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Spanko Arts And Crafts

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I’ve love doing crafty stuff, especially kinky crafty stuff, and these are some of the latest things I’ve been playing with in my spare time. You know what they say about idle hands…something about mischief, I do believe.

Anyway, I’ve always enjoyed decorating paddles and brushes with spanko themes and that bath brush is my latest. It’s a nice bath brush, too! It’s even got those nubby massage things mixed in with the bristles.

I already have the bath brush in the picture below that I decorated a few years ago. I call it “Sting” and it’s not named after the rock star!


This brush has earned it’s name, especially when Dan’s caught me just out of the shower and I’m still all moist and tender. I seem to be very spankable at that time as Dan can’t resist giving me a few swats if he’s around. I suppose it would help if I didn’t have so many bath brushes hanging on the walls of the bathroom. Or maybe I should stop buying them? I’m a greedy little spanko so that’s probably not going to happen.

Okay, back to the arts and crafts! The door hangers are made of foam and decorated with various things I found at the crafts store. In case they’re hard to see in that picture, they read “Love’s True Kiss,” “And they lived happily ever after,” and “Naughty Girl.” I gave them a little spanko twist just for fun and added some little paddles and a hairbrush to that cute little pillow. It’s amazing what you can pervert if you put your mind to it. And I don’t really have to try too hard either. Y’all saw what I did to Yoda.

Now I’ve got to decide what to do with my new goodies. I think I’ll spread the spanko love and give the new brush and the door hangers away as prizes in the next Spanking Den contests. I love contests so that’ll be fun!

In the meantime, I have lots of materials for more so I’ll keep crafting away. I’ve got to do something to stay out of mischief!


Aroused By Spanking

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So there I was lying half-awake in the bed, sort of reading, but mainly just daydreaming when Dan wandered into the room. We started to talk a little about our day’s plans and since I had his attention, I rolled over onto my belly to give him access to my bottom.

As his hands wandered over my body, I relaxed into his touch and waited for more. Dan, being the reliable spanko man that he is, began spanking my bottom just as I’d hoped. I still had the sheet around me so I wasn’t getting any sting from the spanks, just nice solid spanks. Unluckily he was getting the same solid smacks on the palms of his hands and after quite a few nice swats he let up for a minute.

He grumbled, “I bet that just feels like a massage to you doesn’t it?”

I just giggled a little, apologized about hurting his hands, and then wiggled my bottom at him. That’s when he gave me the bongo drum treatment; using both his hands to smack my bottom cheeks. When he quit, I looked up and he was rubbing his hands together.

That’s when I made the mistake of teasing him about hurting his hands on my bottom. I keep forgetting that darn Jokari paddle is hanging by the bedroom door. I really need to start remembering that little detail.

The next thing I knew, I’d lost the sheet and he was paddling my bare bottom with that mean paddle. Darn! That thing is completely unforgiving and really stings. I yelped a bit but Dan just kept on smacking my bottom.

Once he was satisfied, he hung up the paddle while I laid on the bed, rubbing my stinging bottom and moaning a little over how much that paddle hurt. And what did he say to that?


Then he came back to the bed to give me some more “attention.”

I’m not grumbling about any of it either. Being roused in the morning by my love with a good spanking and lots of love is my favorite way to start the day. Dan needs to be careful though. I might get the wrong idea and start thinking I should lie around in the bed daydreaming more often if that’s how he’s going to wake me up.


Our New Whip

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This is the whip Dan recently bought for us. It’s made from nice leather and I like the way it feels when I run my hand along its length. We’re still experimenting with it so I can only report that sometimes I like the way it feels when it’s whipped across my bottom.

It’s one of those toys that can feel sensuous or evil depending on how it’s used. Since I’m a greedy lil’ spanko, evil mixed in with sensuous can be fun. A good sensuous spanking is lovely and sends me into spanko bliss, but sometimes that extra touch of evil can be what I want, need,…crave.

