Lolly Crop Spanking Toy — 5 Comments

  1. mmm… when you start that support group. I’ll be joining! sounds like a wonderful toy! Can’t wait to hear about the one on order!


  2. I HAVE to have one of those…. and I want it NOW!! Where’s my credit card? OMG does that thing look yummy.


  3. Owie, ow, ow!!! Silicone? Are you kidding? Really? Isn’t that what they use for boob implants? Now that is too funny! I never like online descriptions anyway… how would some advertising geek, kinky or otherwise, have the slighest idea how any partilucar toy might feel when yielded by someone else on someone else’s behind????

    Looking forward to the tales of your new arrival…


  4. Eva, it is yummy! I’m really impressed with this toy, especially since I still have round marks on my bottom! 😮

    Tiggr, silicone is an amazingly versatile material, I have a lovely plug I enjoy and now this crop. I even have a silicone spatula! My plug is soft and flexible but the head of this crop is solid but not too hard, kinda like the spatula now that I think about it. I really like it! 🙂