at his feet. He knows me well.

I took the next set of four pretty well although they burned lines of fire that seemed to go deep into my bottom. I gritted my teeth and either hissed the count or yelped it out. I was more than happy to reach the number eight and get my little break.

Once again we discussed the situation, and decided to go on. Another four strokes to make twelve, and I was beginning to wonder if there was any part of my poor aching bottom that didn’t burn. It seemed to all merge into one deep burn across my whole bottom. I wasn’t sure if I could go on with it but after a quick talk, I agreed to keep going.

The next three strokes felt like he was searing me with that cane and somehow I kept up the count. But then the fourth one landed. That stroke landed right in the crease below my bottom but much harder than any strokes before it. I all but screamed that time. It was awful and I couldn’t control myself, I started seriously crying and snuffling. I just knew I couldn’t take any more even though we were at sixteen.

Dan rubbed my back and calmed me down a bit before asking if I wanted to stop. In a way I did but in another way, I just wanted to get it over with. That’s what convinced me. No matter how awful it was and how much it hurt, I wanted to get it over with. I straightened back up and Dan got back into position beside me.

Somehow I got through the next five strokes. I think he took pity on me after that one awful stroke though. As soon as we reached twenty-one, he told me I was free to rub but I wasn’t sure I wanted to touch my bottom. It felt like it was too sore to touch.

After a little hopping around, he told me to go lie on the bed so he could rub some lotion on and we’d cuddle. That sounded wonderful so I scurried into the bedroom and let him soothe me. It all felt so nice and I relaxed into a nice after spanking glow.

After some cuddling and kissing, I began to feel pretty good about life with Dan. He’s a good man who does his best to take care of me. I know he loves me even though I can be a bit goofy sometimes. The more I thought about it, the more grateful I became. That’s when I moved down to show Dan just how much I cared. I did my best to give that man the best blowjob I could. I think I succeeded but you’d have to ask him. *grin*


A Really Good Spanking

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A few nights ago, I got what I think of as a really good spanking. It was just for fun, long, and satisfying for both myself and Dan. That’s the kind of spanking I love receiving and I can’t get enough of those.

It started out as a planned romantic night in for us. I put on something sheer and frilly, then we settled in to watch a movie curled up on the couch together. We cuddled, kissed, and Dan’s hands roamed over my body as I steadily lost interest in what was on the screen. What was happening on our couch was much more to my liking.

We eventually moved into the bedroom where I undressed while Dan placed three fluffy pillows in the middle of the bed. He then directed me to lie over them so my bottom was lifted up into the air and ready for his attention. I settled in and made myself comfy while Dan looked for the toys he wanted to use.

He started with a quick warmup with his hand and moved right to the lovely rose paddle that I adore. It’s my favorite leather paddle and Dan knows just how to use it. He quickly had me moaning and grinding into the pillows stacked underneath me.

When Dan stopped and moved away, I closed my eyes and concentrated on how nice and warm my bottom felt. I was wondering what toy he was going to come back with, when I felt something soft and throbbing being pushed up against my clit. I heard a soft buzz and felt his fingers stroking me softly while he adjusted the little bunny vibrator.

Once Dan had the vibrator securely snuggled in, he began spanking me with the flogger. He varied his strokes which drove me crazy. The sensation of those tails lightly stinging one stroke and then biting hard the next, combined with that busy little bunny, was sending me on a sensory roller coaster.

I moaned, grinded, and even bit into the pillow I was hugging. That’s when Dan started sneaking in surprise swats with the big strap. He’d give me some flogger strokes and then sneak in a hard one with the strap. The intensity of the strap combined with the sensuality of the flogger felt incredible. All the while, Dan was readjusting the speed and tempo of the vibe and keeping me right on the edge but not letting me go over.

I’m not sure how long Dan spanked me as I was lost in all the sensations but it was a good, long spanking. He finally told me to roll over and we made love to each other. That was one very yummy night! Mmmm-mmmm good.

I was still purring the next day while Dan complained that he didn’t do a very good job because he couldn’t see any marks. I just giggled because lack of marks had nothing to do with how I judged that spanking. It was just a really good spanking.

