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Pretty Pictures

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I’m sorry but y’all will have to make do with pretty pictures from me for a few days. My youngest sister is getting married and I’m on the way home to help with preparations. I’m still in denial about her getting married so I won’t be thinking straight enough to make decent posts anyway. She’s just a baby, how can she be getting married? Aaaagh!

Okay, so she’s actually 25 and the crazy kinky sister who now has possession of my favorite riding crop (story here)…but still, she really can’t be getting married! I just hope she doesn’t wear the poor guy completely out on the honeymoon, she still has my riding crop, you know. *wink*


Brat Spanking

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Somehow today, I got spanked for someone else’s catfight. Can you believe it?

It started like this, I was describing the latest little bit of cattiness among my female acquaintances and Dan was supposed to be listening to my story. I assumed he was listening with interest since this was an important part of my day. Little did I realize he was just humoring me.

As I launced into round two of my story, he said casually, “Do you realize I’m as interested in what you’re saying right now, as you are in what that-girl-you-don’t-like says to you?”

I was so surprised and taken aback, I responded in the only way I knew how to. I stuck my tongue out at Dan.

Well, that of course, can only lead to one thing. I got spanked. And spanked with one of the stingy oar paddles. Ouchie!

Dan then explained that he was only teasing me when he said that to me. How was I supposed to know? All I know now is that I’m sitting on a bottom that still stings from that spanking.

Makes me wish I could pass it on to the brats that I was telling him about in the first place. I’m no top, but I’m starting to think I could actually do something like this. LOL



A Serious Spanking

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I’m just glad it’s not me! While exploring, I found this at Spanking Online under the description: Joanna gets a bare bottom caning – from the movie “Knickers Down Detention.”

Let me warn you now, this is not work safe. Ahem. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let me continue. I clicked on the link and looked at the first download. That’s the one that has “Knickers-Down Detention” written across the front of the thumbnail image. The music is a little funky, but what got my attention were the camera angles. Oh my! I’ll let y’all find out for yourself. Let me just say, I loved the facial expressions. *wink*

Right now, I’ve got to go prepare the prizes from the Den’s contest so I can get them in the mail tomorrow. If you’re interested in who the winners were, you’ll have to go over and check it out.

Let me just say this, the moose winner really deserved one of the paddles. I may have to try and sneak one of mine into her package without Dan noticing. If only I could get away with it! Hehehehe!


Kinky Reading

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Someone recommended this book to me and luckily I found it among the books at Love’s Package. I’m hoping it’s as good as my friend said it was because I never seem to get enough input on this lifestyle of ours. I generally prefer spanking fiction, but I thought this might be a good read.

Speaking of spanking fiction, I’ve been having a good time reading the entries for the Den’s contest. We’ve had some great entries and it’s really been fun. Unluckily it ends tomorrow and I’ll have to draw for winners. I knew I wouldn’t be able to judge the entries so instead, I’m taking the entrant’s names, putting them into bowls, and drawing for the winners. I just wish I could give everyone who entered a nice oar paddle.

Actually I’d like to give them mine! Darn but that thing stings and stings. Dan wasn’t happy just to have one either, there are two of those little oars hanging on our walls. There’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide from spanking implements in our place.

Did anyone see Dan’s post about trying to outrun a spanking? I have nowhere to run. Not so much because of the size of our present place, but because no matter what room I run into, there’s another implement hanging on the wall.

There’s the evil rubber spatula in the kitchen, miniature oar outside the kitchen, another oar in the hallway, small schoolmaster’s strap and short crop by his computer, bath brush in the bathroom, and countless toys in the bedroom. Sheesh!

Sometimes I catch myself running in circles because I can’t decide which implement I’d rather be spanked with at that particular moment. Don’t want to get caught running to the wrong implement! Then, once an implement is found, sometimes I’ll run around in circles some more while he spanks me.

I actually made myself dizzy the other day. I was already a little tender from the spatula and I sure didn’t want to take a chance on any bath brush action, so I was on the run with nowhere to go. I just sort of danced around while Dan laughed at me. Right before he grabbed one of the oars off the wall, of course. Then I did a different kind of dance.

We really need to find a bigger place. There will still be plenty of implements to spread around, but at least I won’t be making myself dizzy as much. *grin*



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I’m in the middle of a serious chocolate craving so this won’t be a long post. Unluckily I’ve run through my supply here and I’m getting desperate. In fact, if Dan hadn’t had a couple of candy bars stashed away, it might’ve gotten ugly around here last night.

On the upside, it gave him the opportunity for a sneak attack with the rubber spatula! That’s when we both found out just how intense my desire for chocolate can be. I had gotten to the bottom of my bag of little chocolates and was complaining about that, when I spotted a couple of pieces under the kichen table. They must have slipped out of the bag and rolled under there.

