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Quick Update

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I’m still pulling my hair out here…literally at times! It’s been kinda windy around here lately and as I was rushing to get into my car, I accidently caught some of my hair in the door, then not having noticed, ripped those hairs out when I turned my head to see if I could back up. Ouch!

It’s funny how I can enjoy getting my bottom spanked good and hard, but a few pulled hairs got me screaming like I was being killed. My poor passengers didn’t exactly enjoy it either. My sister was fascinated by the hairs hanging from the window though and even commented on how much that must have hurt since the roots were still attached to those hairs. Hmph!

That was one of those moments when I realized I really must have a tough butt after all. I’ll take a hard spanking with any number of implemets and just wiggle and moan, but yank out a few hairs and I’m shrieking like a big baby. Good pain vs bad pain. And I really *like* the good pain! LOL

Besides that little epiphany, not much to report in our corner of the spanko world. I’m still running crazy with my sisters trying to put on the finishing touches to this crazy winter wedding we’re planning. That doesn’t leave much energy for great spanko fun. Dan’s been so sweet and patient about this whole thing that I try to thank him properly when I can. Properly meaning blowjob in case you were wondering. *grin*

I guess I better jump back into the fray but I wanted to mention something. Brett and Hiromi have moved Panties, Panties, Panties to a new address: so if you have their old addy, it’s time to update it and go visit them in their new digs. As always, they have great pics of undies and Hiromi to share – I especially love those panty girdles. Very yummy!


Waiting For A Spanking

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Right now there are too many people hanging around waiting for turkey so there’s not any kind of spanking going on here today. And it’s such a good day for spanking, too! I’ve been feeling stressed and today I have no appointments to keep or phone calls to make. I need some spanking time!

Oh well, since I couldn’t get a spanking I decided to surf around seeing how other brats get their spankings.


This pic is from Spanking Vids where they’re offering some free samples of their offerings. I *like* that scene. See that mirror in front of her? That could be fun or scary depending on the spanking, but I’m always kinda curious to see what’s going on and I wonder what kind of faces I’m making.

Mirrors play a big part in my spanko life. I have full length mirros so I can look at my bottom after a good spanking. I’m not as gleeful about my marks as Dan is, but I still like to look. There’s something about seeing my bottom glowing a nice rosy red that I always enjoy. Yummy!


I’m Baaaaaack!

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It’s still a little crazy around here, but I’ve got my computer set up again at least. The holiday and wedding preparations are coming along nicely but there are times when I find myself getting a little frazzled. Nothing a good long spanking won’t cure though, I just have to stop running around long enough to get one.

It’s been so crazy, I almost let the gas gauge get below a quarter. Almost! I’m frazzled, not insane, you know. *grin*


Spank Me Attitude

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Something about that stance just screams “spank me” don’t you think?


But then it could just be me. Everything about a bare bottom screams “spank me” in my eyes…that includes my own of course!


Kinky DVD’s

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When I found this in the fetish DVD selection at Lovers Package, it caught my interest. You see I’m a fan of that goofy reality show, Fear Factor and I’ve always wondered what a kinky version of that show would be like.

I don’t know anything about this movie but I’d watch it just to see if it’s anything like my fantasy version. In my version, there’d be lots of bondage, implements, and other fun things. It’s not like there’s already plenty of bondage on that show anyway. Kinda makes you wonder who comes up with those stunts doesn’t it? LOL


A Good Old Fashioned Spanking

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There’s nothing quite like a nice vintage over the knee spanking like this one. He’s even got the grip on the wrist. It’s classic and I love it.

I also have to say, I love the way her undies and slip frame her bottom. I love that type of frilly undergarments. Yummy!


A Strapping Good Time

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This is an image from one of the many movies found at Spank My Bottom. I was entertained by the clips and I’d like to view the whole thing once we’re no longer traveling. I’m kinda curious about those tights of hers.

LOL I know, I’m hung up on undergarments. Dan’s always teasing me about needing more luggage for all my underwear. He may actually be closer to the truth than I’d like to think. *grin*

Patty’s Spanking Timer

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I’ve mentioned that Patty from A Creative Spanked Wife won the Timer Moose from the Spanking Den’s contest, and now it seems Fred is putting it to use already! She posted about the moose’s involvement in Fred’s birthday here.

There’s this Moose that came into our house as if it was a birthday gift for Fred. It’s a sixty minute timer. Timing for a timer if you can believe that! Lordy!!!!! Goodness gracious people! Since when is a birthday spankin measured in minutes? X-KE-USE-ME! 54 years is 54 spanks, 22 years is 22 spanks… What’s with this minutes thing?????? I do NOT care if a timer came on his birthday. First of all it’s a corner timer, not a spanking timer honey!!!! Give me 54 spanks for your 54 years and I’ll happily stand in the corner for 54 minutes.

Awwww! It does my heart good to know that cute little moose has found the perfect home. *grin*


Beware Hotel Spanking Implements!

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We’re still on the road, but I wanted to issue a traveler’s advisory to you other brats. Whenever you check into a hotel room, check to make sure the curtains don’t have those nasty plastic rods attached to them. You know, the ones they attach to the tops so you can pull them closed easily.

I’ve always appreciated them before because I’m not all that tall and they kept me from bouncing around in front of my windows trying to get the curtains drawn completely closed. But now, I don’t ever want to see another one of those again..ever!

You see, Dan’s had his eyes on them all along and has even tried to remove one before because he thought they’d make great spanking toys. Luckily, they’re usually put them on well enough that they’re not easily removed. Today though, we checked into a place that didn’t have theirs as well secured. In fact, one of the rods was completely off and lying on the sill.

That alone was bad enough, but Dan just happened to find it after I’d let off a little grumpy steam. The last couple of traveling days have been a little rough so it was natural. Too bad he didn’t think so.

It was a long clear plastic rod and just looking at it, I knew it was going to hurt. I wasn’t too eager to try it out but Dan made me bend over my bed and gave me three whacks with that thing. He did it over my pants but it still stung like crazy. Wow! That thing was ouchie!

Later he bent me over the vanity and gave me another quick spanking with the smaller one from the bathroom window. It turns out even that one stings like the devil. Grrrrr!

It looks like I’m going to have to screen the places we stay at a little more carefully from now on. I wonder what the reservation desk agents would think if I asked them if the curtains in their hotel came with those plastic rods? I’m sure they’d think I was crazy and probably wouldn’t know…but it couldn’t hurt to ask since I know for sure it really does hurt if they do have them! LOL


Bettie With A Whip!

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It’s funny but when I saw this picture, “Whip It” by Devo started playing in my head. “Crack that whip!”

Okay, now it’s stuck in yours, right? *grin*


Some Vintage Spanking

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