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Busy, busy, busy!

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The last couple of weeks have been awfully hectic, but the end is in sight! Which means, I’m hoping to post my recap of our Big Spanking Sunday Night sometime tomorrow. Right now I’m just trying to decompress from the last big push we went through at work. Whew! What a ride.

Part of my problem is that a couple of the women I work with could benefit from a good spanking. I think it’d do them a world of good and make my job a whole lot easier. If they only knew!

In the meantime, I’ve been getting my share of spankings here at home. Dan says it keeps me sweet and I’m beginning to think he might be on to something. If those catty ladies I work with got a daily dose of spanks, they might not be so quick to hiss at each other.

Just in the last few days, I’ve had quality time with the Wicked Schoolmaster’s Strap, the evil spatula, the small crop, and a wooden paddle. The result of all that attention means I’m happy as a clam and so is Dan.

Most of that was playful attention. If I do get a little grumpy or out of sorts, Dan just grabs whatever’s handy and spanks me right into a good mood. I whine and struggle a little at first, but once I’m getting my bottom warmed and I feel Dan’s love and concern, I can’t help but feel better. By the time Dan’s done, I’m feeling all warm, happy, loved, and centered again. He’s a good man.

After the stress of these last few days, I can’t help but think my silly co-workers could do with a little of the same medicine. If nothing else, it’d make me feel better knowing they were getting a little of what they deserve. Maybe with something like this?


I think this leather fraternity paddle from Extreme Restraints might be the perfect tool for getting that job done. *weg*


It’s The Weekend!

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I’m enjoying an extended weekend and trying to decide how I want to spend it. There’s definitely going to be some spanking going on, I just have to figure out how I’d like to set it up.

I’m a big believer in setting the mood. I enjoy the process of getting us both in the mood for some quality spanky time. I can get a spanking almost any time I choose, but for our long romantic evenings, I like to have some things prepared.

First of all, I have to decided what the theme for the night should be. Will I be the slinky seductress, a naughty girl, or a fiesty wench? Any of those roles will result in me getting my bottom warmed just the way I like it. I just have to figure out which attitude I’m up for.

Then I’ll have to pick a couple of movies for inspiration. I know some girls don’t like spanking porn, but I love it most of the time. The really rough stuff makes me wince and I don’t enjoy those at all, but there are some really fun ones that we’ve enjoyed together.

Right now we don’t have any new movies on dvd, so I was trying to see what I could find online. I was browsing the movies at Spanking Online trying to find us something that might be fun to watch together and a couple of them caught my eye. I like the use of this piece of equipment I found in one of their movies.


I’d like to be bent over something like that for a long spanking. I wonder where I can get one of those?


By the look on this young lady’s face, I’d say she’s starting to feel her spanking. I like to see the reactions during the spankings and this looks promising. With the lack of adult video stores in our area, this is my best option for finding something fun for us to watch on short notice. Now I just have to decide whether to include Dan in the selection process. *grin*


I Need New Glasses

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No, I didn’t break them during a spanking…that would’ve been fun though. But no, I recently noticed that after a couple of hours online, I’m having problems reading my computer screen and I think it may be time for a trip to the eye doctor to discuss this. Dan suggested I should do something about it a few days ago when he caught me leaning close to the screen with my eyes all squinty and minus my glasses but I said I was fine and just having a temporary problem.

Of course, I denied there was a real problem since that might mean it’s time for the dreaded bifocals I’ve been warned about. I was content being the queen of denial, enduring the crick in my neck I was developing, until this morning. I was surfing along catching up on my reading when I came across someone mentioning that she needed to clean out her husband’s office. Except I read it as “husband’s orifice.”

Because of the sites I visit, that type of activity wouldn’t be out of the ordinary, but this wasn’t that kind of site and it took me completely by surprise. It put a totally different image of these folks in my head until I figured it out. Totally different image.

Until I get an appointment, I’m just going to have to increase font sizes when I’m reading and do less work with my images. And I’m being real careful proof-reading my writings. I’m just lucky Dan doesn’t have an office for me to clean out.

