Lovely Leather Thorn Paddles! — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Bethie!

    We own a few implements from Leather Thorn but we don’t have any of his paddles. I think he does beautiful work but both his strap and his brat loop are very evil! Hope you have fun with the new paddle. 🙂

  2. Sounds awesome to have things settle down and get more time together! I hope you get lots of reconnection time and some time to write too! We’ve missed you:-)


  3. John of Leather Thorn, makes the best paddles, straps and tawses of all the high-quality leathermakers out there, in my opinion. I’ve been using his stuff for years and I love it. I know the winners of your contest will be thrilled!

  4. Wow those look beautiful! but I think I would rather look at them then have them be up close and personal to my bottom. Love your blog by the way!!!


  5. Southern Angel, ooohh I agree, the brat loop is very evil! I like the big strap but don’t tell Dan that. Shhhh! 😉

    Tammy, you know you can’t wait to enter that contest! 😆

    Carye, thanks! Now that we’ve had our rest and relaxation, I’m hoping to get back to writing regularly soon. 🙂

    O-gal, I agree, John does amazing work! 🙂

    Karl, they are yummy and a quality paddle is a good thing to have should your hand get tired. 😉

    PixiePie, “mmmmm” is right and I highly recommend them! 😉

    Allie, thanks! They are beautiful to look and fun to play with, too. 😀