I Got A Caning! — 11 Comments

  1. There really isnt anything that compares with a caning……or any description that can truly prepare someone for what it feels like 😉 It truly is a sting that takes your breath away.

    Wonderful recounting. Swoony blog. Ty 🙂

  2. the cane is a truly wicked implement. i felt it hard a few months ago, and i have never forgotten it.

    getting caned when you’re all hot and feeling sexy is one thing, but being punished is quite another. and i agree with you, i’d just want to get it over and done with.. the idea that i wasn’t thoroughly punished would be bad enough, without knowing that i had the cane waiting for me.

    *shudders* every day for a week? oh how awful. i’d take them all at once too, no matter how bad it was.

    *hugs* at least it’s over NOW… (my marks stayed for over a week, btw… how long do you figure yours will last?)

  3. Oh Owie! that sounds very unpleasant! But glad that’s over and behind you know. I told CD there’s no way in H*ll I’m buying a cane they scare me too much. If he wants a cane he has to buy it. I’m already annoyed at myself for buying what CD calls “El Diablo,” our wicked Tawse!

  4. Naughtyone, thank you for the compliments. Yeah, used like that it certainly is breath taking!

    Mikki, it happened on Monday, this is Friday and I still have marks from the worst of the three. Only one of them is still tender though. I’m glad I got it over with all at once now, although at the time, I wasn’t so sure. My bottom can take alot more than I thought it could.

    Carrielily, it was unpleasant and I’m a fan of the cane. I *like* playing with one but they’re nasty tools when applied like that. As for your tawse purchase, I know what you mean. Sometimes we just think a toy is going to be fun. And then they get their hands on it. Ouchie!

  5. awwwwww. I can empathize 100%, with the heavy dread, the owieowieowe panic that there’s no way you can take more and yet taking more is preferable to the alternative.

    You did it! 🙂 Bet you watch that guage for a while tho…

  6. Well done 🙂

    Bit mean of him to do it on freshly-showered skin tho!!

    Still, I think taking three hard strokes a day for a week would have been far easier!

    I prefer the cane, however hard, for punishment/discipline than, say, the bathbrush 🙂

  7. Patty, I’m watching that gauge like a hawk now! When Dan read this, his immediate reaction was to say it never occured to him to use the dollar amount instead of gallons. He says he’ll know better next time. Eeeek! There will be no next time, I say! I hope. 🙂

    Am, oh yeah, I’d rather have the cane than the bathbrush, too. The bathbrush is just too darn heavy!

  8. *grins* I could post the gallon rate over here in the UK – Dan could always use that instead (we’re about twice as dear as you, I think *WEG*)

  9. Am, how much Green & Black’s will it take to buy your silence? I’ve got his gold card right here by my computer and I’m not afraid to use it! 😆

  10. Yeouch!! Never been caned… never want to based on this description, or any others I’ve read! You are quite lucky to have a man like Dan. 🙂 And he’s lucky to have you, too.

  11. Sandy, I am lucky! And I didn’t mean to scare you. The cane can be very intense if used that way. It can also be used lighter for sensual play, I love it when he uses it in a play session. You just have to make sure your partner knows how to use it. 🙂