I guess I could spend my new freed up time playing with the new toys that just arrived. The good folks at Eros Boutique sent me this fun new toy.


It’s one of their “Unique Vibes” and I have to agree. It’s an egg that reacts to any sound like music, speech, moans, and my personal favorite sound – spanking! Whee! I think it’ll make a fun addition to our spanking play and I can’t wait to give it complete workout. We played around with it to see how sensitive it was and we were both impressed with how well it buzzed as it reacted to different sounds.

I was getting excited just holding it in my hand while Dan tried different implements to see what would happen. At the time we couldn’t get into a long play session (and I think Dan was enjoying just teasing me with a preview) but I plan to spend one evening this week experimenting with this new toy. It could be a long evening actually. *wink*

I’ll be back with a full report later.


Not Much Spanking – But Lots Of Gloating

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Friday I started feeling ill and because of my recent problems, decided a quick trip to my doctor’s office might be the smart thing to do. As I got started, I checked my gauges and wouldn’t you know it, the gas gauge was sitting on a quarter of a tank. Dang it!

You see after that last incident with the fuel, Dan said if I let it get below a quarter, I’d be in trouble. He changes which implement that trouble would come with but he seems to mention the big heavy strap more than others.

That strap is ouchie enough when used in play and I have no desire to feel it used seriously. So I’ve been very good about checking my gauges. Also, I don’t want to hear the lecture I’d get if he caught me letting the fuel run low again. I think the lecturing is almost worse than the spanking…almost.

When I saw that gauge sitting just a hair above the quarter mark, I couldn’t believe it. I tried to think of an excuse to use. I was feeling badly and on my way to the doctor’s, afer all. But I knew that wouldn’t work. As soon as I thought of it, I could hear Dan’s response in my head. “If you’d filled it when it got to half a tank, you would never have gotten to a quarter on a day when you didn’t feel like filling it.”

Grrrrr! What was worse was that I knew he’d be right. If I had filled it, I wouldn’t have to get out and pump gas when I felt like crap. Which is what I was going to have to do. I wasn’t that sick, just feeling bad in a way that I knew needed to be checked. If I’d been really sick, I wouldn’t have even been driving. Dan even asked me if I was okay to drive and I assured him I wasn’t feeling that bad.

I was well enough to drive so I must’ve been well enough to pump gas. That’d be his thinking, I knew. As I pulled up to the stoplight and prepared to make the turn toward the station we use, I sat there seething. I couldn’t believe I’d let it get low again. I was ready to throw a fit about something that was my own doing so why was I mad?

Because that meant that Dan knew best. Aaaagh!

I almost kicked the van when I got out at the pumps. And as bad as it was burning me to do it, I filled the tank. I thought about just putting in enough to keep me above a quarter or even a half, but I could hear Dan’s voice in my head. I growled some more but kept going until the handle clicked off.

I growled a little more as I drove to the doctor’s but I slowly calmed down and eventually had to laugh at myself. I still have a bit of a rebellious streak and as much as I may think of myself as a self-sufficient woman, I have my weaknesses. For some reason, I can’t seem to remember to put gas in my car which could be dangerous and is really a bad thing to forget. I know that.

I was fighting the fact that I’m not completely capable of keeping up with something that’s my responsibility. It meant that I need Dan’s influence to help me remember. It’s bad enough to get spanked for breaking the rules, it’s worse when you know good and well you shouldn’t have done it. That’s the humbling part and I hate it. That’s worse than any spanking could be. Yech. *shudder*

So where does the gloating come in? Almost as soon as I came in and gave a full report of what the doc had to say (mild problem and I got some good drugs to fix it), Dan says he’s going to run some errands and needs the van. I about choked.

One of the reasons I was so tempted to not stop for fuel was because he very rarely drives the van. Even when we go places together in the van, I usually drive. I’d almost convinced myself that he’d never know but I knew the guilt would get to me. I couldn’t believe the one day I almost slipped was the day he needed to drive it. But I hadn’t slipped and the van had gas.

