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Beach Fun

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It’s time to find a good secluded beach for some serious fun in the sun. I just need a few Appletinis and I’ll be rolling around in the surf like this. Wheee!


Summertime And The Switching Is Easy…

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That’s what Dan was singing to me the other day anyway. I’m not so sure it’s true, at least on my end. Pun intended btw.

We’ve been out enjoying the summer but we haven’t indulged in any outdoor spankings yet. It’s on the agenda but so far we haven’t found the right opportunity. Wouldn’t you know it, other people want to get out and enjoy the great outdoors the same as us.

Until I can come back with a good spanking report, I’ll just have to post some fun summertime pics instead. Enjoy!


In Search Of New Spanking Toys

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I’m sure Dan wishes all deckhands looked like this, but no such luck so far. Instead he’s had to settle for looking for new spanking toys everywhere we go. We’ve seen some interesting things on display that looked like they might be fun, but they weren’t for sale.

Then we went into Wallyworld on a lightning run and somehow he found a sturdy plastic paint stirrer. In case you’re not familiar with my shopping history, Daniel finds it helps him keep his sanity if he makes a deal with me before we go into any store together. If it’s a “lightning run,” that means we run in, get what we went there for, and then go home. That’s it, no extra items, no dawdling in the panty aisle, no getting lost in electronics, no trying on of shoes, makeup, or clothes; nothing I consider normal for a shopping trip.

So there we were on a lightning run and he finds a plastic paint stirrer. It’s bad enough that I had to scurry around the place like a maniac so I’d be ready to checkout when he was, but he mananged to find that thing! I even raced through their panty selection and didn’t give it the thorough examination it deserved.

That’s saying a lot because I recently found a cute pink thong with brat written across the front in one of those stores so I’ve been on the lookout for anything new in that department since. He’s lucky I wasn’t up to my eyeballs in underwear searching for the perfect pair. Or rather, my bottom’s lucky considering that paint stirrer. Heh.

Dan gave me a couple of sample swats with his new toy and I have to say it does sting a little. It’s kinda freaky looking, too, because it has a couple of holes in it for helping mix up the paint. I have the feeling Dan’s going to want to experiment a bit more when we get a chance. He’s itching to see what kind of marks he can make with it. I’m not exactly itching, but I am curious…just a little anyway. *wink*


Spanko Dreams

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I’m still enjoying the summer and having fun out in the sun. Since I’m spending less time at my computer and more out and about, I thought I’d just post a few pretty pictures now and again. This one is perfect for capturing that summer spirit.

Aaahh! I wish I could prance naked down a beach, but that would only last until Dan found an appropriate switch and I’d find myself bent over some beach boulder. That sounds hot and almost tempting, but I’m not sure all the tourists would appreciate us.

Don’t you just hate it when reality ruins a lovely fantasy? Oh well, I guess we’ll have to settle for this pic and enjoy seeing carefree Bettie on the beach and dream a little dream.


My Bottom Report

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It’s one full day later and my bottom is still very sore.  This has secured the Jokari paddles place as the most evil toy, which certainly means it’s Dan’s new favorite toy. 

I may have to rethink my toy buying policy now.  When I see a potential new toy I have to find some way to calm my greedy butt down. 

At first I thought, I’ll just think of how the latest evil toy scalded my bottom and how much it caused my bottom to ache and burn.  That technique didn’t work the last time I tried it though.  I started thinking of how hard I’d been spanked and how good…er, bad it felt. 

Nope, that didn’t work at all.  In fact, it’s how I ended up with the Jokari paddles.  Ouchie!  My poor bottom still feels that spanking and probably will for another day or so…Yay!

Jokari Paddles – The Newest Evil Toy

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I’ve finally found a spanking toy Dan can use to not only make my bottom red, but plenty sore as well.  Yes, my bottom has reached a new stage in greediness and soreness.

I don’t know why, but when I saw those paddles, I just had to have them.  They’re heavy, thick, and even have a nice rubberized handle for Dan’s comfort.  I wasn’t concerned with my comfort at all.  I saw those lovely wooden paddles, my bottom started to tingle, and all was lost.

As soon as I handed them over to Dan, he got a gleam in his eyes.  They’re hefty things and he liked the way they felt in his hands.  He immediately ordered me over the arm of the sofa to settle up my latest earned spanks.

