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Pretty Fringes!

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Okay, indulge my panty fascination just one more time.


Of course, if I had these, Dan would only be interested in seeing how much swing he could get out of those fringes during a spanking.


Oldie But A Goodie

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Lying naked on a rug is a classic and this is a perfect example of that.


It kinda makes me wish I’d found a rug like that to pose on.


Pretty Vintage Panties

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I like this pose but I love those panties! I love pretty undies and I want some just like those. Not that they’d do me much good in the woods but we’ll be home eventually!

Spanking Teaser

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We’re in a hotel with a decent internet connection so I thought I’d give y’all a quick update. I hate to be a spank tease by not giving any details, but I just had to announce that I finally got my switching in the woods!

We took a walk along a gorgeous trail and Dan found a nice willow to make a switch from. I was apprehensive when he bent me over and had me place my hands on a tree trunk for balance because I’d never been switched before. I was right to be, too. Darn but that thing stung! And he switched me over my jeans, too. I’m just glad we were alone in the woods. At least, I hope we were!

I’ll post a picture of the switch and give more details when we get back home. It’s been an amazing vacation but I’m ready to get back. I’m hoping we’ll be home by the end of the week. Until then since I had downloaded several pics from Guba for use while we were away, that’s probably all I’ll be able to post until we get back to our home computers. I just had to finish Spankable Bottoms month with gusto! *wink*


Spankable Bettie

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We’re still on the road so here’s more picture fun!


This is lovely pic that I though might brighten up your Sunday and get the week off to a good start. Enjoy!


Another Spankable Bottom!

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Now here’s a pose I know well!


I’m not sure but I think her panties match her bedspread. Now that’s being coordinated!


I Want!

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I think I’ve found my new best friend!


This yummy bunny can be found at Lovers Package. I’ve been wanting one of these vibes with the rotating beads since I got the chance to handle one at a sex shop recently.

Dan and I were in a shop that had several different versions of this type of vibe on display complete with power so you could handle them. They were afixed to a counter but you could turn them on and feel them with your hands. I was like a kid in a candy shop.

Poor Dan was pretending he didn’t know me. Maybe because I was oohing and ahhing and saying stuff like, “Oh my! You’ve gotta feel the motion on this one!” Okay, maybe I did go a little crazy. But I want one!


Still On Vacation!

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Believe it or not, we’re still on the road exploring and having fun. We plan to start heading home next week so I won’t be able to post anything lengthy until after the first of September.

Until then I’ll still have these short posts to keep things lively around here. I just wish I could keep up with the comments better. I’ll catch up eventually with all of you though, I promise!

I also have lots of fun stories about our trip. We’re having a great time and I’m constantly amazed by all that I see. I’m an animal lover and seeing so many different animals in their own enviroment has been awesome. Not to mention the beautiful scenery. It’s been great!

Of course, we’ve managed to squeeze in a fair amount of playtime. We’re both really enjoying that new toy I blogged about earlier which has come in really handy on this trip. It’s a quiet toy but packs alot of sting so it’s good for quick spankings where noise isn’t a good idea. I can still be a little loud but pillows make good sound mufflers. *grin*

I’ll give yŠ¨¨ a more indepth report when we get back. Especially if Dan gets his way and I get that outdoor switching he’s been promising me threatening this whole trip. Until then, enjoy the pretty pictures and other quickie posts I have prepped and ready to post, and I’ll try to stay out of trouble. Heh.


Being A Brat

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Now here’s a girl who looks like she’s looking for a spanking.


The way I see it, if you’re scantily dressed and bent over something you probably shouldn’t stick your tongue out unless you really want to get spanked right then and there. It’s always worked for me anyway. *wink*


Spanking Good Diversion

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Here’s how to get his attention away from the show he’s watching.


Wearing nothing but a pair of heels should normally get you noticed but it definitely helps if you make sure you’re in his field of view. I think she’s posed like that before. “Oh don’t mind me, I’m just dusting a little.”


Kinky Games

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We’re still on vacation but I’m sending in quick posts when I can. I’ll try to answer comments when I find a place with a good internet connection so please be patient with me. I really appreciate everyone’s comments but at the moment I’m in a relative’s living room and can’t devote the time I’d like to answer. Soon though! In the meantime, I’ve got some posts lined up for this week that I can post on the fly.

I’m always on the look for fun and kinky things for Dan and I to try. Here’s something that caught my eye from Extreme Restraints.


Doesn’t that just look like fun? Make up a few fun rules, mix in a little spanking, and it could make for a very fun evening. I have the feeling the rules would include me getting spanked for not holding still and causing him to miss. Not that I would do such a thing. *grin*


Switches Are For Cooking Hot Dogs!

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Dan seems to think there’s only one use for the many thin sticks we see out here in the woods while we’re camping. Yup, he thinks they’re only good for making switches for my bottom.

Here’s a cutie showing how real campers use possible switches.



Spankable Bottom Picture

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Here’s a happy girl with her legs up.


If I did that it’d be seen as an invitation for a spanking . How do I know? Because I do it. *grin*


Interesting Spanking Toy

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I’m wondering, has anyone out there tried this toy?


It’s called the Triple Threat Acrylic Cane and I found it among the spanking toys at Lovers Package.

It looks evil and I’m sure it is…but I can’t help being curious. I’d like another toy like the cane but I’m wondering if an acrylic one would be more intense. Also, I don’t think they call it the Triple Threat without a reason.

But it’s pink! This is going to be tough. I just hope my curiousity doesn’t get me in trouble again. *wink*


Spanking Marks

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What is it about after-spanking marks? The better my bottom is marked, the happier Dan is. I admit I enjoy seeing a mark or two myself sometimes, but it’s not nearly as exciting to me as it is to Dan.

I think it may be that since I can feel the after-effects, I have proof enough of my spanking. After a good spanking, my bottom will have a nice lasting warmth and be tender to the touch. If I see a little pink, that’s nice, too.

But Dan likes to see real marks. He enjoys watching the way an implement lands and the impression it makes on my bottom. Some implements immediately make a whitish mark that quickly colors up. Different implements make different marks. He loves it all.

It’s not that I’m against marks, but I think they should at least get me a little sympathy. Instead, if I come into the room pouting and show him my marked bottom, he takes it as an invitation to spank me some more and on top of the marks just to “brighten them up a little.” I can’t win that game. What’s worse is, I can’t help but play it either. *sigh*

But what makes me really crazy is the way he’ll say “Oh now that’s pretty!” when he’s admiring the marks on my bottom. It’s not just because I don’t find those marks pretty at all, but because he exclaims the exact same thing when I come prancing into the room wearing something slinky. What’s a girl to think?

Maybe I should just grab the credit card and see if I can find something especially pretty to impress him with. I’ve had my eye on this lovely strapless corset from Lovers Package.


I think I may have to order it and see what reaction that’ll get me. *grin*

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