I immediately dove under the table with my bottom up in the air and I guess it was just too much temptation for Dan. He went for the spatula that hangs on the wall and gave me a couple of quick hard swats with it. And I just kept on searching for loose chocolate. It’s a good thing I managed to gather up all the loose ones fairly quickly, or my bottom might be really sore today.

What was really funny was that it sort of surprised Dan when I didn’t come out yelping and squawking like I normally do when he spanks me with that spatula, instead I just sort of growled a little. I wasn’t about to be deterred in my search for chocolate. That’s when he came up with that surprise stash of his. I don’t know if it was the growling or the crazed look in my eye that prompted him to give it up.

This isn’t the first time Dan’s managed to find me some chocolate that he’s stashed away somewhere. I’m beginnning to wonder if he’s keeping hidden reserves for me. Hmmmmm and if he is, where are they now?

Before I get sidetracked on that idea, I’ve got to tell you about the crazy chocolate ideas I came up with last night. In my head (a scary place at the moment), I was designing kinky chocolate candies. I can see it now, little chocolate paddles, straps, and hairbrushes for candy dishes and bigger versions of those, the size of large candy bars. I could make all sizes and shapes!

That would combine two of my favorite cravings, chocolates and spankings. Yummy!


Pretty Bottoms All In A Row

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It’s a lazy Sunday around here so we’re taking it easy and relaxing. I’ve been spending alot of time at the Den so I’m all computered out. Ever since we got the new server, it’s been so much more fun. It loads faster, we can post faster, and I put up new smilies for the message box. It’s been great.

Since I’m being lazy, maybe the Den is a good alternative if you want a good read. We’ve got some good stories, discussions, and some really fun contest entries.

For now, I think I’ll drag Dan off for a little snuggle and maybe a nap. *grin*


I’ve Been Spatularized!

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I thought I was doing pretty good under the New Regime. I’ve done a good job keeping Dan out of the kitchen where his beloved evil rubber spatula hangs on the wall for quite some time. Whenever he comes in, I chase him out. He thinks it’s funny and that’s fine, as long as he stays away from that spatula.

But this week, none of my usual tactics were working. No amount of subterfuge could keep his mind off the spatula. Every time I turned around, there he was menacing me with that evil thing. If he wasn’t trying to get past me into the kitchen, he was threatening to go get it.

I cannot believe how intense that nasty rubber thing is. One good smack with it and I’m hopping around the room clutching my bottom. It delivers a burn that always gets to me. I love me some spanking, but that thing is intense. The only good thing about it is that it leaves a pleasant sore spot that lasts for a couple of days. It just takes alot of rubbing to get to the pleasantness.

Yesterday morning to top it off, he followed it up with a couple from the cane and the brat loop. I was going shopping and he wanted to send me off with an ouchie bottom. It worked! LOL

It’s been a loooonng week, I’ve got a soooorre bottom, and a big silly grin on my face. Now I’m just wondering what the weekend will bring. *grin*


I Love Spanking!

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Okay, so we already knew that, but sometimes I just feel like saying it. Dan and I both enjoy spanking in it’s many forms. We mainly enjoy the sexual side of spanking. Even the discipline has sexual implications.

I’m not saying I get excited from being disciplined, because I don’t. But it helps define the dynamics of our relationship and reminds us both what our roles are in this relationship. Even a quick swat delivered because I’m being mouthy reminds me of who I am and who I belong to. I get a warm fuzzy feeling and I become “sweet” (according to Dan).

Of course, Dan likes seeing the quick and lasting results from that kind of spanking. He’s still pleased with himself over the fact that I’ve been watching my fuel gauge like a hawk. I don’t want to go through any of that again and he’s glad to hear it since it was a dangerous habit. I hate to admit it, but I needed that spanking to help me break that habit. *sigh*

Still, I much prefer the fun spankings. I like the quick swats I get when I’m fresh from the shower, the short spankings I get for being sassy, the funny, flirtatious ones when we’re lazing around in bed, and the long, romantic spankings that always end in great lovemaking sessions. The quickies or the more intense, it doesn’t matter, I love them all!

I don’t know why it turns me on to have my bottom spanked, but it does. I see no point in worrying about it, I am what I am – a spanko. I’ve noticed a few of my fellow spankos don’t like admitting that. That’s fine for them, but for me it would never work.

I always believed the first step to getting what I wanted was to acknowledge the goal. You can’t achieve a goal that you keep locked up inside you or one that you can’t even say out loud. I’ll say it, I’ll write it, I’ll share it, I’ll buy the implements if I have to, anything I have to do to own that part of me.

I’ve acknowledged my kinks and desires and explored them thoroughly to find my way. I’m a spanko and a submissive which is a powerful thing. I know that. I learned a long time ago, there is no true dominance without submission and that made my submission a powerful gift. I waited and hungered for the one I could fully give my gift to. I’m beyond happy that one is Dan.

