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Spanking Den Anniversary

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It’s been a year since we opened the Spanking Den so we’re having a little celebration and giving away these prizes. Of course, you have to be a member and enter the contests, but that’s not all that hard…really!

I own two of those prizes already and have them applied to my bottom on a regular basis so I can vouch for them. The oar paddle is extra stingy and that handle gives him some serious leverage and reach. Ouchie!

As for the bath brush, that’s one nice little toy. It’s not too heavy but still delivers a nice thuddy spank. It’s great for otk and has a little angle to reach those hard to spank spots.

If you haven’t visited the Den, go over and check us out, we’d love to have you join us!

*Note: The oar paddle and bath brushes we are giving away are NOT the implements that have been used on me; the prizes are new and therefore butt oil free.*


A Spanking To Look Forward To

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Lovers Package

We found these fun new toys at a Lovers Package store we visited recently. The clamps can be found at their online site and are great! I wanted some adjustable clamps because the ones we currently have are either too light or too intense. These are a little heavier but they stay on and don’t fall off easily. I really like the fact that they’re adjustable so their intensity can be moved up or down depending on our play.

The flogger is really nice! I like it anyway. Dan’s not so sure it’s much of a serious toy though. As you can see, the flogger’s ends are wrapped with rabbit fur which makes it very interesting to play with, for me anyway. *wink*

The salesgirl assured me it would hold up to wear but he’s not convinced. We haven’t had much of a chance to try it out though. Dan keeps saying he’s saving it for a spanking when I’ve been extra good.

I know, it may take me awhile to acheive that status…but I’m trying! I think it’ll be yummy.

The tips of the flogger feel really nice when they’re trailed over the skin and it has a nice light thud where the tips land. Dan’s afraid if he uses it like the other floggers, the tips will break off or come undone somehow. I say then don’t use it too vigorously. Like that’s going to happen! He and I both tend to get a little carried away when we’re playing. A few toys have met their match after being applied to my tough bottom. It always makes me sad though (right after I stop giggling) and I really don’t want to ruin this toy. I guess we’ll just have to see how it holds up.

I’m just afraid once I finally earn my extra good spanking, that we’ll be playing, things will heat up like they always do, and that flogger may get used a little too vigorously and our bedroom will end up looking like the site of a bunny massacre. That’ll be so sad…after I stop giggling furiously, of course.


I Needed Help With My Corset

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Luckily for me I found what I needed in this post by Am at Burblings.

When I bought my corset, I was more concerned with how it looked and how I would look in it. I’ve only recently become interested in wearing a corset and I was more focused on aesthetics than the practicality of the idea. I just thought I’d put it on, tighten it up, and it’d look fabulous. I didn’t realize there was more to it than that, but once I got my lovely new corset out of it’s packaging, I realized I was going to need some assistance. And not with just tying the thing up. This is a serious piece of lingerie and I wondered how other people managed them.

It’s a good thing Am posted that advice when she did, too. I was beginning to worry I wouldn’t be able to put mine to good use and that would’ve been a shame because it’s a lovely corset. Now I have some good advice I can put to use which really makes me happy. Thanks Am!

Photo found at Retro Raunch.


Lazy Sunday

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We’re having a lazy Sunday around here, nothing special going on. I’m still trying to find a comforable sitting position…

Image was found at Retro Raunch.


Tender Spanked Bottom

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I was hoping to slowly get my bottom back up to it’s normal tough spanking form, but fate stepped in to change that. Friday Dan went to the market and came back with a new bath brush. Can you believe they sell bath brushes at the corner market? I thought it was safe sending him there. Hmph!

This brush is a serious spanking implement, too! Wow! I couldn’t believe it the first time he smacked my poor unsuspecting bottom with it. It hurt, hurt, hurt! I yelped and grumbled but that only made him want to try his new toy out more. He especially liked the way I was furiously rubbing my bottom as soon as he said he was done. Luckily he only gave me a few swats to for practice and then put it away with the promise that we’d play with that one some more later. Much later I’d hoped.

Normally I like getting new toys even more than Dan does. I’m the spank slut that enjoys finding toys everywhere I go; Walmart, cooking stores, pet stores, hardware stores, toy stores, pretty much every store. Too bad we’d let my poor bum get out of practice. My libido was willing but my bottom was tender. But like Dan had promised me, it wasn’t as tender as it was going to be.

