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Big Paddle Spanking

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My what a big paddle you have!


I found this among the movies at Spanking Vids today and that paddle caught my eye. Wow! I like my spankings big but that’s a bit much even for me.

Yet, I still can’t help but wonder what it would feel like. It didn’t sound too bad in the video clip. Uh-oh! This is another of those times when my spanko greediness makes me want things…big, bad things, things that will hurt, things that will make me squeal, things that will make me clutch desperately at my bottom, things that will make me…happy. Uh-oh again! *wink*


Bargain Spanking Toy

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I found this lovely bath set at an after holiday sale and couldn’t resist buying it.


It’s got everything a girl needs for bath time; a couple of loofah scrubs, a mesh sponge, and a nice wooden bath brush. That’s right, a handy little bath brush. Not that the brush will ever be used for it’s intended purposes. I know a spanking toy when I see one, and I couldn’t believe my good luck in finding such a pretty new toy and it was on sale, too!

I was quite pleased with my purchase so I immediately showed it to Dan when I got home, and as soon as I got it out of the package, he bent me over for a trial spanking. Because the handle is angled a little, he had to experiment quite a bit to get the “feel” of it. In the meantime, I was definitely getting the feel of it and started to realize that brush might not have been such a bargain after all. It stung and I had the feeling I’d be paying for it, over and over again. *wink*

I thought that by getting another bath brush, Dan would have an alternative to the big bath brush for those after-shower spankings we both enjoy. A nicer alternative, I should say.

When Dan uses the big brush, he only gives me a few swats because it’s heavy and doesn’t take much to leave an impression. Especially since we only play with it when I’m fresh from a shower and my bottom is all soft and tender. I thought a lighter brush would make a nice change once in a while.

It’s nice alright – nice and stingy! Although not as intense as the big brush, is easier to handle and because it’s lighter, can be used longer…much longer. I found that out the other morning when I got to spend quite a bit of time bent over the side of the bed while Dan used it to color my bottom a pretty shade of red.

I had a nice glow going for quite a while after that, I must admit. I doubt it’s the same glow the people who packaged that set intended, but I’m happy. And it was on sale! Yay!

The best part is, I went back and bought a few more of those bath sets to share with my fellow spankos. I’m planning another contest at the Den and they’ll make great prizes. That’s right, I said prizes! LOL


Panties That Needed Paddling

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I’m finally over my cold but I was still feeling kinda grumpy when I got out of the shower this morning and couldn’t find anything I wanted to wear. That’s when I decided it would be a good day to wear my panties that have the word “Grumpy” written in red across the back.

Okay, I’m sure you all know where this is going. I kinda knew, too, but I couldn’t resist it. It’s the same urge that causes me to wiggle my bottom at him when I know the only implement in the room is that extra stingy acrylic cane. Sometimes my bottom just wants some attention and there’s no controlling the urge.

Not to mention the fact that Dan had already told me that wearing those particular panties would only result in him wanting to spank the grumpy right out of me. I knew exactly where I was heading.

That’s why as I stood there fresh from the shower and only wearing my Grumpy panties and a grin, I yelled down the hallway to Dan, “Hey, I’m wearing the Grumpy panties!”

Dan immediately came down the hall, bent me over the bed, and grabbed my lovely leather fraternity paddle off its hook.


Wheee! That’s one heck of a paddle! Have I mentioned it has a steel spring sewn inside of it? I love leather paddles for the sting but I like a little more thud as well so I love the way this one feels. It really leaves quite a burning sting when used right. And Dan used it just right, which was exactly what I needed to get my day started off with a smile.

I hope he doesn’t think I’m pushing it, but I think I’ll wear my “I’m Feeling Grouchy Today” panties tomorrow. *grin*

(Paddle from Extreme Restraints.)


I’m Wishing…

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I wish Dan could spank the snot out of me, I really do. ‘Cause then maybe my head wouldn’t feel so congested. Yup, we have colds. Yucky, yucky colds. But at least it’s not the flu, I took that shot.

Luckily, before I got really sick I managed to stock up on juices and snacks so we’ll just hunker down here in our house and wait it out. It’s a good thing I have a new game that will keep my mind off my troubles. Or should I say keep my bottom out of trouble?

If we weren’t so sick, I think Dan really would’ve taken me up on his threat (in the last post’s comments) to give the Brat Loop a good work-out. Ohhhh if only we weren’t! That’s how sick I am, I’m wishing we could play with the Brat Loop! I think it’s the fever talking. *wink*

I guess I should make the most of this downtime and start looking for some nice Valentine goodies online. I’m thinking a little bling bling might be in order. Of course, my idea of that might be a little different from most folks. For instance, I *like* these pretty things.


They’re all this girl needs to feel dressed up. I think I like the red one, it seems more appropriate for Valentine’s Day don’t you think? *grin*


New Spanking Smilies

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I’ve been having fun with animation again so I thought I’d share the results here. I started with this smiley.


Then when a conversation at the Den turned to the Brat Loop, I made some changes.


That’s when the conversation went a little astray. It seems my Brat Loop smiley was the cause of the thread going off-topic. I tried to get us back on the topic of hotel spankings with this effort.


But I failed and we were hopelessly off course. So I used my crazy moderator skills and started a new thread, moving all the off-topic posts to a new thread. Where Katie suggested a hairbrush, so of course, I had to make another smiley.