You see, I was a little under the weather the other day and I managed to rack up about 35 spanks for saying “Unh-uh!”  I’ve really got to quit saying that!

I wasn’t concerned at all, after all, I’m the one who bought the silly things.  That was right up until Dan landed the first swat.  Ouchie! 

I’d barely recovered when he landed the next one.  Without a warm-up (since it was a correction spanking) that darn paddle hurt worse than I’d ever expected.  Every swat burned deep and caused me to kick and squirm for all I was worth.

By the tenth spank, I was begging for some relief.  Dan stopped and rubbed my bottom a bit and then reminded me I wasn’t supposed to be enjoying this particular spanking, and then went right back to spanking.

I think at some point I slid off the arm but my bottom was on fire so anything is possible.  I just remember Dan telling me to get back into position or he’d add more to the count.  It was hard to keep my bottom in position since it seemed to be on fire, but I managed it somehow.

I’m not sure how I did it, but somehow I managed to make it to the thirty-fifth spank.  I vaguely remember running around furiously rubbing my bottom which I’m sure was quite a sight.  What I do remember clearly is Dan chuckling and admiring the reaction he’d gotten – and he’d barely had to flick his wrist to get it! 

After that I went to check and sure enough, my bottom was red.  I knew it felt hot but it was nice to see the color matched the heat.  I checked fairly often for the next half hour or so and my bottom retained the heat very nicely.

I finally wore myself down and decided to lie face-down on the bed, hoping maybe I’d get some sympathy.  Dan came into the bedroom to check on me and while he was checking my bottom for color, he decided it could use a little more.  He began using the Jokari paddle again but not as hard this time.

Fairly quickly, I decided it wasn’t so bad if used a little more lightly.  I got up on my knees to make sure he knew I was up for more.  He eventually worked up to harder and harder swats but by then, I was feeling pretty friendly.  Luckily he noticed as well.  It turned into a fantastic afternoon!

Now it’s much later and my bottom is a bit sore but only slightly pink.  I’ve decided that the Jokari is the new “evil” toy, replacing the giant rubber spatula for that honor. 

I have only one thing left to say.  If you get a wild hair and think you want one of these, remember that wise old saying, “Be careful what you wish for.”  But if you’re like me and you *like* evil, you might want to try one of these, it’s spanko evil at it’s best.


Spanking Marks

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Bonnie over at My Bottom Smarts is having her 25th Spanko Brunch and has introduced a very interesting topic: How do you feel about spanking marks?  There are some great responses there so you should go check them out. 

I left a rather long comment there myself.  I almost forgot I was commenting and practically left a blog post in Bonnie’s comments.  I figured I’d better bring some of it over here.  

In my comment I mentioned that I liked spanking marks but that they fade too quickly for me.  Having a resilient bottom is good if you enjoy hard spankings, not so good if you like marks.

What I really really like seeing on my bottom is that pretty red shade it has right after a long, hard spanking.  It’s the visible manifestation of my spanking fantasies.   

I see my red bottom and as my little spanko heart swells, I want to shout, “Woo-hoot!  Why lookie there, it’s true, it’s true!  I’ve been spanked.”

And if it’s really red I add, “I’ve been spanked good.”  *Purrrrrrrr*

As I look in the mirror, I twist and turn trying to see my bottom from all angles.  I just can’t seem to get enough of that sight.  It’s a very satisfying moment for a spanko girl like me.  

My fantasies run wide and deep in my soul, some more surprising than others.  But no matter what the scene is in my head, it always ends with the same result; a nice red bottom that practically glows.  It’s the one constant in all my spanko dreams, that’s why seeing the physical evidence is so exciting for me.

Even though I know in my head I’ve been spanked (Dan can never be accused of being light-handed), there’s something about seeing it with my own two eyes that makes the experience even better. 

I like running my hands over my bottom to see if I can feel the heat, then squeezing the warmest spots just to see how tender I really am.  I enjoy that time so much that I have to practically tear myself away from the mirror so I can get on with things.  Whew!  I kinda get tingly just thinking about it.