In fact, I was so proud of myself, I let him know that was fine because the tank was full. And then being the silly brat that I am, I told him the whole story. I even stressed the part about how much it burned me to fill it, too. I wasn’t going to let the opportunity go. I thought a deserved a prize for being good.

That wasn’t to be though. Dan saw it as an opportunity to gloat and gloat he did! He practically chortled with delight and I thought for a second he was going to break into a jig in the middle of our living room. He was crowing something about how communication was “finally achieved” but I was too busy rolling my eyes to listen.

Dan’s been exceedingly cheerful ever since so I guess it was worth it. In fact, he was so cheerful this morning that I got a vigorous welcome when I came out of the shower. He was at his computer and the little strap was handy so I got some very pretty red stripes on my bottom. Yup, I just checked and they’re still there. That’s nice and I *like* it because that spanking was for fun. As opposed to how I’d feel if I’d gotten those same marks because I’d let the fuel run low. Funny how that works, huh? *wink*


Busy Week

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I wanted to blog today and even had a nice long post in mind, but then I looked outside and realized I can’t let the day get away from me. I’ve been having a blast at work and it’s not until I come home that I realize I’m even tired. It’s worth it though, I love what I do. Besides, I know it’s only going to be like this for a little while longer so I want to give it all I can.

In the meantime, the house is a wreck because we never quite got things back in order after that long vacation. Heck, I’m not sure we’ve even unpacked all the bags. I’m just hoping in a couple of weeks, I don’t open a bag and get an ugly surprise. I don’t remember putting any perishables in my luggage, but it was a long trip and I was kinda loopy at the end.

I think if Dan should suddenly notice the chaos around us, I’ll take a page from this lady’s book.


“Honey, could you help me stick this hose in right?” That should get that pesky task postponed for another day at least, don’t you think? *grin*


Little Spankings

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Dan’s still feeling under the weather but I can tell he’s getting better. How? Because today I got a few little spankings to brighten my day.

I call them “little” since they don’t last long but they’re still fun. I sure enjoy them anyway. It’s not just because Dan’s sick that we haven’t had much time for spanky fun. I decided to go back to work and it’s taking up alot of my time and energy.

I’m excited to be back doing what I love and I think in a few days things will settle down enough for us to get in some serious play. I have some new toys that I can’t wait to try out so if nothing else, I need to try them out so I can report back.

Yeah, I know the real reason I want to play is because I’m a spank addict and I need to have my bottom properly warmed by a good spanking on a regular basis or I go crazy.

Poor Dan’s had to put up with me wiggling my bottom in his face several times a day even though I know I’ll get “spatularized” occasionally. “Spatularized” is Dan’s latest phrase for a spatula spanking. I’ll say this much for that evil rubber toy, it leaves a long lasting burn…a sort of *nice* long lasting burn now that I think about it. Oh wow! Did I really say that?

Hmmm maybe this is just part of Dan’s evil plan. He’ll keep me waiting until I get so desperate I even start to enjoy the spatula. I can almost hear his evil laugh. Uh-oh, my bottom may be in serious trouble. And somehow that doesn’t really bother me. *grin*


Looking Forward To My Upcoming Spanking

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Dan’s promised me a Really Big Spanking sometime soon and I’m anxiously waiting. And not too patiently either because unluckily it’s been posponed due to a stuffy head (his) and a slightly twisted knee (mine). *sigh*

It seems that vacation was a little harder on us than we thought. We may need another vacation to recover from this one. Who knew we were wearing ourselves down racing from one awesome experience to another? We couldn’t help it though because we were exploring places we’d never been before and we were amazed by it all. In case anyone is curious, we were taking on Alaska. That’s why it took a month!

It was absolutely awesome, too. I brought back some great souvenir items that I plan to give away in drawings at Spanking Den. It was so kind of them to sell miniature boat paddles with “Alaska” printed on them.

