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My Kinky Dolls


This is for Padme over at Journey To The Darkside. I promise her a pic of my slave Leia doll which I recently acquired and I figured this was a good day to post it as they’re having a little celebration over there.

Isn’t that the kinkiest toy you’ve ever seen? I couldn’t buy her fast enough. In that outfit, with the collar and chain attached, how could I resist? She’s perfect for me. Now I just need to make a few more toys for Yoda.

Hey, if I didn’t do this sort of thing to keep myself busy, I’d just get in trouble and then I’d be the one chained up and flogged…wait a minute…I may have to rethink this one.

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My name is Bethie and I’m a spanko toyaholic…


Also known as suffering from Greedy Bottom Syndrome. My illness has infected me so badly that it’s not enough that I’m surrounded by toys at every turn. Oh noooo! I’m driven to hoarde toys waiting for a chance to give them to other greedy bottoms or, even worse, to the top of some poor unsuspecting bottom.

My spanko friends are all quite aware of how much this has affected me and they are wary when packages arrive addressed from me. They know what’s inside could give them great joy or great pain…or sometimes both. Sometimes I lull them into a false sense of security by telling them it’s a fun toy. I’ve even been known to disguise evil toys with pretty artwork or hide them in something so cute that they never saw it coming.

I’m so far gone that sometimes I put toys away and forget I have them. I was digging around looking for something else and found three more paddleballs. That was quite a nice surprise. But I really need to start writing this stuff down. I may need to start a toy inventory sheet here on my ‘puter. Especially since I just made an order for more of those. Oh well! You can’t have too many paddleballs around I always say.

Dan keeps telling me that if I keep buying Jokari paddles that eventually I’ll corner the ebay market on them. I doubt that though. I just keep playing that ebay song and bidding like mad.

I really should look into getting some help, but I’m enjoying myself way too much. Soon, those who won prizes in the Spanking Den’s Anniversary contest will know the joy of opening a package from me. Especially the good people who were fortunate enough to win my lovely “time-out” mats. Someone cue the evil laughter, please!

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Me Spoiled???


The other day I gathered up a few items to take a picture so I could play with my newest image tools. While I was working, Dan looked over my shoulder and started laughing. Then he called me spoiled.

Huh? I’m not spoiled!

“Oh, no!” Dan returned sarcastically, looking at my little group of goodies. “You’re not spoiled at all.” And then he laughed some more. Hmph!

Those are chocolate covered strawberries in the bowl btw, and they were delicious. *sigh*

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Spanking Toys – The Good, The Bad, And The Unbelievably Cute!


As soon as I saw him, I knew I had to have him…and this time I’m not talking about Dan, even though it’s true. It’s this teddy bear paddle from Ruff Doggie Styles! You’ve recently seen some of the good and the bad toys of our implement collection, now here’s some cute.

I just about went into cute overload when I pulled him out of the packaging. He was even better than I expected! For starters, he’s a lot heftier than I thought he’d be. He’s made of leather; pink and adorable on one side with a smooth thick black leather backing on the other. That’s the spanking side btw.

Dan was skeptical at first and was sure it was pretty useless, that is until he tried it out on me. Like I said, it’s heftier than I thought it would be. It’s made of a stiff leather and it delivers a pretty solid spank. He was worried about the cord at the top wrapping around, but it proved to be harmless and I never felt it.

All I felt was a nice sting backed with some good thuddy action. This one will fit in nicely with our implement collection.

Okay, so you tough tops may think I’m being silly about this so let me give you another look at it.


It’s bigger than you though, right? Uh-huh.

I even wrote to Ruff Doggie about the paddle. They were kind enough to send that pic and this offer:

I would like to extend a special 15% off anything on our site to you, your friends, readers etc …- simply put in the word SPANKBETH under the ship to/bill to company space – if there is a problem you ( or anyone reading your blog) can email us for the special discount as well.

That’s going to come in handy because they pointed out to me that the teddy bear also comes as a riding crop. Oh my!

It’s in the “tuffer-Ruff” crop section which has so many things I want. I’m definitely going to need their birthday cake crop in time for my birthday…hint hint, Dan…I mean, pretty please?

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My Bottom Is Fine Again…Darn!

Ummm never mind. When I showed the title of this to Dan he said he could fix that in 30 seconds if I wanted, and being the greedy bottom that I am, I laughed and went along with it. What was I thinking? He bent me over the arm of the sofa and all it took was ten seconds of vigorous (and I mean lightning fast vigorous) spoon spanking before I decided 30 seconds was going to be too much.

Have you ever had to watch the clock to time a spanking? It felt like time was slowing down and getting slower. Lucky for me he took pity and we compromised at 20 seconds. That’s what I get for letting him buy a big wooden spoon from a hardware store. I’m still not sure why they had kitchen utensils for sale there. What’s more, I can’t believe I bought more than one.