What was I talking about?  Oh yeah, spanking marks…ummm you know what, I better get moving here.  Lots to do…yeah.  Okay, everyone go over to Bonnie’s blog and enjoy the Spanko Brunch!  Bye! 



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I’m not just talking about that picture either!  I managed to upgrade my blog software and not break my blog in the process!  Woo-hooot!

The comments should be working again so if you’ve commented before, it should publish immediately.  But we’ll see…

I’m just so happy to have the upgrade working, I think I deserve a prize.  Dan gave me a surprise earlier today instead.  I was lying on the couch sort of hanging over the side when he came up behind me and pulled my pants down.  He was being so sweet, stroking my bottom and being gentle.

While I was lying there all relaxed and comfy, he slipped away to get his favorite toy; the evil rubber spatula.  The next thing I knew, he was spanking away with that awful thing.  I yelped and whined and eventually wiggled my way off the couch.  He eventually stopped, but not before my bottom was burning.

Darn that thing has a sting like nothing else.  Evil, evil spatula!

I still can’t believe he resurrected that thing.  Well, on the bright side, my bottom was warm and tender for awhile.  I can’t hardly stand to be spanked with that thing while it’s happening, but it does have some nice after effects.  It’s just tough getting through the spanking and to the after part.

What’s worse was when Dan hugged me after and he noticed my nipples were erect.  It pleases him no end to see them that way when we’ve been playing.  He says they’re happy so I must not have disliked the spanking after all.  Okay, so they’re happy…why do my stupid nipples always have to give me away?  Hmph!

Photo courtesy of Retro Raunch.


Spanking Is In The Air

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I don’t know what it is about summertime, but it makes me friskier than ever.  I don’t know if it’s all the sunshine or just remnants of the past when summertime meant freedom and fun, I just know it makes me wanna play.  The long days and starry nights mean fun and frolic in my mind. 

I even want to go exploring in the great outdoors with my love.  I should be scared of taking Dan out into the woods.  Everywhere he looks he sees switches and other natural implements.  I remember how one romantic stroll turned into a wild race out of the woods. 

Dan had found a nice long switch and decided it’d be fun to “encourage” me down the trail with it.  I had on jeans but that was a seriously stingy switch and in no time, he had me scampering along in front of him.  He thought it was great fun and I enjoyed it to a certain degree.  I can’t help but worry about disturbing the wildlife or other hikers.  Really.

While we haven’t ventured out much yet, this year is no different and Dan seems to be feeling the itch to play as much as me.  We’ve had some interesting conversations lately, interesting and intriguing actually. 

A couple of days ago, when I was running around half-naked, Dan suggested that wasn’t quite enough.  He told me that his ideal homelife would involve me spending much of my time draped over the arm of the couch with my bare bottom in the air making the perfect spanking target for him.  With my bottom so available, he could spank me whenever the feeling hit him.  Which we both know would be often.  He could just wander by every once in awhile for a quick spank or grab a favorite implement for a little more fun.

I wasn’t even outraged by his idea either.  I said as long as I could have my laptop and a good view of the tv, bent over the couch arm wouldn’t be such a bad place to hang out.  It was actually quite tempting.

I started thinking that maybe I could spend at least a little time that way.  It wouldn’t be a bad way to spend my free time and it might even satisfy that frisky feeling and get my greedy bottom what it’s after.  It sure couldn’t hurt, well, except in that good way, of course!  Heehee.

Photo courtesy of Martha’s Girls at Retro Raunch.


New Spanking Site

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This is from a new site Fetish Flix. They promise high quality movie downloads and from what I’ve sampled, they’ve done a good job delivering just that. The above picture is from the movie “Best Friends Punished.” If you follow that link it will take you to a preview page where they provide three samples of that movie.

I like the looks of that strap! I suppose I should be concerned by the way their bottoms were colored by it…but somehow I’m not all that concerned. In fact, I’d say that intrigued me more than anything else.

When I watched those clips, I started to wonder what that kind of strap would feel like and would it really redden my bottom like it did those girls, as well as other silly and very greedy thoughts like that. My bottom tingled just watching that strap do its job. Then I started to wish we had a strap like that.

I probably should be more careful what I wish for, but somehow my greedy spanko mind won’t let me. I think I’ll go do some online shopping now. My greedy bottom may regret what I may find, but I doubt it. *grin*

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