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I had written a quick post and just as I hit the publish button, our internet connection went out and my post went off to where all the lost posts go. I didn’t really say much but I’ll try again anyway.

Since we’re both recovering from nasty colds we haven’t had much energy for spanking. The closest we’re getting is a few swats here and there when I get the energy up to do some wiggling.

Dan’s motto is, “If it wiggles, it gets whacked.”

Normally that’s great and I enjoy wiggling just so I’ll get a few whacks here and there during a slow day. The last few days though, when one or the other of us is liable to go off into a coughing fit after just a few spanks, it’s not exactly sexy or worth reporting. Real life rears its ugly head yet again.

It’d be nice if we lived in a perfect spanko world where we never got sick, work never interfered, the spankings always went off without a hitch, and the phone didn’t ring at the most inopportune time (there’s nothing like listening to a message from one of our relatives when trying to get our freak on).

Then there’s the surprising moments when you find out a certain toy that felt great last week suddenly isn’t doing the trick this week. Or if the angle is wrong, or I’m not quite in the right position, sometimes a toy might land wrong and cause me to sqwawk for real. That means the action stops for a bit while we check to see if there’s any real damage and that can put a crimp in the flow of any spanking.

We normally get right back on track though. We’re stubborn when it comes to finishing any spanking. Okay, I’m stubborn, but that’s another story. But those tricky moments are not something I normally remember to put in when I’m sharing.

That’s the reality of spanking and I try to laugh it off when I can. The truth is, I’d rather deal with the less than perfect reality of spanking, than live with the most imperfect reality of not being spanked at all. Been there and done that, thank you very much. I didn’t feel complete and ached for real spanko love. I’ve got it now and I’m happy, bumps in the spanko road and all.

The lack of spanking tales is a result of the reality right now. We’re busy busy busy trying to catch up after being under the weather. I’m looking at a full schedule for the next couple of weeks, some fun mixed with business outings, so that might slow the blogging down a bit. Don’t be surprised to see quite a few picture posts or links to fun stuff because I hate to let my blog get stale. I try to keep it lively when I can.

In the meantime, I’ll keep up the wiggling, hoping we’ll eventually work ourselves up to a longer spanking minus the coughing. It’s amazing the lengths I’ll go to for a good spanking!

Photo courtesy of Classsic images at Skin Video.

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  1. Hi Bethie,

    Dante and I are right there with you guys… we’ve both been under the weather more than not in the past week or more. Plus lots of real-life stressors that just add to that yucky, non-spanko kind of feeling.

    But thankfully it all passes eventually and as you said, if ya just keep wiggling, eventually it gets whacked!

    Hugs and lots of germless energy sent your way!

    Comment by Tiggr — 11/2/2006 @ 5:57 pm

  2. Hope you’re feeling better now/ this season is terrible for generating illness! oh, just a comment on your pic of the lovely Bettie, usually I think she looks so yum but this particular picture makes her look anorexic, perhaps it was the angle? I dunno. Anyway, hope you both feel better soon!

    Comment by kitten — 11/5/2006 @ 6:31 pm

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