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This is from a new site Fetish Flix. They promise high quality movie downloads and from what I’ve sampled, they’ve done a good job delivering just that. The above picture is from the movie “Best Friends Punished.” If you follow that link it will take you to a preview page where they provide three samples of that movie.

I like the looks of that strap! I suppose I should be concerned by the way their bottoms were colored by it…but somehow I’m not all that concerned. In fact, I’d say that intrigued me more than anything else.

When I watched those clips, I started to wonder what that kind of strap would feel like and would it really redden my bottom like it did those girls, as well as other silly and very greedy thoughts like that. My bottom tingled just watching that strap do its job. Then I started to wish we had a strap like that.

I probably should be more careful what I wish for, but somehow my greedy spanko mind won’t let me. I think I’ll go do some online shopping now. My greedy bottom may regret what I may find, but I doubt it. *grin*

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  1. You go, girl – I’ve been tempted to shop too much lately!

    Comment by Mistress Sky — 7/3/2006 @ 3:19 am

  2. Mistress Sky, my biggest temptation is shopping! I have too many others to name right now. 😆

    Comment by Bethie — 7/3/2006 @ 1:54 pm

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