That was last week though. This week’s been a different story already but I’m going to tell that tale later. Dan’s already mentioned it on his blog so I know I better tell it soon. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel like sitting at the computer longer. *wink*


Spank Me?

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I was looking for something fun to blog about and came across a site that sounded promising, S.P.A.N.K. M.E., so I went to take a look. Turns out it’s the Society for the Promotion, Advancement and Necessity of Kilts on Men Everywhere.

Wheee! Now that sounds like my kind of society because I’ve always been a proponent of kilts. Honestly, what’s not to like? They’re sexy and easy access. They have some nice pictures that really support their cause and I just had to share one.

Okay, anyone who doesn’t want to see naked man butt needs to look away now or scroll down the page.


Now for Dan and anyone else who doesn’t like looking at naked man butt, here are two lovely female bottoms for you.


Now is everybody happy? *grin*


New Spanking Regime

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Again the idea of a New Spanking Regime raises its ugly head in our home. Dan has decided that he likes the way the latest experiment with the evil spatula has worked so he wants to expand it into a New Regime.

I thought the Bath Brush Regime was bad enough, this one is just plain evil. As you might have noticed in my earlier posts about the mean and evil rubber spatula, it is the one toy I could do without. I’d rather be spanked twice as long with any other toy than be spanked with that spatula.

This new regime idea hasn’t taken off quite yet and I’m working really hard to make sure it never comes about. I’ll do whatever I have to to keep his mind off that evil rubber spatula. In fact, as much as I hate to admit it here…I’ve resorted to doing what goes against my very nature; I’ve actually had to start behaving myself.

I know that’s hard to believe but I’ve got to do it. I can’t let the New Spatula Regime start. My poor bottom would never be without spatula marks. Especially since the last spanking with the spatula left such good marks that it only inspired Dan to make better ones. He’s not going to be happy until he sees “Made in France” imprinted on my bottom. Eeeeeek!

There is an alternative plan that I’m just starting to put into action. I figure if I keep him distracted there’s a chance he’ll forget about the whole idea. Since the spatula is hanging in the kitchen, I’ve started with keeping him out of there. Every time I see him headed that way, I hop up to intercept him.

The other night I was wearing a very full circle skirt and spent most of the night posing myself. At one point, I stretched out on the couch and pulled my skirt up to expose the pretty see through panties I was wearing. Last night I was so desperate, I flashed him when I thought I saw him moving in that direction.

I’m trying not to fall back on the most obvious distractions (sex, blow jobs, waving my naked bottom in his face) too much. After all, I don’t want to wear Dan completely out, I just don’t want him in the kitchen. *wink*


Crop Spanking

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This picture caught my eye recently. Possibly because I’ve had crops on the brain lately.


This is from a set of pictures I found recently. I found the whole set entertaining but I especially love the look on her face when she realizes he’s changing implements.


I know I’ve had that look on my face at one time or another so I can relate. “He’s getting that toy?!?” Yup, been there, done that. I think I even have the shirt. Heehee.


Spanko Training

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Just when I thought things were going back to normal Dan comes up with a new game for us. He’s been encouraging me to keep my hands on my head while he crops my breasts but I haven’t always been able to keep them there. If he lands a particularly hard swat or catches a nipple just right, I’ll yelp and let my hands drop. Even though I enjoy what he’s doing, sometimes it’s just a little too much sensation and I have to react.

Dan decided to find a sure way to encourage me and it involves that awful rubber spatula he loves so much. Every time I drop my hands, I get one swat with the spatula. Of course he chose that method!

I admit I like getting my breasts spanked, but this new twist has really got things jumping around here. The short crop and the small schoolmaster’s strap are sitting on his desk ready to be used at any time and we’ve been playing off and on all day. So far I’ve only gotten two swats with the rubber spatula and that’s just fine by me.

Now every time Dan tells me to put my hands on my head, my nipples immediately pop right up for attention. He keeps testing me and I’m happy to play along. As long as I only earn a swat every once in awhile that’s okay. It kinda keeps things interesting actually.

I’m not saying I’m learning to accept that evil spatula though. That’s not happening. Nope. Never…but maybe I won’t have a meltdown every time I see it now. Yeah, it still hurts and it’s a great deterrent but Dan’s been using it lighter today and it hasn’t been so bad. Especially after he’s spanked my breasts and I’m feeling kinda frisky anyway. Not much feels too bad when I’m feeling like that.