I’ve felt that kindness several times over on my bottom and I have to say, I like it. Mmmmm I like it alot! They’re made of a light wood so it’s nice and stingy without being too thuddy. They were so nice, I had to go back to the store and buy four more so I could share the feeling with my friends. *grin*

I know I’m being a tease by not posting a pic of these lovely paddles, but we haven’t found the charger for the camera. It’s gotta be somewhere in our luggage. I hope. Anyway, once I get the pics downloaded, I’ll give all the details about the drawings.

One thing I’d love to give away is that awful switch Dan found in the woods. Believe it or not, he brought that home as a souvenir. That thing had me wiggling and whimpering in no time which makes it a toy I don’t want to see a lot of…and he saved it! I’m just waiting for it to completely dry out so I can snap it into a dozen pieces and then jump up and down on the pieces until nothing’s left except a little dust! Did I mention that I didn’t like it?

I’m just glad my big spanking that’s coming up is going to be a fun one. There better not be any switches showing up for that one. I’ve already put in a request for my favorite toys like my pretty rose paddle, the tawse, and our lovely flogger. I’d like a yummy, hard spanking but Dan can be unpredictable. I’m thinking I might ought to hide the awful rubber spatula just in case. *wink*


Gorgeous Collar and Cuffs

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In the previous post’s comments, Richard said he’s been thinking about stainless steel collar and cuffs and it got me to thinking. Which led me to looking, and guess what I found among the collars and cuffs Eros Boutique?

sscuffs collar

I was really surprised by how much I liked the way they looked. I’d like a pink collar to go with my cuffs, but these stainless steel beauties are really slick looking. What a dilemma. Can a girl really have too many accessories?


Spanking Good Accessories

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I’ve been looking for kinky accessories for those special spanky times. I think I might have found what I’m looking for among the fetishwear at Lovers Package.


They also have a “Slave” wrist band like the “Submissive” one and a few other pretty things. I especially like the lovely pink collar with rhinestones. It’d go so well with my pink cuffs and paddle…ahh the joys of accessorizing!


Back In Spatula Town

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We were on the last leg of our journey home when Dan began teasing me about how much he’d let me get away with while on our vacation. I was skeptical but willing to play along since I was feeling fiesty and happy that we were almost home. I demanded to know just what I’d been doing that hadn’t been dealt with. According to him, there had been far too many unswatted wiggles so he planned to start counting them and deal with them when we got home.

I thought that was just too tempting and began wiggling in his face every chance I got. That is, until he got around to mentioning that he planned to deal with the wiggling count with the evil rubber spatula. By then I’d gotten up to about 18 wiggles. Eeeek!

How do I get myself into these situations? I was just feeling playful, I had no idea my bottom was in such dire peril. Dan was enjoying himself a little too much in my opinion and started referring to home as “Spatula Town.” He couldn’t wait to get home to Spatula Town and went on and on about how much fun we were going to have there. Hmph!

One of the funniest moments on the trip was when Dan realized he’d left his beloved rubber spatula at home by accident. Well, it was funny for me anyway. He practically looked heartbroken when he couldn’t find it. Luckily he had the new leather knot toy so all was not lost.

But now the vacation is over and we’re back in Spatula Town. I just need to find a way to distract him and keep him out of the kitchen so he forgets about the evil one for awhile. I had a plan but since it centered around me doing all the cooking and cleaning in there, it sort of fell apart. I’m still scheming though.

Unluckily I’m my own worst enemy. I *like* wiggling in his face and it’s taking all of my self control not to do it. Everytime I go past his chair, my bottom automatically goes into wiggle mode and I have to clinch my bottom and force myself to walk on by him. If I keep this up, he’s going to think I have something wrong with me. Especially since I’m walking around all stiff legged and pinched looking.

I think it may be time to get out of Spatula Town and go get some of my film developed. That should keep me out of harm’s way and spatula range for a little while anyway. Either way, I’ll have something new to report by tomorrow or something to show you.

Even if it is Spatula Town, it’s good to be home! Yay!

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