This morning as I wandered around half asleep, Dan lured me back into bed for what I thought was a quick snuggle. After a few kisses, Dan reached under his pillow and pulled out the new bath brush. I should’ve known by the evil glint in his eye that I was in trouble. Not “bad” trouble, but the good kind. Still I was in trouble!

He had me roll over and kneel up so my bottom made the perfect target for his new toy. From the first spank I knew my bottom was going to be feeling this spanking for some time. He gave me a few hard swats with his hand before he used the brush. It didn’t matter, no warm up in the world was going to prepare me for that evil brush. It burned hard and deep into my bottom.

Dan would stop between swats with the bath brush and rub just enough to make me relax, then he’d give me a few hand swats before going back to the brush. My bottom was really out of practice so I was really feeling the burn. I whimpered and pushed my face into the pillows but at the same time, that wonderful and telling glow was spreading. The warmth moved out across my bottom and down between my legs. As much as I was beginning to hate that brush, I was enjoying that sharp tingle that it was producing.

I guess it was pretty obvious that I wasn’t in real distress because when Dan reached between my spread thighs, he found me wet and willing. I moaned and leaned into his hand which made him chuckle and comment on how much I was enjoying our new brush. I couldn’t exactly argue about that so I just pushed my face into the pillow and moaned softly.

I’m not sure how long he spanked me before he told me to roll over and then made love to me. Sex after a good spanking is always intense for me. Having my sore bottom pushed down onto the bed adds to the excitement and then the clenching of those muscles only makes me feel it more. It was quite a blur of heat and lust but we needed it. Mmmmm.

I’ve spent the rest of this day trying to find a comfortable position to sit in. Even now I’m shifting from cheek to cheek trying to find an unspanked spot to rest my weight on. It’s not working too well though, Dan pretty thoroughly spanked my sit spot. Not that I’m complaining though! It’s kinda nice to have a tender bottom. He was right about that one, it’s a lot more tender than it had been…a whole lot more tender. *grin*


Tender Bottom

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This could be bad; I think I’m developing a tender bottom. Dan just gave me a quick light session with two of our canes and now I’m sitting on a warm and stinging bottom. Normally that wouldn’t make much of an impression on my tough butt. It was a quick and fun spanking with just a few strokes from the smallest and then the biggest of our rattan canes. In the past, that wouldn’t have even put much of a blush on my tush. This time though, it made a literal impression. I can actually see a couple of marks. This new and unsettling development leads me to wonder if my bottom is out of practice.

We’ve been kinda busy with many things lately and I haven’t been getting my usual heavy doses of regular spankings. Does this mean if I don’t get my usual hard spankings on a regular basis that my bottom will get soft and I’ll feel even the light spankings more? Uh-oh! I could be in trouble here. That is until Dan gets me back on my usual schedule of regular spankings. Would it be too much if I suggested that he get with the program and get my bottom back into shape?

I can hear him now. He’ll be crowing about his New Regime and chasing me around with implements. I don’t mind the chasing around with the implements part, I rather enjoy that actually. It’s the crowing that’ll be hard to take. But I guess I’ll just have to deal with it if I want my bottom to get back into its usual good spanking form. *grin*


In My Fantasies…

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I think this would be fun to try. At least fun to try out on the comment spammers, of course, not on me!

In case anyone’s wondering, I accidently deleted a couple of comments then had to republish them each myself from my saved folder. If you made a comment recently and it’s no longer visible, it might have been a victim of my mass spam deletion. Sorry about that! I tried to republish the ones I caught as soon as I realized it, but I was deleting a few thousand spam comments and I got a little bleary-eyed after the first couple thousand. Darn those comment spam robots!


We Have A New Toy!

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This is Extreme Restraint’s Violet Wand Kit! Isn’t it lovely and thrilling at the same time? I can’t wait to play with it as I’ve been wanting one for some time now.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions, tips, or stories about this toy? Comments aren’t being sent into moderation any longer so feel free to tell me all!

As soon as we get a chance to play with it I’ll be back with my own report. Yay!

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