It’s been a fun day, Dan’s decided his experiment is a success, and I’m not going to argue. Tonight my nipples are feeling very sensitive and perky, and well…so am I. *grin*


Spatula Spanking

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Most of the spankings around here are light-hearted or erotic and very enjoyable which is just the way I like it. But sometimes I get a spanking that I don’t want. Today was one of those times.

Dan doesn’t like certain phrases I use and last night I used his least favorite, “hang on,” three times in a row. Probably would’ve helped if I hadn’t yelled out “Hang on! Hang on!” while he was spanking me for using it the first time. But I couldn’t help it! Somehow my wrist had gotten trapped between us and was being bent in an unnatural position while he was spanking me. I had to say something and “hang on” was what came out.

After making sure I wasn’t hurt, Dan told me he’d spank me for those last two in the morning. Normally, Dan would’ve spanked me immediately, but I’d had a long day and we were already in bed so he decided to wait until morning.

I wasn’t too happy about it and even tried to talk my way out of it but he wouldn’t have any of it and even threatened to add to my total so eventually I gave up and snuggled in for the night. I probably wouldn’t have even argued since it was only four swats but since he was insisting on using the terrible and evil rubber spatula, I couldn’t give in without a fight.

I didn’t care if it was only four, it was still the mean and evil rubber spatula. I hate it and Dan knows it. I guess that’s why he picked it. He wants me to stop saying “hang on” because he says it’s disrespectful and sounds dismissive when I say it. He’s trying to reform me the fastest way and the spatula I hate seems like the way to go.

*sigh* I know I was being a big baby about it and it sounds trivial especially when compared to what Patty went through recently…and my reaction was kinda silly. Sometimes though I just get out of sorts about things. Little things seem huge and four swats shouldn’t have even phased me normally…but I was feeling put upon.

So the morning came and as soon as I made my morning appearance in the living room, Dan told me to bend over the sofa and he went to get the spatula from the kitchen. He found a place to hang it in there and it’s been mocking me ever since. It’s a good thing I don’t spend too much time in there.

I waited and whined until he appeared with the nasty spatula and told me to quiet down. I tried but as soon as that first one landed, I couldn’t hold it in. I yelped and wiggled for all I was worth. It didn’t help and as soon as I was back in position, he landed another one on the opposite cheek.

The burn was more than I’d bargained for and crawling across the sofa seemed like a good idea but Dan wouldn’t let me. He’d just asked me if I was going to tell him to “hang on” again and I was trying to answer but it wasn’t easy. He didn’t give up though and I eventually answered something along the lines of “uh-uh…nooooo” while trying to burrow into the sofa. Again the mean spatula landed and I almost slid off the sofa that time. Somehow I managed to get back up and Dan landed the last one. And it was a doozy.

Sometime during this experience, my senses returned. Dan’s good at spoiling me and I’ve been getting away with alot lately. I just wasn’t ready for the party to be over, that’s why I was so disgruntled about being spanked.

I got over it pretty quick though. I think about the time that I got that second swat and I knew Dan wasn’t going to hold back on me is when I figured it out. I can be stubborn but that spatula has a way of knocking the stubborn right out of me.

I know I could’ve said something besides what I did but I haven’t tried very hard to stop saying it despite knowing how Dan feels about it. Which sucks because Dan’s a great guy who does so much for me and really loves me. I finally got it and once that sunk in, I accepted my spanking and even felt bad for being so hard-headed.

As soon as my spanking was over, I hopped around rubbing my burning cheeks until Dan pulled me to him and we both realized I was crying a little. Not much, just some sniffling and one major tear running down my face really, but it meant alot since I never cry during short spankings. It was okay, too, because I felt better for it.

Now it’s been several hours since my spanking, I’ve got a couple of serious spatula imprints and a sore bottom to sit on. I don’t think I’ll be saying that particular phrase again, Dan’s happy, and I’m feeling like all is right in my world again. Sometimes a few hard spanks is all I need and life’s back on track. I’ll always be a brat but at least I’ll be a brat who doesn’t say you know what.