I’d worry about those cravings but I know I’m not alone and nowhere near extreme. Well, not extreme in this world anyway. I’m just a happy spanko who likes her spankings with a dash of evil. Just a dash. (That part is in case Dan is reading, I don’t want to seem too eager, you know.)

So far in our experimental play with the whip, he’s managed to leave one fairly impressive welt but that only makes me think we need some more practice time. I’m confident enough to offer up my bottom for more of that now. Dan started out practicing on the sofa and cushions but that was making me crazy. I was afraid he’d damage the furniture somehow.

Now I’m hoping we’ll have time to experiment with the whip this weekend since it’s shaping up to be a lazy, stay-indoor type of weekend. I’m curious how it will all work out. Curiosity is a good thing, right?


Lazy Spanko Blogging…

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We’ve been really busy lately but for some reason Dan always manages to keep up with his blogging while I can’t seem to put two sentences together. Well, not two coherent sentences anyway.

I’ve been sitting at my ‘puter playing games (Zuma mainly), rearranging my desk, daydreaming, and being generally lazy. It’s good to be lazy some days and with the summer already beginning its retreat here, I’m feeling my energy level going with it. I’m sure I’ll pick up soon and get back into my happy to be inside and all cozy routine, but until then I’m being a lazy blogger.

I’m still a little surprised that running around having a good time has so thoroughly kicked my butt. In the meantime, I’ll sit here and try to re-energize myself. It’d probably help if I dragged my very unwilling butt to the gym but somehow that just doesn’t seem to be fitting into my lazy day schedule.

We have a new toy that I’ll post about later when we get a chance to play with it. I should be taking pictures of it and preparing a post, but I’d much rather have fun perverting my Yoda doll. I think all Jedi masters should have a Board of Education. Heh.



Tag Answers

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According to this tag, once you have been tagged, you have to write a post with 8 facts/things/habits about yourself and say who tagged you. Here goes nothing!

1) I enjoy reading everything from Jane Austen to modern mysteries.

2) I love seafood.

3) When I wake up before Dan, I like to watch him sleep…which scares the heck out of him when he opens his eyes and sees me staring at him. Heh.

4) I love my ipod which is handy because of my diverse musical tastes.

5) I have a habit of biting my tongue when I’m concentrating on something.

6) I like playing Zuma late at night.

7) I’d rather buy underwear than the clothes that go over them.

8) My neck is very ticklish.

I know I’m supposed to tag six more people, but I think everyone’s already been tagged. But just in case you haven’t Padme, Annie, Natty, anyone?


Hormones And Spanking

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Have I mentioned I get a little grumpy sometimes? Well, I don’t know what kind of hormonal hell I was in the other morning, but when Dan and I started playing around, I was having problems getting into the spanking at first. This hasn’t happened before so it really caught me off guard. Dan wasn’t spanking me hard at all but for some reason, it felt like he was walloping me. It was very strange.

I wanted to play and I really wanted a spanking, but in the beginning, I was downright fretful. I even managed to kick him in the head. That wasn’t good for either of us. Dan offered to go away and leave me alone, but I wanted a spanking in a bad way. It was actually a bit frustrating. My body was enjoying the experience and I knew it, I just couldn’t get my head into it.

Luckily, even though I kicked him in the head and was being unusually fretful, Dan hung in there and I got the spanking I needed so badly. I hate that hormonal grump when nothing is just right, I just never thought it would interfere with a good spanking. It was a totally new and weird experience for me but that feeling has passed. Whew!

I’m just hoping it doesn’t happen again. Growling when Dan uses the small strap on my breasts isn’t exactly friendly and not me at all. And I sure don’t want to discourage the man, we have too much fun together. I think my best strategy is to convince him it was a chocolate deficiency. Well, it couldn’t hurt anyway and having a large supply of chocolate is never a bad thing. Heh.

Photo courtesy of Classsic images at Skin Video.


I’ve Been Tagged!