Now about that weekend spanking! That was one heck of a way to get back in the swing of things, pun intended btw. Here are the toys Dan used on my poor bottom that night.


Before we even got started with the spanking, Dan wanted to play with our clothespins. See those two black ones in the pic? They have rubber on the gripping parts so they don’t splinter, they also don’t slip off! Dan clipped them on my nipples, on the fleshy parts of my breasts, then around the areola, and then back to my nipples. He covered all the bases and all during this, he had a gleam in his eyes. If my nipples would behave I wouldn’t have anything to worry about, but the silly things just keep popping up for more! Stupid nipples.

Eventually we moved on to the spanking portion of the evening. Dan planned to spank me harder than he had in quite a while so he thought it would be a good idea to restrain me somehow so my hands wouldn’t go back and get smacked. I normally don’t do that, but he didn’t want to take any chances. See that blue roll above my big wooden paddle? It’s a wrap that they use for horses and it works great for binding things. So he had me fold my arms in front of me and he wrapped the tape around my wrists to bind them together.

With my hands out of danger, Dan stacked two pillows on the bed, and positioned me across them so my bottom was in just the right spot. Then he started my spanking. He started out with my favorite rose paddle but quickly moved on to the more serious toys. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a long, serious spanking so using many different toys was interesting.

Dan would use a toy with lots of sting for awhile, then switch to something thuddier, and then on to something else. I was enjoying the way he was mixing it up but I was waiting for him to pull out an evil toy. As much as I wanted a good, hard spanking, there are still a couple of those toys I wasn’t looking forward to having used on my bottom.

Dan and I both enjoy playing with the serious toys but our spankings aren’t just about enjoyment. Sometimes they’re about re-establishing our roles and it’s not always easy. Lately our relationship has been less about who’s the head of the household and who’s the sub, and more about sharing the load.

There’s been a lot going on and we’ve done a good job working as a team, but I knew the power struggle was going to happen eventually for me. I had enjoyed being the spoiled sub for too long and Dan was making noise about being too lax. He’s been teasing me about the “new regime” for quite awhile now. I just figured I’d talk my way out of it when the time came. It didn’t exactly happen that way though.

I was lying there, hands bound, bottom up, and enjoying all the good spanking attention I was getting because it was just what I liked. That’s when Dan decided to pull out one of the evil toys; the loopy rattan cane. I hate that thing! It hurts and burns wherever that nasty loop lands. I didn’t like the way it felt one little bit.

I told him loudly, “I don’t like that!”

To which Dan answered, “I know, but I do!”

I didn’t like the gleeful way he said it and it irritated me. I started squawking and fussing up a storm but I did it with my face down in the pillows so Dan didn’t hear what else I had to say about that nasty loopy thing. I got myself so worked up I even started crying. But since my face was buried in a pillow and my body was responding as it always does to a spanking, Dan didn’t notice immediately.

The next thing I knew, the rubber paddle landed in a wicked splat on my burning bottom. That’s when I finally lifted my head up and really complained. I was kinda lost in my blubbering so I was surprised when Dan was suddenly lying beside me, pushing my hair back from my face, and asking if I was okay. I was, I’d just been a little mad and surprised that I hadn’t got my way. Poor little ol’ me. I wasn’t in control after all.

That happens to me occasionally. I’m not the perfect submissive, I don’t always want to be a good girl; that’s just me. It took a bit for me to get back into the sub frame of mind and the crying was part of that. I had to push myself into that place and that’s not always easy for me. I fight it, I struggle, I think I want it all to be fun and games and all about me.

But that’s not the truth; I need Dan to get all dominant and do his thing sometimes. I need to be pushed, to be bent, to be his plaything. That’s what I really need sometimes. Sometimes I need it bad. Sometimes I need it so bad that I’ll bite down on the pillow and cry a few tears just to get there. I got there the other night, and Dan was there as always, taking care of me, wiping away the tears, and getting us back on track.

When he saw I was okay and I assured him I was ready for more, he went back around to the other side of the bed and picked up another toy. After that, it was all wonderful. I gave in and I rode the waves of pain/pleasure for all they were worth. I even enjoyed it when he used the flogger across my back, which is something I usually don’t like. But I liked it that night. I was in total sub mode and I know he enjoys that sort of play which meant I was enjoying it as well.

Once I’d been spanked to his satisfaction, Dan rolled me over and drilled right into me. I was more than ready for him and I loved every stroke. That was some seriously awesome lovemaking we did. And I did it with my hands tied! Heh.

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Spanking Contest And A Question


I wanted to let everyone know that we’ve started the festivities for the Spanking Den’s Second Anniversary! I’ve got three contests going and the grand prize is this lovely Son Of Buster paddle from Leather Thorn Paddles.