Spanking Toy Story

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A few months ago Dan and I visited my mother at her house and during that trip, we lost our beloved long riding crop. I was really disappointed as it was one of my favorite toys but we couldn’t figure out where we might’ve left it. Well, this week I found out what became of our lost toy and I’m still laughing about it.

It seems we left the crop in the guest bedroom at my mom’s. It must’ve gotten jammed between the mattress and headboard and we missed it when we packed up to leave. Then somehow my mom missed it when she changed the bedding after we left…but she found it when she changed the bedding after my sister, Dee, visited her! The best part is, Mom assumed it belonged to Dee and her husband.

This wouldn’t be quite so funny but Dee’s husband often likes to joke about spanking her in front of us. Dee usually just looks embarrassed when he teases her like that but we’ve always thought it was funny. I guess my mom thought they were serious because she just knew it was their toy without even asking.

Then just so she wouldn’t forget about it, Mom left the crop sitting by her chair where my youngest sister, Randi, saw it when she was over for a quick visit. Randi couldn’t imagine why Mom would have a riding crop propped up by her so she naturally asked about it. That’s when Mom told her Dee left it in the guest room after her last visit. Us sisters are close and Randi knew immediately that it wasn’t Dee’s toy but mine. Being the sweet child that she is though, she didn’t clue in Mom because she wanted to see how the whole thing would play out.

The next time Dee went home for a visit, Mom didn’t mention it to her and forgot about it until Dee was leaving. That’s when she ran over to get it and handed it off to Randi, telling her to run out and give it to Dee before she got away. So Randi sashays out to Dee’s car waving the crop around and yelling at Dee that she’s forgotten something.

I wish I could’ve been there to see the look on Dee’s face. It must’ve been priceless. Randi made the most of the moment and kept trying to throw it in the car with her while Dee kept telling her she didn’t want it. Eventually Randi took pity on her and slipped it into her own car instead. Turns out the kinky brat wanted it for herself and that was her chance to grab it.

I guess I should mention here that my baby sister doesn’t hide her kinky side from anyone. I found her toys when she was only 17 so I’ve always known and Mom worries about her nipple piercings but otherwise doesn’t say anything else. Randi’s never been subtle…funny but never subtle.

Not to mention a sneak. I can’t believe the brat has my riding crop! And she teases me about it, too. Aaagh! It was bad enough when she took my things when she was a kid. Now she’s managed to get her hands on my favorite crop. Oh well, it’ll go well with her thigh high boots and leather mini skirt. *grin*


Shower Spanking Toy

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While surfing around I found the perfect toy for the shower spanking fantasy.


Found at Lover’s Package, these cuffs have suction cups attached so they’d be just what we’d need for some wet fun. They’d certainly make Dan’s job easier if he plans to keep me in the shower for a spanking.

It’s not that I’m opposed to the idea of some shower fun, but a serious wet bottom spanking might make me change my mind and I might need the suction cups to keep me from slipping and sliding in an attempt to get away. That’s my excuse anyway. *wink*

There is one precaution I’d have to take first though; the rubber spatula must be hidden. Thanks to Patty for mentioning that toy would be the right one for a shower spanking. If she hadn’t mentioned it I probably wouldn’t have thought to hide it. Thanks, Patty! LOL


Shower Spanking

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I’ve got company this week and being the delightful hostess that I am, I’ve been keeping them hopping from one local attraction to the next all week long. By the time I send them home, they’ll be completely worn out but they’ll have seen it all. That’s why I haven’t had a chance to blog until now.

At the moment my guests are at a local hangout waiting for me to arrive so I’m going to have to be quick here. Since I don’t have time to chat, I’ll post another cute pic.


Dan’s been threatening to spank me in the shower lately. I guess the after shower spanking is losing its charm so he wants to grab me while I’m still in the shower. That’s going to smart!

Not only that, but Dan keeps saying I’m earning spankings while our guests are here and he plans to collect after they’re gone. It doesn’t matter how hard I try, somehow I manage to do something that makes him add to my spanking tally. I could be in trouble here very quick if I don’t watch it. *grin*

Well, I better hop on down to where I’ve parked my guests and make sure they haven’t wandered off and gotten lost. Knowing Dan, that’d be just another mark on my tally. Hehehe.

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