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Angelbrat has tagged me but unluckily it’s going to have to wait. I’m already in my jammies tonight and not awake enough to come up with anything coherent. And Dan’s in the bed already so I need to go jump on him. Hee-hee.

I promise I will get to it asap though!


How My Nipples Give Me Away

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Once again my nipples have surprised me which left me trying to decide if I have stupid nipples or if they’re really only honest nipples instead.

The other night we were in bed settling down for the night and as it often happens, the kisses and cuddling led to light spanks and giggling. As our playfulness gained intensity, we moved closer to passion. Dan pushed me over onto my belly, then positioned himself behind me as he straddled my thighs so he could have access to my bottom.

He began spanking me lightly all over my bottom, making me moan and wiggle my bottom in approval. Light spanks are never enough for him though so he reached down and grabbed the Jokari paddle. It was the handiest of the toys which made it the most appropriate at that moment. Besides, Dan says he approves of that paddle because he barely has to swing it to get a reaction out of me.

Dan started with light spanks but even light spanks with the Jokari paddle sting and burn a bit. He knows what I like though so he alternated the paddlle with hand spanks. The paddle gave me the intensity I like but by using his hand every once in a while, he kept it from getting too intense. He’d give me a few stinging swats with the paddle to take me higher and then back the intensity down with softer hand spanks.

I was enjoying my spanking quite a bit but I was ready for more when he told me it was time to roll over for him. Dan’s an amazing lover and when he goes down on me, I’m iin heaven. This time he reached up and began pinching and twisting my nipples to add to the already wonderful sensations he was giving me. More than ususal, every pinch and twist was sending shock waves down to where his mouth and fingers were already busy working me into a frenzy.

I wasn’t in any condition to think about it, I was too busy enjoying it so I didn’t realize how I was reacting to the treatment my nipples were receiving. Then my orgasm hit me hard. I hadn’t quite come down from that when I felt Dan spreading my legs and entering me. That’s when my mind went directly into animal lust mode and all that mattered was being with this man I love and giving him all I could with my body.

When the smoke cleared and we had collapsed on the bed, Dan pulled me close and wrapped his arms around me. He lightly squeezed a nipple between his fingers and commented on how he bet they’d be sore tomorrow. I’d forgotten about all the pinching and twisting until then so that hadn’t occurred to me just yet. I whimpered a little and complained some about how rough he’d been.

Dan wasn’t buying any though. He told he that when he was pinching my nipples, he could tell I was enjoying it…really enjoying it! I was mortified. I kept saying I didn’t like it that much and he kept telling that even though my head didn’t like it, my body did and he had proof positive now. He said every time he pinched and twisted my nipples, I was twitching and reacting in a way that showed him the pleasure I was getting out of that treatment, and he should know considering his position at the time.

That left me wondering about how right he is. I’ve often said I’m not sure I’m wired right. Rough play feels like pain, in my head it’s pain, but it’s also always just dancing on the edge of being more like pleasure. My body sure responds like it’s pleasure.

I’m not completely sure what it’s all about but I guess that’s just the way I am. It doesn’t really matter I guess. When I say I’m not wired right, Dan responds that’s fine by him because I’m wired right for him. In the end, I have to admit that’s all that really matters. It also makes me believe we really were meant for each other, wiring and all.


And The Summer Fun Goes On

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I’ve been enjoying this summer more than usual which explains my lack of blogging lately. It hasn’t cut in on our spanking play, but it puts a damper on my desire to spend time online. I look outside, see the sun, and staying at my computer just doesn’t appeal right now. I’m sure once the sun isn’t out 20 hours a day I’ll calm down, but for now, I just wanna have fun.

I really do want to take some time to relate some of our more *interesting* spanking sessions with our new Jokari paddle though. Hopefully before the weekend is out I can manage that. Maybe we’ll get lucky and it’ll rain or something. Not only will that give me time to write, it might give me some new material as well. I do love a good spanking on a rainy day. Yum!

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