They’re all fun contests so even if you don’t want to enter, you should go over and read the entries. But do enter if you get the chance! It’s fun and easy.

I have a question for all you spankos out there. Dan thoroughly spanked me Saturday night with various implements and yesterday my bottom became very itchy and it’s still itchy today. I remember way back when I was a young tender spanko just into the scene, that occasionally I’d get an itchy bottom after a hard spanking, but that hasn’t happened in years…I won’t say how many; that would be telling!

Back to my question, now. I’ve tried everything I know to try and my butt is still itchy as can be. What the heck is going on and does anyone have a suggestion?

I’m blaming my itchy bottom on the rubber paddle. Which is a shame because I was just starting to enjoy it…but still, it’s an evil toy. Does anyone out there have a rubber paddle and had this same reaction?

I’d hate to think my bottom has gotten soft on me. I like having a tough bottom that can take lots of spanking with lots of implements. That spanking Saturday night was really good. Mmmmm…yummy! It was really intense and I needed that.

I’d like to give the entire spank-by-spank recap, but I’ve got to get off this itchy bottom! One strange thing is that despite the tenderness, it feels really good to get the itchy area spanked. I found that out when Dan put me back over his knee yesterday and used a couple of different toys on me. I just hung there and enjoyed the sensations. It almost makes me want to do something naughty. Let me think…

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Sore Bottom Sunday

We’re back into the spanking groove and I’ve got the sore bottom to prove it! Whee!

Dan got to try out some of the new toys and put some of the old toys to good use as well. I have to say, that Beaver Tail paddle is going to be one of my favorites! Dan used that paddle mainly on my sit spot and I think that’s one of the reasons my bottom is so sore today. He gave me about three sets of a hundred quick swats on the lowest part of my bottom with it. I think it was only three sets anyway, I kinda lost count.

It was a good long spanking so that was just one of the toys he used. I’m not really sure how many toys he used, if you want the truth. I was too busy lying there enjoying it.

I’ll write more about it later, right now I’ve got to find something that involves less sitting. *wink*

One last thing, we watched a Spanking Epics dvd which helped get our spanking festivities going last night. “The Puritan” is part of a trilogy titled “Being Keith Jones” and is available as a set on their site. It was a fun movie which included some good spankings and we both enjoyed it. They even included the girls getting a switching that left some pretty marks. All in all, it was a very entertaining (and inspiring) movie!

We’ve enjoyed all the movies we’ve received from Spanking Epics though. I like what Bethany is doing over there and I want to spread the word. Especially because I’ve been disappointed by some of the spanking movies that we’ve received lately and this was a nice change. I don’t know what the deal is, but some of these movie makers think that making a spanking movie means you make a porno movie that includes somebody getting some light smacks and then overreacting to it. I’m just glad Bethany is making spanking movies that spankos can really enjoy.

That said, I will be back soon with my own spanking report, which I’m rating “Seriously Ouchie!”

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Trying To Get Back In The Spanking Groove

Whew! It’s been crazy for us these last few weeks so we’ve been trying to spend some quality time together while we try and re-energize. It’s been really nice to have this time and I’ve found myself feeling rather lazy these last couple of days. Honestly, I’d just as soon lounge around with a good book as do anything right now.

I know I’d like a good spanking session, I just don’t have the energy to do anything about it. I may need some vitamins. Do they make vitamins for spankos? If not, they should!

I guess I’ll just have to make do with using my imagination to get myself motivated and come up with a plan. I think a good meal, some wine, and a spanking video should set the mood properly. I just have to remember to make it a light meal.

The last time I had this plan, I went overboard and fixed a big scrumptious meal that caused us both to just sort of collapse afterwards. This time he’ll be lucky to get more than one of my fancy salads. Nothing heavy this time!

We’ve got too many new toys that haven’t had a decent workout and I just ordered a couple of new ones. I’m getting behind in the spanking inventory here. It’s frustrating to look at the new toys and realize I don’t know what a good session with them really feels like. We really need to get on that!

In the meantime, we got a nice surprise in the mail this week! Pretty Things Press sent us a copy of “Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z, Volume 2”, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, and it came with two kinky rubber wristbands. The book was a wonderful surprise in itself but the wristbands were a fun bonus. One said “Bend over!” and the other said “Spank Me!” and I was delighted to get all these goodies. The book is what I’ll be curling up with tonight and my buddy Yoda is wearing one of the wristbands for a headband.

Of course I had to take a pic!


Okay, so I need to grow up a little, but I’m having fun. I just need a Princess Leia doll to wear that other wristband. Then I can pose them and have some real fun. Me and my kinky dolls! Well, maybe the dolls aren’t really kinky, but I am…really kinky! *wink*

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