So here I am, happy to be a spanko like me. ‘Cause you know, I really love spankings! Spanking, spanking, spanking! There, I’ve said it. I really like watching it, too. Especially when it’s set to a techno beat; “Hear My Name” by Armand Van Helden

Now I’m off to do a little shopping and you know what that means, a little pre-shopping spanking to keep me sweet. *grin*


A Little Tied Up

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And not in the good way like this.


I promise, I’ll make a nice blog post as soon as I get loose! If I don’t, y’all can tell Dan to spank me. *grin*


Sorority Spanking

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That’s an awfully big padlde she’s using on those girls! From the looks of what’s etched into that paddle, I’d say this was some sort of pseudo sorority picture shoot. That’s not exactly how I remember sorority life when I was in college. But you know, I might have stayed in my sorority if there’d been more of this sisterly bonding going on in the house. *grin*


Spanking Den Contest

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When I first started Spanking Den we were hosting it on our old server and it just didn’t work. It turned out that our poor old server couldn’t handle the forum. It was slow and painful to post sometimes. I knew we needed to move it to a new server but with one thing or another going on, it just didn’t happen. Until now!

We’ve moved the Den to a new server and it’s working great. I’m amazed by how well it’s working and we’re all excited about it. So excited I decided to have a contest to celebrate our new speedy server. We have prizes!


That’s a moose with a timer in his belly and two miniature boat paddles that have “Alaska” on them. They’re goodies we picked up on our vacation and I think they’re too cute. The timer would be good for timed spankings, timeouts, or corner time for you naughty brats. The paddles are small but they pack some serious sting. I should know, we bought some for our own use. Very ouchie!

To enter the contest you have to become a member of the Den (if you haven’t already – it’s free and easy) and submit an original spanking limerick or nanofiction. Even if you’re not sure about how to write either one, go to the Contest area and look for the announcement for Oct 2005, and read the instructions. I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible. Read the requirements, post your entry to the appropriate thread, and wait for the prizes to be awarded.

Yeah, I said “prizes” and I’m still waiting for mine. So you brats who need a prize or you tops that like to give them, head over to the Den and join in the fun.


Big Fun Spanking

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Dan gave me a really nice spanking last night. He started out by giving me a lovely warm-up while I laid across his lap on the bed, happy to be getting such nice attention. Once my bottom was nice and warm, he continued my spanking with our lovely rose paddle. That paddle is one of my absolute favorites. Besides being lovely, it delivers a delicious stinging spank that gets me purring in no time.

I could have laid there all night, but Dan decided I needed more, so he told me to go get the tawse and bring it to him. I like the tawse so I hopped right up, got it, and laid right back down over his lap again.

Dan began applying the tawse all over my bottom and the top of my thighs. It was quite a switch from the rose paddle but it felt great. I guess I must have been ready for a little more sting after all that warming up. I don’t know but it just felt wonderful and he had me wiggling all over the place in no time.

I was just starting to feel the burn settling into my bottom when Dan decided he wanted more leverage. He stood up while I stretched out along the foot of the bed. As I kneeled up a little and waited for him to pick out another implement, Dan spotted the pig tail plug among our toys. The plug was a gift he found for me among these fun plugs at Extreme Restraints and I’ve always thought it was just too cute. I’d still like either the bunny tail or the fox tail plug, too, btw…hint, hint.


I’d about forgotten about that one but I was feeling willing to try anything at that point. Dan lubed me up and slipped the pig tail right in. That’s always an odd feeling at first but I was encouraged by Dan who kept telling me how cute it was. I wiggled my butt around a little and giggled while imagining what it must’ve looked like.

I settled down though when Dan returned to my side with my favorite big flogger. As he flogged me around, under, and over the plug, the sensation was amazing. I just laid there and moaned, enjoying the feeling. That flogger is heavy enough to feel thuddy where the body of the tails land while the tails leave little stingy bites wherever they land.

After flogging my bottom to a nice red glow, Dan decided it was time to remove the plug. He took it out then told me to roll over and move up to the head of the bed. He quickly followed me onto the bed and made sweet, intense love to me. By the time Dan was done with me, I was completely satisfied and limp as a wet noodle. It’s the next day and I’m still feeling the afterglow. Mmmmmm I’m feeling yummy all over.


Brush Spanking

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The ever useful Fuller Brush is put to good use here!


I thought this was so cute, I just had to post it.


Bottoms Up!

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I was cruising around the net and found some goodies at
Extreme Restraints that look very promising.

I like mixing my bondage kink with my spanking kink so I was looking through their Bedroom Bondage area for something fun when I found these.


I really think Dan would appreciate it because during a spanking, I wouldn’t be able to put my hands back or wiggle away so easily. And I just don’t see me hobbling away in that contraption. LOL


Now I can see this one serving different purposes…and they’re all yummy!

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