Whew! Now I’m thinking, what other implements can I put in this smiley’s hand? I guess a cane is the next logical toy, but maybe I should try making a paddle like my new black leather one. Or maybe…I better stop now before I end up with a whole bunch of well equipped spanko smilies. *grin*


Spanking And Crafting

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I’ve been working on getting a new digital camera (which means I’ve been searching online and sending Dan links to cameras I like) and I hope to receive one for Valentine’s Day/our anniversary. We sort of combine the two dates since our anniversary is on February 15. Two days of wild celebration. I can barely wait!

In the meantime, I get to find the perfect camera for my big gift. Okay, so it’s not exactly romantic or spontaneous to tell him exactly what I want, but I’d rather get what I want than something unexpected and ummm well, you know how men can be. It’s just easier on both of us. Besides, I’ve never been a woman of mystery so there’s no point in starting now.

So I’ve decided on a fancy digital camera. It’ll be for fun as well as for more ambitious things like saving those precious moments in our life. I fully expect some of those precious moments to be post-spanking.

Digital cameras are great for spankos like us who like to see the after effects of a good spanking. Dan often likes to take pictures of my bottom when the marking is still fresh. I’ve mentioned his interest in marks before and this is a way he can keep a more lasting memory of his handiwork.

That’s what got me thinking. I should combine my loves of spanking, photography, and scrapbooking and start my own spanking scrapbook! I could have all kinds of fun sorting through the pics and deciding how to categorize them. There could be sections for good girl spankings, not so good girl spankings, floggings, canings, and anything else I can think of.

I’ll definitely have to put in a section for the more memorable spankings with sidenotes about what had been used and for how long. It could get really interesting really quickly.

I just wish I’d thought of this sooner. Like last week when I had that really impressive cane mark from the new toy. Darn that lexan cane is a stingy one!

Yesterday, Dan spanked me with it over my jeans and it still left marks! I couldn’t believe how bad it burned, too. I wasn’t shy about letting him know about it, for what little good it did me. It seems he enjoyed the way I howled, clutched my bottom with both hands, and flopped around on the bed trying to work the burn out. It burned like fire though and my poor bottom was tender for the better part of the day.

And you know what the worst part is? I can’t remember what I did to deserve that. Not that it matters, my reaction was so entertaining that all I’ve been hearing is how “we’ll do that again.” I just wish Dan wouldn’t sound so eager when he says it. It probably would’ve helped if I hadn’t been grinning when I was clutching and flopping. I tried to say I was grimacing, but he didn’t buy it. I think it was the laughing that gave me away. Like I said before, I’ve never been a woman of mystery. *grin*


The Christmas Cane

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This is a pic of my new lexan cane from Extreme Restraints.

This wasn’t the type of cane I was expecting in my stocking this year, but I’ve been enjoying it all the same. It’s also not a defective light saber either, I’m sorry to say. I’m really sorry right after he’s landed a particularly hard stroke with it. *grin*

I still can’t believe how much that little thing stings! It looks so cool but it burns like crazy. Right after we got it, we were playing around with it, and Dan was just giving me a few light strokes with it when I decided it was more than I’d bargained for.

I was lying facedown on the bed getting to know my new toy, when Dan landed a real stingy stroke. It wasn’t too bad at first, but then the burn started to build up awfully quick. I started bouncing around, whimpering and complaining, just as Dan’s next stroke came down. That stroke landed hard and more to the side than he had planned for.

Wow! I yelped and started grabbing at my bottom but that was one of those strokes that couldn’t be helped by rubbing. I rubbed all around the area, while Dan checked out the injured area and pronounced it good. I tried to convince him it wasn’t good at all, but he was too impressed with the welt it left. Go figure! LOL

I have to admit, once I got a good look at the welt, I was fairly impressed as well. I may not be as into marks as Dan is, but I still like to see some results. That was a good welt, too, I felt it for the rest of the day. That’s amazing with my tough bottom. It usually takes a lot more effort on his part to leave any soreness.

The next day was a different story. The welt was gone and I was feeling pretty good about the whole experience, so it was time to try the cane out a little more. I was about to go out for a little shopping, so Dan decided a little pre-shopping caning was in order. This time Dan was trying for “hot crossed buns.”

I laid out on the bed and Dan gave me three good strokes with the cane. He gave me two straight across, and then one crossing the other two. They weren’t nearly as hard as the previous one that left the impressive welt, but those three strokes still got my attention. Wheeeeee!

As soon as he said that was it, I immediately started rubbing with both hands trying to relieve some of that sting. It didn’t do much good though because it burned on and on. It slowly subsided into a nice even warmth that I really enjoyed though.

It’s a pretty intense little toy, but so far, I’m really enjoying it. That could be a problem later if that part of me that I refer to as “Pain Slut” gets any say. Pain Slut may get so greedy that she’ll ask for a long caning with that thing or something just as ridiculous. That’s the great thing problem about that part of me, it always gets me in trouble by asking for the more intense toys and even enjoys them!

I’ll write an update about the cane as soon as that part of me gets her way. It shouldn’t be too long before that happens, Dan know what he’s doing by introducing that cane like he has. He’s just been teasing me with these little sessions with it. Now I’m starting to wonder what a nice long session would be like. I could be in trouble, but that’s the kind of trouble I like. *wink*

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